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Suran's Finest Homes
General Information
Overview of Suran - A brief overview of the City of Suran.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Big and more spacious
Guard Tower - Four floors and only one guard!
Dunmer Temple - Very large home with a nice courtyard in front.
Desele's House of Earthly Delights - One of the most spacious homes in Suran. Also the dancing girls add value to this nice home!
Oran Manor - Four spacious stories with an armorer shop on the first.

General Information[edit]

Overview of Suran[edit]

On the south side of Morrowind, this quaint little village is an out-of-the-way kind of town. It is not a big part of the main quest and there are no quest givers here. It has many shops, and easy access to main cities through the Folsi Thendas down at the silt strider port, but it is pretty small. There really are no small, cozy homes in Suran, only pretty big ones.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Big and more spacious[edit]

The Guard Tower in Suran

Guard Tower[edit]

Services: none
Storage: chests closets and baskets
Occupant(s): one Hlaalu Guard

Description: Not a very big place but it has four floors. It features lots of storage, and a bed at the very top. There is also some gold in the closet on the fourth floor. The Guard Tower is located directly in front of the silt strider port. If you are a reasonably high-level character, you should have no trouble with the single guard on duty.

Desele's House of Earthly Delights

Desele's House of Earthly Delights[edit]

Services: Moon Sugar Saleswoman
Storage: Baskets and Chests
Occupant(s): A bunch of dancing girls and customers plus the shopkeeper.

Description: This large home is located down the stairs and to the right of the silt strider port. It features two floors and a locked bedroom. However, the real reason that this is one of the best homes on the market will become apparent right when you enter the door. Also, if you don't want roommates, you can kill everyone in this house without a bounty.

The Dunmer Temple

Dunmer Temple[edit]

Services: Spell Merchants, Enchanters
Storage: chests closets and baskets
Occupant(s): Loads of Mages

Description: The temple is in the southwest corner of Suran with a great view of the River. This temple is only one floor, but it contains about ten rooms, so it's very large. You can also buy a lot of spells here. However, there is no bedroom.

Oran Manor

Oran Manor[edit]

Services: Armorer/Pawnbroker
Storage: chests closets and baskets
Occupant(s): Multiple guards and Oran family
Description: Oran Manor is in the southeast corner of Suran. It's a huge, four floor manor. Includes three bedrooms, many entrances, and an armorer on the first floor. The guards occasionally respawn which can make retrieving goods stored in containers troublesome.