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Homes on the Water
General Information
Overview of Boat Homes - A brief overview of the many boats you may annex.
Key - A description of the house details header.
North and east coast
Falvillo's Endeavor - This boat is anchored at Vos, the small Velothi farming villiage southeast of Master Aryon's tower in Tel Vos.
Arrow - Arrow is the common halfway point to traveling from the northern coast to the southeastern coast of Vvardenfell.
Elf-Skerring - The Elf-Skerring is the only transportation option at Sadrith Mora other than Mage Guild teleportation.
Omenwedur - This boat in Khuul is the transport that takes you to Dagon Fel and Gnaar Mok. If you'd like the boat to take you to Fort Frostmoth in Sostheim, check the other dock.
Saucy - The Saucy is located at Tel Aruhn; it goes to Vos, Tel Mora, and Dagon Fel.
Pole Star - This is the boat docked at Tel Mora, residence of the oldest Telvanni wizards, Mistress Dratha, who hates men. This is just off the coast near Vos and its nearby tel.
South and west coast
Frost-Ghost - This boat somehow manages to fit under Vivec's inter-canton bridges. Frost Ghost can take you Ebonheart, Hla Oad, Molag Mar, and Tel Branora.
Harpy - This is your only method of transportation other than walking to the secluded Hla Oad, a fishing villiage on the Bitter Coast.
Priggage - This is located in Gnaar Mok, yet another rainy fishing villiage on the Bitter Coast. Priggage can take you only to other rainy, depressing fishing villiages like itself.
Chun-Ook - Anchored in Ebonheart, this boat takes you to all major settlements on the southern coast. It's also nice to have a home that has close access to a Divine Intervention destination.
Spring - The Spring in Tel Branora, residence of the eccentric Mistress Therana, only has access to the Vivec area of the southern coast.
Whistler - Whistler is the boat in the city of Molag Mar. This would be a nice boat home for the followers of the Temple, as this is a major, Temple-influenced, canton-esque settlement used by travelling pilgrims on their way to important shrines in the Ashlands.

General Information[edit]

Overview of Boat-Homes[edit]

One of the ways to fast-travel around Vvardenfell is on the many boats found at coastal villages and towns. Since the occupants of the boats stay on the dock to await customers, you are free to take up residence in their boats. Along with their rustic look, they usually have a nice name like Falvilo's Endeavor. Boats are usually set up with three separate levels: the cabin—functions as the living quarters, the upper deck—usually has a few crates/sacks, and the lower level—where most of the storage space is. Remember that you are on a highly-frequented boat, so there are bound to be rats lurking about the lower level. Also, some ships are locked. This means that you have to pick a lock. The guards could hear/see you and the vendor may deny service to you.


Anchored Village: The city or village where the boat is anchored.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Captain: The name of the captain of your annexed vessel
Description: A detailed description of the boat's features.

North and east coast[edit]

Falvillo's Endeavor[edit]

Anchored Village: Vos
Storage: Barrels 13, Chests 8, Crates 16, Desks 1, Sacks 6, Tables 1
Captain: Sedyni Veran
Description: Loads of storage and tables. Two hammock beds. Lots of light (for the inside of a boat).


Anchored Village: Dagon Fel
Storage: Barrels 6, Baskets 1, Chests 4, Crates 9, Cupboards 1, Hutches 1, Sacks 7, Tables 1
Captain: Haema Farseer
Description: Loads of storage and tables. Two hammock beds. Lots of light (for the inside of a boat).


Anchored Village: Sadrith Mora
Storage: Barrels 18, Chests 7, Crates 16, Cupboards 1, Sacks 6
Captain: Gals Arethi
Description: Loads of storage and tables.


Anchored Village: Khuul
Storage: None
Captain: Talmeri Drethan
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.


Anchored Village: Tel Aruhn
Storage: None
Captain: Daynas Darys
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.

Pole Star[edit]

Anchored Village: Tel Mora
Storage: None
Captain: Tonas Telvani
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.

South and west coast[edit]


Anchored Village: Vivec
Storage: None
Captain: Ano Andaram
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.


Anchored Village: Hla Oad
Storage: Barrels 2, Chests 2, Crates 4, Sacks 6
Captain: Baleni Salavel
Description: Open vessel.


Anchored Village: Gnaar Mok
Storage: Chests 2, Sacks 3
Captain: Valveli Arelas
Description: Open vessel.


Anchored Village: Ebonheart
Storage: Barrels 12, Basket 1, Chests 6, Crates 13, Sacks 6, Urns 2
Captain: Nevosi Hlan
Description: This lovely boat has loads of tables and storage. Guards inhabit the first of the two lower levels, and limeware needed in a quest can be found in a crate on the lowest level.


Anchored Village: Tel Branora
Storage: None
Captain: Nireli Farys
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.


Anchored Village: Molag Mar
Storage: None
Captain: Rindral Dralor
Description: Open vessel, there is absolutely nothing on deck.