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Permanent Corpses (sometimes known as Perma Corpses) are corpses that don't have the "Dispose of Corpse" option. Consequently, the corpse will never disappear (unless it is caused by a scripted event). A corpse can hold an infinite amount of weight (same as your body inventory), and so is excellent for storage. Also, a permanent corpse will never reset or delete items. Permanent Corpses were made (for whatever reasons) when the developers checked the "corpses persist" box in the Construction Set.

Already Dead Creatures[edit]

Alive Creatures[edit]

Skeletal Corpses[edit]

These are actual creatures with the name "Skeletal Corpse". These are not the same as the skeleton corpses you find in grottos, ancestral tombs, or other similar places (those are classified as containers).

Already Dead NPCs[edit]

Alive NPCs[edit]

Unnamed Dead Body NPCs[edit]

There are many corpses named simply Dead Body, Dead Hero, Dead Adventurer, etc. The list below details the locations.

Dead Adventurers[edit]

Dead Body[edit]

Dead Dreamer[edit]

Dead Egg Miner[edit]

Dead Elite Ordinator[edit]

Dead Hero[edit]

Dead Ordinator[edit]

Dead Smuggler[edit]

Dead Warlock[edit]


  • The bodies in Thirsk will disappear once you leave after you accept the quest to take care of the Udyrfrykte.
  • For those NPCs and Creatures that are not already dead, you can Command them to any place you want and kill them there for instant infinite storage (exceptions are pointed out).