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Caldera's Finest Homes
General Information
Overview of Caldera - A brief overview of the Imperial mining town of Caldera.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Big and more spacious
Hodlismod-Armorer - Check out this Armorer's home with a lot of storage.
Surane Leoriane's House - This truly great house comes with lots of decorative needs and a neat fireplace.
Falanaamo-Clothier - 2-story house with many clothes to meet your desires.
Ghorak Manor - The biggest house in Caldera, home to the one and only Creeper.
Governor's Hall - A house fit for a king.
Small and cozy
Odairan Ashummi-Ammus' House - Table, bed, sacks, crates and a bag on the roof for your money.
Bashuk gra-Bat's House - Easier to put stuff about and decorate as it is wider and not so cramped.
Nedhelas' House - Basic house until you get to the basement..spooky.
Valvius Mevureius - Small house, very plain and simple, perfect if you're not staying for very long.
Canodia Felannus - Quaint little hole-in-the-wall house, within walking distance of the nearest pub.

General Information[edit]

Overview of Caldera[edit]

Caldera is an Imperial town based around the Caldera mine. The area is ruled largely by the Caldera Mining Company to the northeast just outside of town. It is largely Imperial-influenced, which means no traditional Dunmeri architecture and few Dunmer residents. There are four minor quests (five with the Master Index plugin) you can do for the locals, so don't kill anyone for their houses until you are sure they have nothing to offer.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Big and more spacious[edit]

Hodlismod's shop


Services: Blacksmith
Storage: Crate x6, Chest x2, Sack x2, Cloth Sack x2, Basket x2, Cupboard x2, Closet x1
Occupant(s): Hodlismod (Armorer)
Description: Hodlismod is one of the best Armorers out there. He has his own desk for bartering with and shelves for looking at his goods. Also, there are crates upon crates of stuff. The great thing about this place is that there is also a downstairs which leads you to an equally large room with table, bed, and wardrobe.

Surane Leoriane's house

Surane Leoriane's House[edit]

Services: Trainer (Mysticism, Restoration, Destruction)
Storage: Sack x9, Crate x3, Basket x3, Closet x1
Occupant(s): Surane Leoriane (Blades Trainer)
Description: Surane is another Blades trainer who specializes in Alchemy; however, unlike most Blades trainers, she does not give you anything free. She just gives you advice on magic, so she is not useful in any way. As you walk through the door, you are greeted by another door in front of you. If you unlock and open the door you will find a wardrobe with a bed and a ledge next to it for putting your morning bread down on. Also, if you turn right and go up the stairs, there is a much larger area that has a few crates and a large cabinet. Next to that is a rectangular table with four chairs to decorate with whatever (plates, cups, etc) you have bearing in mind. There is another smaller table in the center of the room with only two chairs. You may have a desk with a chair to work on in the corner with a great-looking fireplace complete with shield. This home is perfect for decorating to your max and showing off your artifacts.

Falanaamo's shop


Services: Vendor (clothing)
Storage: Crate x6, Basket x4, Sack x2, Cloth Sack x2, Cupboard x2, Chest x1, Hutch x1
Occupant(s): Falanaamo (Clothier)
Description: Falanaamo is an Altmer behind a bartering desk; sadly, your bounty can go up by forty if you choose to kill him for control of this house. As you walk in, you are greeted by a shelf with a lot of clothes. As you turn left you can see a hutch, table, chest, and some crates. The room is very big and not too crowded, but that's not all. There is an upper floor. As you walk up, there is a desk and two tables (one bigger than the other), and a bed tucked away in the corner. This house is great for those who like to play dress up or want to enchant lots of clothes.

Ghorak Manor

Ghorak Manor[edit]

Services: Shenk's Shovel (next door), Creeper
Storage: Crate x11, Sack x7, Cloth Sack x2
Occupant(s): Duma gro-Lag (Boethiah's Quest), Creeper, more Orcs.
Description: Ghorak manor must be one of the biggest houses in Caldera and if not definitely the most useful. It is very big with a bed and a large number of crates for all your storage needs. It is a three story building with the beloved Creeper on the second floor. The top floor is not exactly a room though, as it only contains the Orc needed for Boethiah's Quest with his rocks and crates. Truly the best part of this house is the fact that you can have a pet at no cost. That means you can kill every Orc in the house and Creeper does nothing to attack you, he just stays put. So, it is perfect for storage and getting rich very quick; you can store all of your items in there, and the things you don't need can go to Creeper since he stays there unless you decide to kill him (not a great idea, anyway.) Have fun with your new pet.

The Governor's Hall

Governor's Hall[edit]

Services: Trainer (Speechcraft, Light Armor, Sneak), Vendor (Spells)
Storage: Crate x3, Basket x2, Barrel x2, Closet x2, Chest x1, Small Chest x1
Occupants: Odral Helvi, Cunius Pelelius, Llaros Uvayn, Foves Arenim, Olumba gro-Boglar
Description: A house fit for a king with two beds, plenty of floor space and a couple of crates and closets. Doesn't have the most storage, but when you live in a house overlooking a whole town, who cares? Note: Odral Helvi is part of House Hlaalu quests.

Small and cozy[edit]

Odairan Ashummi-Ammus' house

Odairan Ashummi-Ammus' House[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Sack x5, Cloth Sack x3, Cupboard x1, Crate x1, Basket x1, Chest x1
Occupant(s): Odairan Ashummi-Ammus
Description: This house doesn't belong to anyone special in any way, so you don't have to worry about quest conflicts with this one. This is probably the coziest little house in the game. It is unique in that there are missing boards in the ceiling, and if you stand on the bed, you can see two cloth sacks to put away your gold like the previous owner did. Other than that, it has a very simple configuration with a bed, table, chest, sacks, and a nice looking plant.

Bashuk gra-Bat's house

Bashuk gra-Bat's House[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Crate x3, Basket x2, Sack x2, Wooden Barrel x2, Cupboard x2, Urn x2, Cloth Sack x2, Hutch x1, Chest x1
Occupant(s): Bashuk gra-Bat (Favors for Orcs Quest)
Description: This female Orc is in one of the...stranger Morrowind quests, but the reward is only a diamond so it really isn't worth the effort (though it is a quick and easy quest.) The house contains a hutch, some sacks, a table, and a bed. It's not much, but a very wide room is a nice feature if you like a cozy house without it being too cramped and crowded.

Nedhelas' house

Nedhelas' House[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Upstairs: Crate x3, Sack x3, Basket x3, Cupboard x2, Cloth Sack x1, Wooden Barrel x1, Chest x1. Downstairs: Urn x5, Crate x4 Barrel x3, Chest x1
Occupant(s): Respawning Skeleton Champion (downstairs)
Description: As much as Bosmer are rude and always keep to themselves, this one has an interesting story in his basement. As you walk in, it is like any other small and tidy house until you go down into the basement and find the ghost of Galos Heleran who will attack you and you must kill it for an Imperial Cult quest. The basement can be cool for those of you who have a taste for Necromancy, dark spells that sort of thing, but if not then the top half of the house is just for you.

Valvius Mevureius' house

Valvius Mevureius' House[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Sack x6, Basket x2, Crate x2, Opened Crate (permanently opened, doesn't work like a regular Crate) x1, Chest of Drawers x1, Hutch x1, Small Chest x1
Occupant(s): Valvius Mevureius
Description: This house belongs to another basic all round citizen with no major part in a quest, so he won't be missed by anyone to speak of. This is a modest two-story house with a bed on the second floor, a shield on the wall, and a lit fireplace.

Canodia Felannus' house

Canodia Felannus' House[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Basket x4, Sack x3, Barrel x1, Closet x1, Cupboard x1, Chest x1
Occupant(s): Canodia Felannus
Description: Hidden behind Shenk's Shovel and the Pawnbrokers, this small home is perfect for those who want somewhere different. It is decorated differently to most houses (plastered walls) and contains a table and chairs, a closet, plenty of baskets and sacks for storage. It also has a Heather/Stoneflower plant for Alchemists to use.