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Build your estate as new Factor of the colony.
Quest Giver: Falco Galenus at Raven Rock,
or Constans Atrius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Raven Rock
Prerequisite Quest: Under Siege or Drastic Measures
Reward: Your own house in Raven Rock
ID: CO_Estate
Difficulty: Low
The torches mark the spot

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Falco (or Constans) about your next assignment to learn about the construction of your estate.
  2. Speak to Aldam Berendus who will ask you to lead him to where you want your estate built.
  3. Pick one of three locations in town marked by torches.
  4. Confirm with Aldam the location of your estate.
  5. Exit town and wait three to five days until you receive a journal entry on the completion of your estate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Falco Galenus or Constans Atrius[edit]

For the next series of quests wait for three days, and you will get a journal entry to see if anything needs to be done at Raven Rock. Speak to Falco (or Constans if Falco is dead) about your next assignment to hear about the plans for your estate. Falco directs you to speak to Aldam Berendus who is leading the construction of the estate.

Aldam Berendus outside the finished estate

Aldam Berendus[edit]

Aldam can be found just east of Falco in Raven Rock. He tells you that there are three possible locations where you can build your estate, each marked with torches. You are to lead Aldam to the desired location so he knows where to build it. Unfortunately, he fails to mention exactly where these torches are.

Pick the Location[edit]

One estate location is just northwest or so from the eastern entrance to the colony, well marked with a bright torch. Another location is south of that behind the row of houses. The third location is at the west end of town. The location you choose has no effect on how the estate will look.

BM-map-Raven Rock.jpg
Map Key
  • 2. Western location
  • 7. Northeastern location
  • 12. Southeastern location

Once you've chosen the location, lead Aldam up to the torch and confirm that this is where you want your estate.

Your Estate[edit]

Exit town and wait three days until you receive a journal entry about the completion of your estate. It is a nicely designed little house with plenty of storage area.


  • As with the Protect Falco quest, the estate will not appear if you wait three days in Raven Rock. You have to leave Raven Rock entirely before Aldam will build the estate.


  • Sometimes after waiting three days, you will not get a journal entry that prompts you to speak with Falco or Constans (depending on your choice) about your next assignment to hear about the plans for your estate. You will still be able to advance if you did not get a journal update anyways if you have waited three days.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Factor's Estate (CO_Estate)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've been told that plans were included for an estate for the Factor, and I need to give instructions as to where it should be built. I need to find Aldam Berendus at the Raven Rock site.
20 Aldam has told me that three torches have been placed at the potential building sites. When I've selected one, I should lead him to it and give the order to start construction.
30 I need to lead Aldam Berendus to the spot the estate will be built on.
40 I've selected a site for the Estate, and have given the order to start construction. Aldam says it should take several days to complete.
50 ☑Finishes quest Construction of the Factor's Estate should be complete.

Prev: Under Siege (Falco) or
Drastic Measures (Carnius)
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