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Help Carnius Magius plan an attack to slaughter the occupants of Raven Rock.
Quest Giver: Carnius Magius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Raven Rock, Fort Frostmoth
Prerequisite Quest: The Assassin
Next Quest: The Factor's Estate
Reward: Promotion
ID: CO_13a
Suggested Level: 40
Difficulty: Medium
The six killers await your instruction

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Carnius who will tell you that he wants to slaughter the colonists by using a band of hired killers dressed up as Nords.
  2. Grab all the equipment in the two bags out in the hall.
  3. Travel to the place where you are to meet Toralf, east of the mouth of the Iggnir River (by a small boat).
  4. Wait there till nightfall to meet Toralf and his five friends.
  5. Pass out all the equipment to the contract killers.
  6. Speak to Toralf and get attacked...kill them all.
  7. Return to Carnius who will attack you...kill him.
  8. You are now named Factor of the East Empire Company.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Carnius Magius[edit]

Speak to Carnius who is disappointed in the investor's response to Falco's death. He is now planning something even more sinister to convince them that the colony should be abandoned...the slaughter of the Colonists by native Nords. Carnius explains that it won't actually be real native Nords, just some hired killers, lead by a man named Toralf, disguised as Skaal raiders. You are to take the two bags with axes, Bear and Wolf Armor out from under the table in the hall and deliver them to Toralf. He and his gang are to arrive tonight near the Colony, just east of the Iggnir River's mouth.

Meeting Toralf[edit]

Grab all the equipment and head out to find Toralf. Find the mouth of the Iggnir River and follow the southern coast of the island until you find a small, open boat. Wait there until nightfall when Toralf and his five henchmen (Alfbrand, Audmund, Bryngrim, Ormvard, and Valgeir) arrive. Speak to Toralf who will tell you to pass out the Nordic armor and weapon to his men. Talk to each man, give them the equipment and then speak to Toralf again.

Now It Gets Interesting...[edit]

As soon as you are finished, he'll say that Carnius ordered them to attack and kill you...apparently Carnius doesn't need you anymore and wants you out of the way. Depending on your skill, this can be a tough fight, especially with all six of them attacking you at once. If all else fails, run away as best you can to heal up and plan an attack as you can manage.

Return to Carnius[edit]

Return to Carnius to have a brief word about what just happened. He'll be rather surprised to see you and then attack. He's a tough customer who can heal himself and hits very hard, so be careful. After killing him, speak to Constans Atrius, and ask him for advancement. He will raise your rank in the East Empire Company to Factor and put you in charge of operations.

After three days talk to Constans Atrius again and you will be able to start the construction of your estate.


  • If you kill the mercenaries before Toralf reveals that Carnius ordered your death, you will be expelled from the East Empire Company upon returning to Carnius.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Drastic Measures (CO_13a)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Carnius has asked me to deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He's hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.
20 Toralf wants the weapons and armor handed out to his men. When I've finished that, I should let him know.
25 I've passed out the equipment to everyone but Toralf; I should speak with him again.
30 Toralf claimed Carnius had given orders to get rid of me, then attacked me.
40 I killed Toralf and all of his companions.
50 Carnius attacked me when I confronted him with what Toralf told me. I was forced to kill him.
60 ☑Finishes quest Constans Atrius named me Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.

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