Bloodmoon:East Empire Company Quests

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Main Quest
  1. Establish the Mine: Starting out on the quest to build the Raven Rock colony.
  2. A Blocked Door: Get a crazy Nord to leave the villagers alone.
  3. Missing Supply Ship: Search for a missing shipment scheduled to arrive at Raven Rock.
  4. Making a Choice: Take sides to either make the colony succeed or fail.
Falco's Colony Quests Carnius' Colony Quests
5. Setting up Shop: Help Falco/Carnius decide which shop to build.
6. Supply Route Problems: Deal with a shipper who is demanding extra payments for delivering some ebony ore.
7. To Catch a Thief: Track down who is stealing ebony ore from the mine.
7a. Aiding and Abetting: Help Carnius and Uryn to smuggle ore out of the Raven Rock mine.
8. Bar Brawl: Calm down an old man in the bar who is picking fights with everyone.
9. Discovery in the Mine: Investigate a strange burial chamber just discovered deep within the ebony mine.
10. Race Against the Clock: Deliver a report quickly to Carnius in Fort Frostmoth.
10a. Stop the Messenger: Intercept a report from Falco for Carnius with the help of Hroldar.
11. Razing the Forest: Take care of some Spriggans that have begun attacking the colony.
12. Hiring Guards: Find some guards to protect the colony.
13. Protect Falco: Someone wants Falco dead and you have to protect him.
14. Under Siege: Protect Raven Rock from a fake Skaal attack.
13a. The Assassin: Carnius requires your skills in the assassination of Falco.
14a. Drastic Measures: Help Carnius Magius plan an attack to slaughter the occupants of Raven Rock.
15. The Factor's Estate: Build your estate as new Factor of the colony.

The EEC Stock Certificate you receive after the first quest will increase in value as quests are completed, but will decrease after a certain point. If you side with Falco, the most you'll get for the stock is 12,000 – in theory. If it were not for a game-crashing bug (see below), the time to exchange would be after the guards have been selected, during the several days it takes to get them equipped. If you exchange right after saving Falco from the assassination attempt, you'll get 10,000, and this is a practical time to do so, given the bug triggered by the 12,000 value. At the end, it's also worth 10,000 from Constans (after Carnius is dead), but only 9,000 once Falco has named you Factor.

If you've sided with Carnius and killed Falco, you'll only get 500. It's worth 2,000 after finding the guards. Exchanging after taking care of the Spriggans gets you 4,000. After stopping the messenger, 5,000. The best you can do with Carnius is 6,000 after killing Graring and his smiths. At the end (with Carnius dead), Constans will give you 5,000 for the certificate if he's named you Factor, and 500 if he hasn't yet.


  • If you turn in the stock at its maximum value (12,000 - see above) the game tries to add an entry in a journal topic that doesn't exist, CO_Stock. This may crash the game.
    • To avoid this bug, wait until you have done one more EEC quest (stock value will be 10,000).
  • Jeleen may disappear from the Fort Frostmoth Imperial Cult Shrine building after you have been pursuing East Empire Company quests, which make changes to this area. ?
    • As long as The Missing Missionary quest is complete, this is of no actual consequence, since he has little to add to The Moon Sugar Mystery, the only later quest involving him. You can bring him back if you want, with a Console command such as Jeleen->PositionCell, 3844, 4249, 15873, 0, "Fort Frostmoth, Imperial Cult Shrine".
    • Antonius Nuncius may also have disappeared, but he has no role to play in the game after the early Rebellion at Frostmoth quest. He can be returned with a similar Console trick; the x, y, z coordinates to put him back in his office are 3753, 3626, 15873.
  • See more specific quest articles for additional bugs particular to certain EEC quests.