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Starting out on the quest to build the Raven Rock colony.
Quest Giver: Carnius Magius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Raven Rock
Next Quest: A Blocked Door
Reward: 100 Gold, EEC Stock Certificate
Reputation Gain: +12 (East Empire Company)
ID: CO_1
Suggested Items: Restore Health on Touch/Target
Difficulty: Low
Three new workers need an escort

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find and speak to Carnius Magius at the top of the Imperial Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth.
  2. Join the East Empire Company and get your first assignment to escort three workers to Raven Rock.
  3. Meet the workers on the docks south of the fort and speak to Gidar Verothan to begin the escort.
  4. Escort the three workers to Raven Rock.
  5. Meet the workers near Falco Galenus in Raven Rock to finish the escort.
  6. Speak to Falco Galenus in Raven Rock who will give you a piece of raw ebony and ask you to find four more pieces.
  7. Find four pieces of ebony just north of Falco.
  8. Bring the five pieces to Carnius in the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Carnius Magius[edit]

To start out with the East Empire Company Quests, find and speak to Carnius Magius at the top of the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth. Speak to him about the East Empire Company and he offers to let you join up, assuming that you meet the requirements of 30 Personality and 30 Willpower.

First Assignment[edit]

Ask Carnius about your assignment to receive your first job. The first workers have apparently just arrived and need an escort to the work site. They know the way, but want safety, so you have to lead them and ensure that they all arrive. Speak with Gidar Verothan on the docks south of the fort and escort him, Gamin Girith, and Sabinus Oranius to Falco Galenus in Raven Rock.

The Escort[edit]

Find the workers down on the docks and speak with Gidar as you were told. Gidar will ask if you are ready and tell you to take the lead, marking the destination, Raven Rock, on your map. Raven Rock is in the Hirstaang Forest, at the north end of a bay to the west of the fort. There aren't any roads to the area, but Basks-In-The-Sun (the Argonian on the docks) provides fast travel to the shoreline there. If you really want to escort the NPCs over land, take your time and be sure you don't lose any of them. Also be careful when fighting enemies as the three will try to help you and will get in the way. When you see danger ahead, it is best to tell the workers to wait, and then you can do the fight. Then tell them again to follow you until they arrive.

Falco Galenus[edit]

After you get to Raven Rock, locate Falco Galenus (he'll be north-east of the torches along the shore). Once you get near Falco the three will stop following you. Talk to Falco and he asks you to retrieve four samples of ebony ore and gives you a piece as an example. Carnius needs the ore to convince investors to continue funding the construction of Raven Rock. Your task of finding four pieces isn't particularly hard as there are some ebony deposits within sight just to the north of Falco. You can find four pieces in the three deposits there. Once you have found four more pieces, bring them back to Carnius.

Carnius Magius[edit]

You can use Divine Intervention to return instantly to Fort Frostmoth—otherwise you'll have to walk back. Give Carnius the five pieces of ebony and he will reward you with 100 gold and an EEC Stock Certificate. He asks you to return for your next assignment in three days. The certificate's value goes up during the course of the quest line, so after a few more East Empire Company quests, it will be worth more than 100 gold (see the quests page for more information).


  • Don't talk to Carnius until you've completed everything listed in the walkthrough. Each time you do will cause his disposition towards you to drop five points.
  • If any of the prospective miners die during their trip, you will be expelled from the East Empire Company when asking Falco or Carnius for an assignment. You can still get back in, though.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Establish the Mine (CO_1)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Carnius has instructed me to escort several men to the mining site. I should find Gidar Verothan by the dock south of the fort.
20 I have agreed to escort Gidar, Gamin, and Sabinus to the Raven Rock site.
30 Gidar, Gamin, and Sabinus have arrived safely at the site. I should speak with Falco Galenus.
40 I have checked in with Falco, and have been instructed to return five pieces of ebony ore to Carnius. Falco gave me one, so I need to find four more pieces.
50 ☑Finishes quest I have delivered the ebony to Carnius and completed my assignment. I should return in three days' time for my next assignment.
300 I have failed to keep the three miners alive on their trip to the colony site.
310 ☑Finishes quest I've been fired from the East Empire Company for failing to keep the workers alive.

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