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Search for a missing shipment scheduled to arrive at Raven Rock.
Quest Giver: Carnius Magius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Raven Rock, Shipwreck
Prerequisite Quest: A Blocked Door
Next Quest: Making a Choice
Reward: 300 gold + up to 3000 gold
Reputation Gain: +12 (East Empire Company)
ID: CO_3, CO_3a, CO_3b
Difficulty: Low
The wrecked Supply Ship

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Carnius Magius again once you receive a journal message.
  2. Travel to Raven Rock and speak to Falco Galenus about a missing shipment.
  3. Ask to Gamin Girith if he has seen anything, then speak again to Falco.
  4. Travel northwest to the coast and find the shipwreck and the survivor, Apronia Alfena.
  5. Gather any Miner's Picks from the shipwreck.
  6. Escort the survivor back to Falco.
  7. Speak to Falco about the shipwreck, and sell him back the pick axes.
  8. Return to Fort Frostmoth and tell Carius about the shipwreck.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Carnius Magius[edit]

About three days after the previous quest, you'll receive a journal entry saying:

The first phase of construction at the colony has probably been completed; I should go see Carnius Magius.

Carnius will ask you to simply retrieve a shipping manifest from Falco Galenus in Raven Rock.

Falco Galenus[edit]

Speak to Falco in Raven Rock who is surprised to have you ask about a ship, especially considering that the colony doesn't even have a dock yet. He suggests that you ask around town and see if anyone else knows anything.

Talk to people around town and see if they have seen anything. Speaking with Gamin Girith you will find out that there was a light to the northwest a few nights ago, but no one has checked it out. Talk about the incident to Falco who will suggest that you go and check it out.

Missing Ship[edit]

Travel to the northwest and up the coast until you find a shipwreck (about half-way up on the island's west coast) with three Draugr nearby. You must kill all three Draugr before proceeding to rescue the sole survivor, Apronia Alfena, who is at the side of the shipwreck. She will want to be escorted to Raven Rock. While you are there, you might want to rescue all the Miner's Picks you can find in the wreck.

Return to Raven Rock[edit]

Escort the lone survivor back to Falco in town. As usual, be careful that she doesn't get lost or attacked along the way. Once she is near Falco she will thank you and stop following you. Speak with Falco (seen anything) to tell him about the shipwreck. He will mention that he will buy any Miner's Picks from you for 500 gold each, although this isn't required for the quest (there are five in the hold and one in the cabin for six total; he will buy only six). Return to Carnius to inform him about the shipwreck and receive a 300 gold reward.


  • When you receive the journal entry to speak to Carnius, you will now have access to a boat in Raven Rock, which allows quicker and safer travel back to Fort Frostmoth.
  • If Apronia dies before returning to Raven Rock, be sure to remove Elberoth's Saber from her body, as it will be needed for a future quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Missing Supply Ship (CO_3)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Carnius has asked me to go to Raven Rock and see Falco. He wants me to get a copy of the shipping manifest from the first supply ship.
20 The supply ship never showed up. Falco suggested I ask around, in case anyone has seen anything.
30 Gamin Girith claims to have a seen a light off the coast to the northwest; perhaps it's the supply ship. I should get this information to Falco.
35 The supply ship never showed up. A light was seen off the coast to the northwest; perhaps it's the ship. Falco has asked me to look into it.
40 Falco has asked me to head to the northwest and look for the supply ship, as it carries mining equipment the colonists need.
50 I have found the supply ship, wrecked on the coast.
60 I've reported the loss of the ship to Falco. He has asked me to deliver the news to Carnius.
70 ☑Finishes quest Carnius was furious at the news that the ship had been lost, and that money would have to be spent to arrange for another ship.
Missing Supply Ship (CO_3a)
10 Falco has said that he will pay for any pick axes I can salvage from the shipwreck.
20 ☑Finishes quest I've turned in several pick axes from the shipwreck; Falco doesn't need anymore. He thanked me for salvaging them.
Missing Supply Ship (CO_3b)
10 Apronia Alfena survived the wreck of the supply ship, and has begged me to take her back to the colony. I should take her to see Falco.
20 ☑Finishes quest I've delivered Apronia to Falco at the colony site. Perhaps he'll know what to do with her.

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