Bloodmoon:Under Siege

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Protect Raven Rock from a fake Skaal attack.
Quest Giver: Falco Galenus at Raven Rock
Location(s): Raven Rock, Fort Frostmoth
Prerequisite Quest: Protect Falco
Next Quest: The Factor's Estate
Reward: 2000 gold (Falco), Promotion
ID: CO_13
Difficulty: Medium
Four "Skaal" in Raven Rock Mine

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Falco about your next assignment to retrieve a shipment of silver weapons from Constans Atrius.
  2. Get the three silver longswords from Constans.
  3. Return to Falco who will inform you that the town was attacked by the Skaal.
  4. Enter the mine and kill all ten of the Skaal.
  5. Find and return the Tattered Note on one of the Skaal to Falco.
  6. Confront Carnius about the note and the faked attack.
  7. Kill Carnius once he attacks you.
  8. Return to Falco to be named Factor of the colony.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Falco Galenus[edit]

For the next series of quests you'll have to leave town and wait for about two days until you receive a journal entry. Return and speak to Falco about your next assignment to learn that Carnius has received a shipment of silver weapons but has refused to deliver any to the colony. Falco wants you to go and pay Constans Atrius a visit in Fort Frostmoth and get the weapons to Raven Rock.

Constans Atrius[edit]

Speak to Constans at the top of the Imperial Cult hall to receive the three silver longswords.

Skaal Attack![edit]

Return to Falco in Raven Rock to find out that the town has been attacked by the Skaal, almost immediately after you had left for the fort. Apparently they fled into the mine for refuge after being beaten back by Falco and the town guard(s). Falco wants you to go into the mine and rescue the miners.

You should find ten Nords (Alfbrand, Audmund, Balfring, Bryngrim, Eifid, Fjrokvar, Ormvard, Toralf, Valgeir, and Vigunn) scattered about the mine, and they are far enough apart that you should be able to take them on one at a time. On Toralf, you'll find an incriminating Tattered Note detailing the attack on the village, signed with a single "C" at the end.

Return to Falco[edit]

Return to Falco and give him the note that you found. He'll take a close look at it and discover that the so-called Skaal were actually mercenaries in disguise. Falco suspects Carnius was involved and tells you to confront him with the note.

Confronting Carnius[edit]

Confront Carnius about the Skaal attack and he'll immediately "confess" in a matter of words. He is furious because you ruined his attack on the colony. He'll attack you immediately so be cautious as he is a tougher than the average opponent. The guards and people in the area do not assist him, however.

Return to Falco[edit]

Return to Falco once Carnius is dead and he will promote you to the position of Factor of Raven Rock, effectively leaving you in charge of the entire operation.


  • Not all the people in the mine are attackers. In particular, Aldam Berendus is also in the mine and is needed to construct the estate in the next mission.
  • You are not required to actually bring the silver longswords back to Falco. While probably intended for the [up to] three colony guards, they already have weapons. Everyone just "forgets" about these swords, so you can sell them off.


  • At the very end of the mine are Audmund and Toralf, together with one or two captive miners. If you sneak, your attack on the fake Skaal may be reported as a crime, resulting in a bounty, and possibly one of the workers will attack you.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Under Siege (CO_13)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 Falco has asked me to travel to Fort Frostmoth and collect several silver longswords from Constans Atrius.
5 I've collected the swords, and should return them to Falco.
10 The Skaal have apparently attacked the colony. Falco and the others were able to push the attacks into the mine, but there are now workers trapped in there. Falco wants me to go in, elminate the Skaal, and make sure the workers are safe.
20 Falco has taken a note from me that was found on one of the Nords.
30 Falco wants me to take the note and confront Carnius with it.
40 I confronted Carnius with the evidence of his involvement in the attack on the colony. He flew into a rage and attacked me.
60 I have killed Carnius Magius.
70 ☑Finishes quest Falco has named me as the new Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.

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