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Pelagiad is a small town, containing two shops and a tavern, as well as some services offered at Fort Pelagiad. It is easily accessible via Divine Intervention from most of the northern Ascadian Isles, though there is no fast travel available from here. However, an Almsivi Intervention can take you either to Balmora or Vivec depending on which part of town you're in.


Adanja's House

Adanja's House[edit]

Storage: 1 Barrel, 6 Baskets, 1 Chest, 2 Crates, 12 Sacks, 1 Small Chest, 2 Urns
Occupant: Adanja
Description: This small, out-of-the-way house on the south side of town contains fairly little of interest. It is inhabited only by Adanja, a Khajiit woman with no relevance to any quests or unique dialogue. The only items of potential interest other than some assorted ingredients are two chapters from the Poison Song series, on the bed in the basement. Neither of the doors are locked, so you can enter freely, and Adanja won't see you if you steal things from the lower floor.

Ahnassi's House

Ahnassi's House[edit]

Storage: 2 Barrels, 7 Baskets, 2 Chests, 1 Closet, 1 Drawers, 8 Sacks, 2 Small Chests
Occupant: Ahnassi (only after completing part of the quest. Before that, she can be found at the Halfway Tavern)
Description: This house just outside the gates of Fort Pelagiad is moderate in size, and richly appointed. The door is locked, but if you are a male character, you can get the key by doing the Ahnassi, a Special Friend quest. You cannot pickpocket the key from her, so this is the only way to get it. Female characters are out of luck, and will have to resort to illegal means to open the door. The contents of the house are all free for the taking, before or after Ahnassi moves in. The only items of real value is a collection of various liquors on the cabinet by the door. More beverages and ingredients may be found in the various containers around the house.

Dralas Gilu's House

Dralas Gilu's House[edit]

Storage: 1 Barrel, 1 Basket, 1 Chest, 1 Cupboard, 2 Sacks, 1 Urn
Occupants: None (Dralas Gilu wanders around outside.)
Description: This small house on the southwest corner of town is the home of Dralas Gilu, who is a Sleeper for the Sixth House. He never goes inside, however, so if you can open the lock undetected (there is no key), you can freely take everything in the house. The only item of any note is a silver shardblade, which can be found under the pillow on his bed. There are also a couple ash yams on the small table in the corner.

Erval's House

Erval's House[edit]

Storage: 1 Barrel, 3 Baskets, 1 Chest, 1 Cupboard, 10 Sacks
Occupant: Erval
Description: This house is the northernmost house in town. It is somewhat small, and contains very little of value. He is unarmed, and may not report you for stealing his items (though he may object), so there's very little to stop you from taking everything here, but again, there's nothing really worth the effort here to take.

Farusea Salas' House

Farusea Salas' House[edit]

Storage: 4 Baskets, 1 Chest, 8 Sacks, 1 Pot, 2 Urns
Occupants: None (Farusea Salas wanders around outside)
Description: This is another small house with little of value. It is on the northern road leading out of town. There is a potted Corkbulb plant next to the bed with a useless worn key inside, and a few containers with mostly junk and a few random ingredients. The inside has a lock with no key, and the door of her house is also locked. Farusea Salas hangs around outside.

Ignatius Flaccus' House[edit]

Storage: 1 Barrel, 1 Basket, 1 Chest, 6 Sacks
Occupants: None (Ignatius Flaccus lives in Mournhold.)
Description: This house only exists with the Tribunal plug-in installed. It is invisible, and can only be accessed via the console. It is nearly identical to Erval's House, which it is next door to. It has a few less containers, and an extra door, though both doors are one-way only, you can leave the house, but you can't get back in without the console. In addition to the meager items found in Erval's House (all of which are labelled as belonging to Erval), there is 1000 gold on the floor, and three samples of scrap metal.

Junal-Lei's House

Junal-lei's House[edit]

Storage: 3 Barrels, 6 Baskets, 3 Chests, 3 Crates, 1 Cupboard, 1 Hutch, 1 Pot, 17 Sacks, 1 Small Chest, 3 Urns
Occupants: None (Junal-Lei wanders around outside.)
Description: This is one of the larger houses in Pelagiad, located on the west side on the edge of town. It has plenty of storage, and you can find a large selection of random ingredients in them, though very little else of interest. The owner, Junal-Lei, is found outside. He does not carry a key, but the door is locked.

Madres Navur's House

Madres Navur's House[edit]

Storage: 5 Baskets, 1 Chest, 1 Closet, 3 Crates, 3 Cupboards, 1 Pot, 9 Sacks
Occupant: Madres Navur
Description: This moderate-sized two-story house is located next to the Halfway Tavern. Madres Navur might object to your going through his stuff. Look for a copy of The Black Arrow, Volume 1, which is a skill book for Acrobatics, on the small table next to the fireplace. You can find a few potions and repair tools lying around in various locations, and some ingredients and other small items in the containers. The doors are unlocked.

Murberius Harmevus' House

Murberius Harmevus' House[edit]

Storage: 2 Barrels, 5 Baskets, 1 Chest, 2 Cupboards, 12 Sacks, 1 Small Chest, 2 Urns
Occupant: Murberius Harmevus
Description: This is the largest house in town, across from the Halfway Tavern. However, there's not much here other than random ingredients in the various containers on both floors. The front door is unlocked, but the trapdoor to the cellar is.