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Get paid to chop firewood.
Quest Giver: Radiant
Location(s): Radiant
Reward: 5 Gold per Firewood
Disposition: 0→1 (quest giver)
ID: FavorJobsChopWood
Suggested Level: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Wood chopping block

Radiant Options[edit]

This is a radiant quest which you can receive from any of the following people.

Quest Giver Quest Giver Home Map Marker Region
Aeri Aeri's House Anga's Mill The Pale
Ganna Uriel Steamscorch Mine Kynesgrove Eastmarch
Gilfre Gilfre's House Mixwater Mill Eastmarch
Grosta Heartwood Mill Heartwood Mill The Rift
Hert Half-Moon Mill Half-Moon Mill Falkreath
Hjorunn Solitude Sawmill Solitude Sawmill Haafingar
Hod Hod and Gerdur's House Riverwood Whiterun Hold
Horgeir Horgeir's House Dragon Bridge Haafingar
Hroggar Alva's House Morthal Hjaalmarch
Hulda The Bannered Mare Whiterun Whiterun Hold
Jorgen Jorgen and Lami's House Morthal Hjaalmarch
Temba Wide-Arm Vilemyr Inn Ivarstead The Rift


Easy Money[edit]

If you talk to one of the quest givers, they will offer to pay you for chopped firewood. Alternatively, you can also chop the firewood first and then sell the firewood to a quest giver later. You are paid five gold per unit of firewood.

Find a Chopping Block[edit]

As a general rule, wood chopping blocks are easily found near the quest givers. Otherwise, they can be found in almost any military camp or Khajiit traders caravan camp, and also at the following locations:

Hold Chopping Block Location
Eastmarch Brandy-Mug FarmDarkwater CrossingGallows Hall(CC)Hlaalu FarmHollyfrost FarmKynesgroveMixwater MillNarzulburNchuanthumz(CC)Traitor's PostUttering Hills CaveWindhelm Stables
Falkreath Bloodlet ThroneDark Brotherhood SanctuaryDead Man's DrinkDengeir's HouseEmbershardHalf-Moon MillHunter's RestJarl's LonghouseLakeview Manor(HF)Pinewatch
Haafingar Broken Oar GrottoDeepwood RedoubtDragon BridgeIronback HideoutKatla's FarmNorthwatch KeepPinemoon CaveSolitude SawmillThe Winking Skeever
Hjaalmarch Jorgen and Lami's HouseStonehills
The Pale Anga's MillHall of the VigilantHeljarchen Hall(HF)Windpeak Inn
The Reach Druadach RedoubtHag Rock RedoubtOld Hroldan InnRed Eagle Redoubt
The Rift Dayspring Canyon(DG)Froki's ShackGoldenglow EstateHeartwood MillIvarsteadMistveil KeepNilheimThe Scorched Hammer
SolstheimDB Alor HouseBloodskal BarrowBujold's RetreatDamphall MineDeor Woodcutter's HouseHighpoint TowerRaven Rock Mine
Whiterun The Bannered MareBattle-Born FarmBelethor's General GoodsChillfurrow FarmGoldenhills Plantation(CC)Halted Stream CampRiverwoodWhite River Watch
Winterhold Bloodchill Cavern(CC)

Get Chopping[edit]

To chop wood you must have a woodcutter's axe in your inventory (one can usually be found near the wood pile). Activating a wood chopping block will then cause you to produce firewood at a rate of two units every eight seconds, with a limit of six units per activation. After you have produced six units, you must activate the block again or leave the woodcutting session.

It is also possible to have a follower chop firewood for you, even if you don't have an axe. This can be advantageous as the camera doesn't go into free roam mode while the wood is being chopped (which happens when it's done by you). By having someone else do the chopping, you can keep your view focused on the wood pile and activate it every thirty-five seconds to keep more wood coming. If a second wood chopping block is nearby, you can even chop wood simultaneously to double production while only adding an extra couple of seconds to the equation.


An Achievement is related to chopping wood:

  • SR-achievement-Hard Worker.png Hard Worker (10 points/Bronze) — Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food
    • To obtain this achievement you do not need to sell the firewood, or even talk to any of the quest givers. Simply activating the wood chopping block is sufficient.


  • This quest does not have any stages or objectives.
  • This quest can be repeated indefinitely.
  • If you don't have a woodcutter's axe on hand, you can ask a follower to chop wood for you. Just approach the wood chopping block and talk to your follower. When you have the option "I need you to do something for me", click "use" on the wood chopping block. To retrieve the firewood, trade items with the follower.
  • There is apparently no limit to the amount of firewood you can chop at each wood chopping block and then sell. One (painfully slow) way to get the money to purchase a house is to chop the required amount of wood. For the house in Whiterun, for example, you will get 5000 gold if you accumulate 1000 pieces of firewood. This takes approximately 24 hours of game time when the time scale is set around 10, or 25 minutes in real time. At the standard time scale, it is possible to chop 150 pieces of firewood in 15 real-time minutes, which is a pay rate of 3000 gold per real-time hour.
  • Money you earn from chopping wood is fixed and is not affected by your Speech skill. This makes the quest one of the few ways to make money without increasing any skills, which will help control your level. This is useful when wanting to train in a certain skill as many times as possible. It is also one of the few ways to earn money without doing any questing, merchanting, or crafting.
  • With the Hearthfire add-on, doing this quest for Aeri, Gilfre, Grosta, Hert, or Hod will increase their disposition such that you'll be able to cut your own lumber.
  • Because this is a favor quest which affects the quest giver's disposition, it will count towards the "Help the People" part of the thane quest for the quest giver's hold.
  • Each unit of firewood weighs 5, and a full "use" of the chopping block weighs 30. If you are close to being overencumbered, this is something to consider, should you be chopping wood far from someone who will buy it.
  • You can use firewood samples found in the wilderness (for example, Autumnwatch Tower has three firewood scattered over the floors of the tallest tower) to use in this quest, as well.