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Mistveil Keep
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# of Zones 3
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Surfeit of Thieves
Unusual Gem
Words and Philosophy
Console Location Code(s)
The Rift
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Mistveil Keep in Riften

Mistveil Keep is a castle located at the southern end of Riften. Its grand stone walls stand out from Riften's wooden buildings and walkways, and also serve as an extra layer of protection in times of conflict.

There are three zones to the keep: Mistveil Keep, Mistveil Keep Barracks, and Mistveil Keep Jarl's Chambers. The building also encompasses Riften Jail, though it is a separate place. There is a small courtyard beside the building.

The Keep is home to Jarl Laila Law-Giver, and her sons, Harrald and Saerlund. As the seat of power, the hold's steward, Anuriel, and court wizard, Wylandriah, can be found here.

NPCs Living Here[edit]

Stormcloak Court Position Imperial Court
Laila Law-Giver Jarl Maven Black-Briar
Anuriel Steward Hemming Black-Briar
Unmid Snow-Shod Housecarl Maul
Wylandriah Court Wizard Wylandriah
Gonnar Oath-Giver Military Advisor Legate Fasendil
Name Relationship
Harrald Laila's son
Saerlund Laila's son
Riften Guards Guards

Related Quests[edit]

Mistveil Keep[edit]


The courtyard is to the left of the building. It is used as a dining and training area by the guards, and also has a direct entrance to the keep's barracks. There is a walkway above the courtyard, underneath which is a long table with two benches and two chairs, and a few barrels. The door to the barracks is to the south, and to the right of it is a chopping block with a woodcutter's axe. Around the rest of the courtyard can be found three training dummies. Harrald likes to train here during the day.

Mistveil Keep[edit]

The first room of Mistveil Keep is both a dining room and a throne room. To the left is a door to Wylandriah's shop, and behind the throne is a corridor leading to Anuriel's bedroom, the Mistveil Keep Jarl's Chambers, the war room, Unmid Snow-Shod's bedroom, and the Mistveil Keep Barracks. The jarl's chambers and the barracks have individual zones while the rest are in the Mistveil Keep zone.

Throne Room
SR-interior-Mistveil Keep Throne Room.jpg

The throne room/dining room is rather cramped with all the furniture in it. There is a small fire in the middle of the lower area with three long tables set in a U around it. Past the tables, on a raised section is the throne, beside which is a chair for the hold's steward. Around the edges of the room are some more pieces of furniture set out almost symmetrically. From the entrance there are two benches, a set of shelves, a small table with a platter of food, a long chest, another set of shelves, and finally another bench. The only difference between the sides of the room is on the left, where the small table is removed, with the set of shelves moving to its location, and a door to Wylandriah's shop.

Wylandriah's Shop
SR-interior-Mistveil Keep Wylandriah's Shop.jpg

Wylandriah's shop is subdivided into two rooms, her shop and her bedroom. The shop counter is on the other side of the room, and a bit to the left. Beside it is a set of shelves with some ingredients. In the corners of the room to the left is an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab. The bedroom is to the right from the counter and contains only a few items of furniture (a bed, a chest, a wardrobe, an end table, and a chair).

On the shop counter is a mix of weapons, armor, potions, and ingredients; they include a hide shield, a hide helmet, a steel dagger, a horker tusk, a potion of stamina, a potion of healing, a potion of minor healing, a potion of plentiful magicka, a solution of strength, a fly amanita, a giant lichen, a lavender, a nightshade, a spider egg, and two scaly pholiota. Underneath the counter is a medium coin purse and a letter entitled 'Per Your Requests'. On the set of shelves by the counter are three bowls of frost salts, two salt piles, a bowl of spriggan sap, a bowl of troll fat, a bowl of vampire dust, two samples of Nordic barnacles, and two samples of scaly pholiota.

Anuriel's Bedroom

Anuriel's bedroom is to the right along the corridor behind the throne. Along the section of corridor to it is a table with the book Short History of Morrowind on it. The room contains a cupboard, a wardrobe, a chest, a double-bed, an end table, and a dresser. On the cupboard is a note entitled 'Sibbi Black-Briar', on the end table is a copy of the book The Dowry, and on the dresser is an adept-locked display case, a copy of A Dance in Fire, v5, a silver ring, a garnet, and a sapphire. The display case holds a silver necklace, a silver jeweled necklace, and a silver sapphire necklace, and there is a large coin purse to the right behind the dresser. There is also a table at the end of the bed holding a deathbell, a lavender, and a bowl of apples.

War Room

The war room is to the left along the corridor behind the throne. The main focus of the room is a map with markers for all the important strategic points in Skyrim. There is also a cupboard, a set of shelves, and a table. There are also doors to the Unmid Snow-Shod's bedroom, and the Mistveil Keep Barracks. Gonnar Oath-Giver spends his days here, studying the map.

Unmid Snow-Shod's Bedroom

Unmid Snow-Shod's bedroom is located to the south of the war room. It contains a weapon rack, a dresser, a wardrobe, a chest, a bed, an end table, a display case, a weapon plaque, and a training dummy. There is an iron battleaxe on the weapon rack, and a leveled war axe on the weapon plaque. The display case has an adept lock and contains a banded iron shield, an iron mace, and steel imperial gauntlets.

Mistveil Keep Barracks[edit]

There are two entrances to the barracks, one in the courtyard, and one in the war room inside the keep. There is another door inside the barracks that leads to a short walkway above the courtyard. There are two floors to the barracks: the lower floor which has a few beds and a kitchen, and the upper floor which has more beds, some storage space, and a small armory.

Lower Floor

From the door to the keep there are two beds on both sides, each accompanied by a chest. Above the two left-hand beds are two weapon plaques, each with a steel sword. After the beds there is a table with three chairs and some food to the left and the stairs to the upper floor on the right. To the left of the stairs is a small storage area with some straw bales, boxes, barrels, and a pitchfork. After the table to the left is a door to the courtyard and the kitchen area. Opposite the door is a dresser, beside which a guard stands. The kitchen area is made up of a fireplace with a cooking pot, a set of shelves with cutlery and pots, another set of shelves with food, a long table with a bench with some food on the table, and a round table with three chairs. Above the food shelves some ingredients are growing, two frost mirriam, two elves ears, and a garlic bud.

Upper Floor

The upper floor is divided into more private sections with wooden partitions. On the right at the top of the stairs is a storage area with two barrels. After that is an end table with a keg and opposite that is a section with two beds, each with a chest, and between them another end table with a copy of the book Kolb & the Dragon. To the left of that section is another bed, with an end table beside it with a copy of the book Killing - Before You're Killed. To the left of the stairway is another partitioned section with two beds, each with a chest, and an end table in-between. The final partitioned section, in the southwest corner of the room, has a bed, an end table, and a dresser. On the end table is a loaf of bread, and on the dresser is an iron greatsword and a copy of the Two-handed skill book Words and Philosophy. Beside that section is a small selection of arms, divided between a locked display case and a weapon rack. The display case holds an iron and a steel mace, and the weapon rack holds two iron maces, an iron sword, an iron warhammer, and an iron battleaxe. Finally, before the door to the walkway in the northeast corner, is a table with two chairs and some food, beside some storage containers.


The walkway is L-shaped and spans the length of the courtyard. There is nothing besides three barrels on it (one of which is a thieves cache).

Mistveil Keep Jarl's Chambers[edit]

The chambers are located on the upper floors of the keep. The stairs to the chambers are located to the right, along the corridor behind the throne. They are locked at night when the jarl goes to bed, but unlocked during the day. Through the door is a flight of stairs leading to a landing with three additional doors. They lead to Saerlund's bedroom on the left, the jarl's bedroom straight ahead, and Harrald's bedroom on the right.

Jarl's Bedroom

The jarl's bedroom is the largest of the three upstairs rooms; in fact it is more than twice the size of the other two combined. There is also a small storage area partially split off, and a door to an outer balcony that overlooks Riften. The room can be considered to be divided into two halves. The side on the right is for relaxing and eating, and the side on the left is the actual bed, with assorted accessories.

There is a long chest at the bottom of the bed, a small and a large wardrobe, and an end table to the left of the bed, and an end table, a large wardrobe, and a locked display case to the right of the bed. On top of the end table to the left is an Unusual Gem, and a copy of the Lockpicking skill book Surfeit of Thieves. In a bowl on top of the small wardrobe are two samples of lavender. The display case holds a steel helmet, a steel shield, and some steel armor. Above the display case is a weapon plaque with an elven greatsword.

The other side of the room has a fireplace with two chairs and a small table in front of it. To the right of the fireplace are sets of shelves and a bench, and on the left-hand side are two more benches and a table. On the shelves are two potions (a Potion of Regeneration and a Draught of Strength), a sample of tundra cotton, and two samples of lavender.

There are two sides to the small storage area on the other side of the bedroom. To the left are two barrels, some boxes, and a shelf with some wine. To the right is a barrel, some sacks, and some shelves filled with food and potions. There are four potions in total: two potions of minor stamina, and two potions of minor healing.

Saerlund's Bedroom

Saerlund's bedroom is to the left at the top of the stairs. It contains a long chest, a wardrobe, an end table, a bed, another end table, another wardrobe, and a table with two chairs. On top of the first wardrobe is a locked display case which contains an iron dagger. There is a lute by the second wardrobe, and some food on the table.

Harrald's Bedroom

Harrald's bedroom is to the right at the top of the stairs. It contains a chest, two wardrobes, a bed, an end table, a small table and chair, and a set of shelves. On top of the small wardrobe is a locked display case which contains an Orcish dagger and a steel dagger. On the table there is a salmon steak, some baked potatoes, and a loaf of bread. There are six books on the shelves; there are copies of The Legend of Red Eagle, Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom, Herbane's Bestiary: Hagravens, Herbane's Bestiary: Ice Wraiths, Ode To The Tundrastriders, and Troll Slaying. Behind the door is an inaccessible weapon plaque with iron greatsword.


Through the jarl's bedroom is a door to a balcony that overlooks Riften. It is devoid of furniture and items. It has a low-hanging wooden roof that allows you to see out, but there is not enough room to get out between the wall and the ceiling.