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Alchemy Ingredients are used in alchemy for making potions or poisons.



Reagents have four characteristics. Two reagents are required to create a potion or poison. When reagents are selected which share characteristics, those characteristics manifest in the resulting potion or poison.

In terms of harvesting, reagents fall into four types: default nodes, fungal nodes, water nodes, and creature loot, each spawning from a different location:

  • Default nodes can be found in most places in Tamriel where plant life grows. These reagents will often have mostly positive alchemical effects.
  • Fungal nodes will often be found around fallen trees, dark areas, and near decaying matter (such as in bogs). These reagents will often have mostly negative alchemical effects.
  • Water nodes will be found near rivers, lakes, and the sea.
  • Creature loot can be found by killing certain creatures and enemies (such as catching butterflies or killing mudcrabs) rather than a specific node to collect.
Reagent Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect Comes from
ON-icon-reagent-Beetle Scuttle.png Beetle Scuttle Breach Breach Increase Armor Increase Armor Protection Protection Vitality Vitality Beetles, Thunderbugs, Assassin Beetles, Shalks
ON-icon-reagent-Blessed Thistle.png Blessed Thistle Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Increase Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Ravage Health Ravage Health Speed Speed Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Blue Entoloma.png Blue Entoloma Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Cowardice Cowardice Restore Health Restore Health Invisible Invisible Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Bugloss.png Bugloss Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Restore Health Restore Health Cowardice Cowardice Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Butterfly Wing.png Butterfly Wing Restore Health Restore Health Uncertainty Uncertainty Lingering Health Lingering Health Vitality Vitality Butterflies
ON-icon-reagent-Chaurus Egg.png Chaurus Egg Timidity Timidity Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Detection Detection Chauruses
ON-icon-reagent-Clam Gall.png Clam Gall Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Hindrance Hindrance Vulnerability Vulnerability Defile Defile Giant Clams (spawn near the ocean on Summerset and High Isle)
ON-icon-reagent-Columbine.png Columbine Restore Health Restore Health Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Unstoppable Unstoppable Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Corn Flower.png Corn Flower Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Increase Spell Power Increase Spell Power Ravage Health Ravage Health Detection Detection Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Crimson Nirnroot.png Crimson Nirnroot Timidity Timidity Spell Critical Spell Critical Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health Restore Health Restore Health Blackreach (unique node type)
ON-icon-reagent-Dragon Rheum.png Dragon Rheum Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Heroism Heroism Enervation Enervation Speed Speed Dragons (upon completing The Good Bits)
ON-icon-reagent-Dragon's Bile.png Dragon's Bile Heroism Heroism Vulnerability Vulnerability Invisible Invisible Vitality Vitality Dragons
ON-icon-reagent-Dragon's Blood.png Dragon's Blood Lingering Health Lingering Health Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Heroism Heroism Defile Defile Dragons
ON-icon-reagent-Dragonthorn.png Dragonthorn Increase Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Fracture Fracture Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Emetic Russula.png Emetic Russula Ravage Health Ravage Health Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Entrapment Entrapment Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Fleshfly Larva.png Fleshfly Larva Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Vulnerability Vulnerability Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health Vitality Vitality Fleshflies & Zombies
ON-icon-reagent-Imp Stool.png Imp Stool Maim Maim Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Increase Armor Increase Armor Enervation Enervation Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Lady's Smock.png Lady's Smock Increase Spell Power Increase Spell Power Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Breach Breach Spell Critical Spell Critical Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Luminous Russula.png Luminous Russula Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Maim Maim Restore Health Restore Health Hindrance Hindrance Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Mountain Flower.png Mountain Flower Increase Armor Increase Armor Restore Health Restore Health Maim Maim Restore Stamina Restore Stamina Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Mudcrab Chitin.png Mudcrab Chitin Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Increase Armor Increase Armor Protection Protection Defile Defile Mudcrabs (not Coral Crabs)
ON-icon-reagent-Namira's Rot.png Namira's Rot Spell Critical Spell Critical Speed Speed Invisible Invisible Unstoppable Unstoppable Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Nightshade.png Nightshade Ravage Health Ravage Health Protection Protection Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health Defile Defile Default nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Nirnroot.png Nirnroot Ravage Health Ravage Health Uncertainty Uncertainty Enervation Enervation Invisible Invisible Water nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Powdered Mother of Pearl.png Powdered Mother of Pearl Lingering Health Lingering Health Speed Speed Vitality Vitality Protection Protection Giant Clams (spawn near the ocean on Summerset and High Isle)
ON-icon-reagent-Scrib Jelly.png Scrib Jelly Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Speed Speed Vulnerability Vulnerability Lingering Health Lingering Health Kwama
ON-icon-reagent-Spider Egg.png Spider Egg Hindrance Hindrance Invisible Invisible Lingering Health Lingering Health Defile Defile Spiders
ON-icon-reagent-Stinkhorn.png Stinkhorn Fracture Fracture Ravage Health Ravage Health Increase Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Torchbug Thorax.png Torchbug Thorax Fracture Fracture Enervation Enervation Detection Detection Vitality Vitality Torchbugs
ON-icon-reagent-Vile Coagulant.png Vile Coagulant Timidity Timidity Ravage Health Ravage Health Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Protection Protection Harrowstorms
ON-icon-reagent-Violet Coprinus.png Violet Coprinus Breach Breach Ravage Health Ravage Health Increase Spell Power Increase Spell Power Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Water Hyacinth.png Water Hyacinth Restore Health Restore Health Spell Critical Spell Critical Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Entrapment Entrapment Water nodes
ON-icon-reagent-White Cap.png White Cap Cowardice Cowardice Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Detection Detection Fungal nodes
ON-icon-reagent-Wormwood.png Wormwood Weapon Critical Weapon Critical Hindrance Hindrance Detection Detection Unstoppable Unstoppable Default nodes



Potion Solvents can be looted from water skins and with lower probability from random containers. They can be collected from spots of pure water found at various bodies of water too. Poison Solvents can be looted from defeated enemy creatures.

The solvent types you find in the world depend either on your level or the rank of your Solvent Proficiency. For example, a Champion Points160 character with Solvent Proficiency 2 will receive either Pristine Water or Lorkhan's Tears in water sources and Slime or Alkahest in oil sources.

The following creatures are known to drop poison solvents:


Solvent Potion
Potion Prefix ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Solvent Proficiency.png
ON-icon-solvent-Natural Water.png Natural Water 3 Sip of 1
ON-icon-solvent-Clear Water.png* Clear Water 10 Tincture of 1
ON-icon-solvent-Pristine Water.png Pristine Water 20 Dram of 2
ON-icon-solvent-Cleansed Water.png Cleansed Water 30 Potion of 3
ON-icon-solvent-Filtered Water.png Filtered Water 40 Solution of 4
ON-icon-solvent-Purified Water.png Purified Water Champion Points10 Elixir of 5
ON-icon-solvent-Cloud Mist.png Cloud Mist Champion Points50 Panacea of 6
ON-icon-solvent-Star Dew.png Star Dew Champion Points100 Distillate of 7
ON-icon-solvent-Lorkhan's Tears.png Lorkhan's Tears Champion Points150 Essence of 8


Solvent Poison
Poison Suffix ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Solvent Proficiency.png
ON-icon-solvent-Grease.png Grease 3 Poison I 1
ON-icon-solvent-Ichor.png Ichor 10 Poison II 1
ON-icon-solvent-Slime.png Slime 20 Poison III 2
ON-icon-solvent-Gall.png Gall 30 Poison IV 3
ON-icon-solvent-Terebinthine.png Terebinthine 40 Poison V 4
ON-icon-solvent-Pitch-Bile.png Pitch-Bile Champion Points10 Poison VI 5
ON-icon-solvent-Tarblack.png Tarblack Champion Points50 Poison VII 6
ON-icon-solvent-Night-Oil.png Night-Oil Champion Points100 Poison VIII 7
ON-icon-solvent-Alkahest.png Alkahest Champion Points150 Poison IX 8


Clear Water is also used in one Provisioning recipe (unfortunately higher level waters will not work, making this recipe somewhat difficult to make for higher leveled players):


  • Prior to One Tamriel, specific potion solvents were found in certain zones, rather than being tied to your level and Alchemy skill. Battle-leveled zones were the exception, where solvents were determined by your Solvent Proficiency.
    • Pre-Update 12, Natural Water was found in Tier 1 Zones, Clear Water in Tier 1 and 2, Pristine Water in Tier 2 and 3, Cleansed Water in Tier 4 and 5, Filtered Water in Coldharbour, Purified Water in Veteran Silver Zones, Cloud Mist in Veteran Gold Zones, Star Dew in Craglorn, and Lorkhan's Tears in the existing battle-leveled zones.
    • Pre-Update 9, Lorkhan's Tears was consistently found in Imperial City.
    • Pre-Update 8, Filtered Water was consistently found in Cyrodiil.