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Resolution of Z'en
"We are a temple devoted to Zenithar, the God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants and Mercenaries. Long ago, in our movement's birth, our forefathers made us a temple like no other: one meant to be adaptable, but resilient to the storm of time. We are thus called Resolutions, a far more descriptive term than temples. The Resolution of Zenithar favors those who favor us -- we do not choose to hide behind words like donations, gifts, indulgences." — A member of the Resolution in Daggerfall

The Resolution of Z'en (also called the Resolution of Zenithar) is the temple dedicated to Zenithar the Provider, God of Work and Commerce. These are generally the place of worship for Zenithar. The Resolution was designed to be adaptable with the current times, but resilient to its unforgiving nature, hence the name. Instead of charity and indulgence, the Resolution favors skill in speechcraft and the arts of mercantilism.[1] The Knights of Iron are the Resolution's militant arm, but they are enemies of the Benevolence of Mara. In the Iliac Bay, the Resolution of Z'en has many chapters, including Gavaudon, Glenpoint, Kairou, Kambria, and Totambu.

Further Information[edit]

Since its inception, the Resolution of Z'en has been designed to adapt but remain strong as the times change around them, and the resolution has existed for many untold years. A belief that the resolution has is that Magicka is generated from existence itself, and when it becomes focused into living beings through a natural process, then it becomes accessible to higher beings like the Gods, becoming worship power. And once the Gods attain power from their followers, then they can concentrate it into a godly power that is considered the true essence of magicka.[2] The highest position in the Resolution of Zenithar is known as either the Patriarch/Matriarch[3] or the Primate.[4]

The Mace of the Crusader (sometimes called the Mace of Zenithar) was kept in the undercroft of the Great Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. After the star-made knight Pelinal Whitestrake was slain by the Ayleids, a messenger carried his mace to the town of Leyawiin, and centuries later, Saint Kaladas the master craftsman built the Great Chapel of Zenithar as a tribute to the legend. When the Saint was finally put to rest in the chapel's tomb, people prayed to Zenithar and received visions of the Mace. In 3E 433, the Divine Crusader acquired the Mace of the Crusader in their quest to unify the Crusader's Relics and confront Umaril the Unfeathered.[5]

Knights of Iron[edit]

The Knights of Iron is the militant arm of the Resolution of Z'en. Even though Zenithar has been depicted as God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants, he is also seen as a warrior god, and so the Iron Knights represent this aspect of him. They are known to accept anyone in their cause, even those who lack the talents for a knightly order.[6]



  • While Zenithar is the God of Commerce to the Bretons and the Imperials, the deity known as Z'en is the Bosmeri god of Toil and Agriculture. He is primarily venerated by the Wood Elves, but his origins are implied to come from the Argonians and the Akaviri. But when the Divines were brought into the Third Empire, Zenithar's name was often shortened and associated with Z'en.[7]
    • There is another knightly order in Valenwood called the Stags of Z'en, who represent the Bosmeri aspect of Zenithar. They seek out evil and corruption across the Green and will go through great extremes to eliminate it. One of their roles is the Greenblessed Master of Arms.[8] They were once called upon by High King Aeradan Camoran to take out a threat in the mountain valleys of the Tenmar Forest, one that pertained to a deadly blight and a rogue dragon.[9]

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