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Recover a missing relic for a priest of Zenithar.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Zenithar's Abbey
Quest Giver: Daluion
Location(s): Zenithar's Abbey
Reward: Band of Zenithar
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6626
Zenithar's Abbey
A priest of Zenithar asked me to help him locate a lost artifact of his faith, the Golden Anvil, in Zenithar's Abbey.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Daluion and go to Zenithar's Abbey.
  2. Search for clues as to where the Golden Anvil is.
  3. Speak to Daluion.
  4. Go to each of the three stalls to find further clues.
  5. Find each of the three sigil keys.
  6. Unlock and enter the adytum.
  7. Speak to Gavos Douar.
  8. Speak to Daluion.
  9. Interact with the Golden Anvil
  10. Exit the Abbey.
  11. Speak with Daluion.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Golden Anvil
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help search for the Golden Anvil. I should enter Zenithar's Abbey.
Objective: Enter Zenithar's Abbey
Daluion suggested we search for clues within Zenithar's Abbey to unearth the ultimate fate of the Golden Anvil.
Objective: Search for clues: 0/3
Optional Step: Talk To Daluion
I have uncovered several clues about the history of Zenithar's Abbey. I should discuss them with Daluion.
Objective: Talk to Daluion
Daluion suggested I check the directory at the bazaar to determine the shops of the three merchant lords mentioned in the documents we recovered.
Objective: Investigate the Bazaar's Directory
The directory noted the location of all three merchant lords' shops, I should investigate them for more information regarding the anvil's potential location to see where the trails lead.
Objective: Find the Sigil Keys: 0/3
I have all of the sigil keys required to open the magically sealed adytum. I just need to unlock it.
Objective: Use the Sigil Keys to Unlock the Adytum
The merchant lords sigil keys unsealed the adytum allegedly housing the Golden Anvil.
Objective: Enter the Adytum
We discovered an anvil within the adytum, but it's seen better days. I should take a closer look with Daluion.
Objective: Investigate the Golden Anvil
Arbitrator Gavos Douar appears to have survived his time locked away in the adytum. I should speak with him to learn more about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Arbitrator Gavos Douar
I spoke with Gavos about the downfall of the abbey and the deterioration of the anvil. I should speak with Daluion about what we learned.
Objective: Talk to Daluion
Daluion believes we can begin restoring the Golden Anvil through a show of good, honest labor and trade before Zenithar. He asked me to place my hand on the anvil when I'm ready to begin.
Objective: Pray with Daluion at the Faded Anvil
The deal I made with Daluion seems to have a positive effect on the Golden Anvil. With the seal on the adytum broken, Gavos wishes to see the outdoors again. Daluion and I should escort him out the rear doors.
Objective: Exit Zenithar's Abbey
☑Finishes quest Arbitrator Gavos Douar is finally freed from his wrongful imprisonment and the Golden Anvil rediscovered by the Resolutes of Zenithar. I should speak to Daluion about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Daluion
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