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Yath (also spelled Vathi) is a large island in the Yokudan archipelago, between the Azurian Sea and the Sea of Pearls. In the late Second Era, there was a settlement named Makan on the west side of the island. The small island of Bahia is its nearest neighbor. Due south of Akos Kasaz, Yath is arid and rugged, with a spine of jagged mountains.

Colonists from Yath, led by King Xakhwan, were responsible for exterminating the Corelanya Clan along the coasts of Hammerfell during the Yokudan migration in the ninth century of the First Era. They also settled in the Ayleid ruins of Salas En, inhabiting the site for over a thousand years until being driven out around the time of the Thrassian Plague.

Yellow Road[edit]

The Yellow Road road runs north to south from the Imperial City to Leyawiin along the east side of Niben Bay.

Yeorth Burrowland[edit]

The Yeorth Burrowland was an area near Anticlere in southern High Rock, and was close by two notable sites from the War of Betony, the Ravennian Forest and Cryngaine Field. The burrowland is where the armies of Sentinel encamped after the battle of Reich Gradkeep and before the Battle of Cryngaine Field.

The 18th of Morning Star was known as the Waking Day, when the people of the Yeorth Burrowland woke the spirits of nature after the winter, somewhat like their more reverential ancestors, in one of the oldest holidays in High Rock.


Ykalon is an area in the Iliac Bay region, before the Warp in the West it was a fiefdom, but then became a part of the Kingdom of Daggerfall after the Warp. It is surrounded by Phrygias to the east, Urvaius, Daenia, and the Ilessan Hills to the south, and Northmoor to the west. Its capital was the city of Ykalon. Castle Llugwych, one of the headquarters of the Blades is located in this region. The Plessington Clan is a noble family of Bretons from Ykalon that led a knightly order called the Order of the Cup. In 3E 405, Lord Plessington led the order and sent them off to right a wrong and come back with a story or two.

Thrafey vampires are known to stalk prey here, and the regional deity is Mara. Forces from Ykalon participated in the Battle of Firewaves which brought about the defeat of the Camoran Usurper. Perseverance Day is a festival held every year by the people of Ykalon during Sun's Dawn, though it was originally a solemn day of memorial for those killed in the battle.


Yneslea is a region of land that lies somewhere between Tamriel and Akavir. It was conquered by Uriel Septim V in 3E 279 during the opening stages of his campaign against the Dragon Land. By 3E 288, unrest had broken out, causing the emperor to divert two legions that had been intended as reinforcements to pacify the inhabitants instead, ultimately contributing to the failure of the invasion.

Yngol Barrow[edit]

Yngol Barrow (also called the Barrow of Yngol) is an ancient Nordic ruin found in the province of Skyrim, in the region of Winterhold. It is known as the burial ground of Yngol, the eldest son of the Harbinger, Ysgramor. In some sources, Yngol Barrow is found below the cliffs of Hsaarik Head, though an entrance can be found along the White River. It is constructed in the Atmoran tradition.


Yokuda was a continent west of Tamriel which sank into the sea during the First Era. It was the ancestral home of the Redguards, as well as a purportedly extinct Aldmeri race known as the Lefthanded Elves. It was the birthplace of several famed Redguard heroes, including Frandar Hunding and his son Divad. It was also the nation that birthed the fabled martial tradition of sword-singing. The native language of Yokuda was called Yoku, but after the Yokudan migration to Hammerfell in 1E 808, it was almost entirely replaced to help stabilize foreign trade.

Lake Yorgrim[edit]

Lake Yorgrim is a lake in the eastern Pale, to the west of Windhelm. It is the source of River Yorgrim. In or around the time of the Dragon War, the dragon Viinturuth was killed and then interred in a burial mound near the shores of the lake.

River Yorgrim[edit]

The River Yorgrim (also called the Yorgrim River) is a short tributary in Skyrim which connects Lake Yorgrim to the White River. It flows east out of the eponymous lake in the Pale and enters Eastmarch, dropping through a series of waterfalls and rapids until it merges with the White River near the entrance to Windhelm. A dragon burial mound is located near the river, and superstition about nearby caves leaves many locals reticent to swim in its waters.

Ysgramor's Teeth[edit]

Ysgramor's Teeth is a mountain range in southeast Skyrim between the Throat of the World and the Velothi Mountains. This range marks the border between Eastmarch and the Rift, and it is because of this range that the Rift can maintain its temperate climate and avoid the cold winds of the Sea of Ghosts. The main road runs along the base of the mountain and branches separately into either a pass that leads into Shor's Stone, or a sharp incline past Snapleg Cave and toward Lake Geir. There is a series of uncharted dirt roads on the western alps that come together at the north end of Ivarstead.