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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Rift
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Ivarstead circa 4E 201
Ivarstead circa 2E 582

Ivarstead (also known as Hillgrund's Steading)[1] is a small milling town, situated at the eastern base of the Throat of the World, on the western edge of the Rift, built on the western shore of Lake Geir. Pilgrims and travelers often pass through, as the town is located at the beginning of the 7,000 Steps to High Hrothgar. Northeast of Ivarstead lies the Nordic ruin known as Shroud Hearth Barrow.


First Era[edit]

During the reign of Jarl Gjalund of Whiterun, it was part of Whiterun Hold and exported grain, mead, and honey.[1] During the reign of High King Harald, Archmage Geirmund dueled the criminal Sigdis Gauldurson in a field by this town. Both were slain, and both were interred in Geirmund's Hall, on a small island in the lake east of the town. Lake Geir, east of the town.[2]

Second Era[edit]

Ivarstead was a quiet town during 2E 582, inhabited primarily by farmers, fishermen and general laborers.[3] The town also had its own town guard.[4] During this period, however, a necromancer by the name of Jakalor captured the townspeople, and used them for his experiments. He was stopped by the Vestige, who saved the town from destruction.[5][6] In the same period, Nilwen, a Bosmer criminal, tricked travelers to their deaths by claiming Cracktooth, a giant who lived nearby, was merely a Goblin. The Vestige killed the giant, which put an end to her scheme.[7] In this Era, Ivarstead was a common place for pilgrims, before they would ascend the 7,000 Steps.[8]

Fourth Era[edit]

Ivarstead in 4E 201 was in decline; due to a decrease in visitors caused by people moving to Riften, encouraged by the supposed haunting of Shroud Hearth Barrow[9]. When the Last Dragonborn investigated, the haunting was revealed to be the scheme of a Dunmer treasure-hunter, trying to scare the townspeople away so he could search the Barrow. He was killed by the Last Dragonborn , who informed the town that there was no ghost.[10] The town's sawmill owner also had problems, with bears in the area ruining lumber by scratching it to bits, and offered a hefty sum to anyone who would thin out the bear population. [11] A Nord known as Klimmek made deliveries of supplies to the Greybeards from time to time; but was growing hesitant to climb the steps in his old age, and asked the Dragonborn to make the delivery for him.[12]


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