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Quagmire, or the Dreamstride, is a realm of Oblivion, created and ruled over by the Daedric Prince of Nightmare, Vaermina. It is a realm of horrors, where reality shifts upon itself in seemingly impossible ways. Every few minutes, lightning flashes and the realm morphs into a terrifying scene, each one more frightening than the last. Mortal sleepers often slip into this realm without any help at all.

From her citadel in the center of the realm, Vaermina reaches out into Mundus and collects the memories of sleeping mortals, leaving nothing but visions of horror and despair. These experiences, known as nightmares, involve the mind of a mortal traveling to Quagmire. Through magical teleportation, it is possible for a mortal to enter Quagmire while awake, as was done by the mage Morian Zenas. It is inhabited by Omens, daedric servants of Vaermina, who sends them to haunt the inhabitants of Nirn.

Quin'rawl Peninsula[edit]

The Quin'rawl Peninsula (sometimes simply called Quin'rawl) is a region found in the southeast of Elsweyr between the Southern Sea and the Topal Sea. It is part of the greater kingdom of Pellitine, specifically where the Tenmar Forest slowly opens to a region of perilous highlands across the north, the sandy beaches in the southeast, and the marshes of the southwest. Quin'rawl is heavily centered around Senchal, a major city in Elsweyr that also serves as Pellitine's capital since the upheavals of the Thrassian Plague in 1E 2260. Several islands are found off the region's coast, such as Tideholm and Topal Island to the east, and both Khenarthi's Roost and Dragonhold to the south.