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Xavara is a ruin in the Shivering Isles, located in the swamps of Dementia, northest of Fellmoor. Like the other ancient ruins that dot the realm, Xavara was originally built by the Predecessors, mortal inhabitants of the Isles whose civilization was wiped out during a previous Greymarch.

By 3E 433, Xavara was home to a group of Zealots, outcast mortals who worship Arden-Sul. The subterranean halls of the ruins were populated at this time by the Zealots and their undead minions. In particular, Xavara was noted for the Flesh Atronachs that the Zealots could conjure for their protection. The ruins were cleared out that year by Sheogorath's Champion.


Xedilian is a ruined facility in the Shivering Isles at the end of the Third Era. The facility once served as a way to keep unwanted visitors out of the Isles. The facility was powered by the Resonator of Judgment, a converted Obelisk of Order, which enticed adventurers to enter. Once there, they were either killed or driven mad, the former being favored by the denizens of Dementia and the latter by the residents of Mania. Those who were driven mad were given a permanent place in the Isles. The ruins were made up of three main sections: the Chamber of Conversion, the Chamber of Avarice, and the Chamber of Anathema. The caretaker of the dungeon is Kiliban Nyrandil.

After the construction of the Gatekeeper of the Fringe, the facility fell into disuse. Only a few years later, a tribe of grummites moved in. When the Gatekeeper was slain in 3E 433, Xedilian was put back into operation by Sheogorath's Champion. It served to thwart the many Tamrielic adventurers entering the realm from the newly-opened portal in Niben Bay, but was not enough to combat the Forces of Order during the final Greymarch. It is unknown if Xedilian continued to be used after the creation of a new Gatekeeper.


Xi-Tsei is a ruined Argonian temple located on the southern strip of Blackwood, which falls under the province of Cyrodiil. Xi-Tsei is infamous among the locals of the region. By the mid Second Era, it was one of the haunts of the Sul-Xan, an Argonian tribe of Mehrunes Dagon worshippers but historically, the xanmeer was the site of a gruesome massacre in the Blackwater War and locals claim the area is cursed ever since.

Xinchei-Konu Monument[edit]

The Xinchei-Konu Monument is an Argonian ruin located on the bay coast of Murkmire, in the province of Black Marsh. The monument functions as an ancient calendar, as well as a catalyst of needed change (known in Jel as "ku-vastei"). It is one of the last remnants from the Days of Stone-Nest, an era of prosperity for Argonians before the events known as Duskfall. The monument generally has a myriad of secrets and uses, such as the ability to change the weather whenever needed.

Xylo River[edit]

The Xylo River is a waterway flowing partially along the traditional border between Valenwood and Elsweyr. It begins in the Malabal Tor region of Valenwood, and its mouth is at a location known as Shaasanath Point. The river has been known to switch hands between the Bosmer and Khajiit.

At last report in 3E 432, Elsweyr gained territory on the western bank of the river after the Five Year War, and though a diplomatic attempt was made to return it, Khajiiti settlers in the area were refusing to move. The Empire thus decided to leave the situation as it was.[note 1] The river purportedly maintains a fairly mild temperature even in wintertime, allowing for year-round swimming.
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