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Xanmeers are stone temples built by ancient Argonian civilizations. The methods of constructing these expanses were lost long ago in a period known as Duskfall.[1] Due to their superb architectural design, many xanmeers still remain.



Known Xanmeers[edit]

  • Shadowfen
    • Atanaz
    • Bogmother
    • Chid-Moska
    • Deep Graves
    • Foresaken Hamlet
    • Hatching Pools
    • Hatchling's Crown
    • Hissmir
    • Sunscale Strand
    • Xal Ithix
    • Xal Thak
  • Murkmire
    • Teeth of Sithis
    • Ixtaxh
    • Lakemire
    • Xul-Thuxis
    • Vakka-Bok
  • Other


  • There is a type of alcohol named "Xanmeer Brandy".


  1. ^ Dialogue of Looks-Under-Rocks
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