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Zafirbel Bay[edit]

Zafirbel Bay is a small but significant part of the Azura's Coast region. The region itself includes the islands and offshore area all along the eastern coast of Vvardenfell. Zafirbel Bay is located roughly in the center of the coast. Like most of the region, the islands tend to be covered with Muckspunge, with Saltrice and Marshmerrow on the coasts. The waters teem with Slaughterfish and there is a thriving but disorganized pearl trade from the many kollop beds in the inter-island shallows. The ubiquitous cliff racers have rookeries on most of the high points of the islands.

There are about 35 islands in the area of the Bay, some little more than exposed rocks, some far more substantial. Some of the larger islands have crypts or caves, many have camps of itinerant fisherman or occasional bandits, and a handful have Telvanni wizard towers. The only really substantial island is the one on which Sadrith Mora is built.

Zainab Camp[edit]

The Zainab Tribe is one of the four distinct tribes of the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. The Zainab is the most populated tribe in all of Vvardenfell, and are surprisingly more open to Outlanders and House Dunmer, though they can be greedy and arrogant in their business. They are merchants by heart and collect a wide variety of goods to trade amongst each other and their neighbors. The Zainab is a mix of open to change and retaining Ashlander customs. They commonly live in the Zainab Camp, in the hills of the Grazelands, on the outskirts of the Telvanni town of Vos, and near the ruins of Nchuleft. Here they reap the wealth across the lands for trade and harvesting. The Zainab Tribe are known to collect the royal wax of a Kwama Queen, specifically when it sometimes hardens into a jewel-like pit. It is used in various crafts and religious ceremonies.

Zareth M'Kai[edit]

Zareth M'Kai is a place in the province of Hammerfell that is known for its amethysts. It was named alongside Dak'fron and Kulati as one of the most notable areas of amethyst mining in the province.


Zergonipal is a Daedric ruin located along the northern coast of Vvardenfell, deep in the Ashlands and just east of Bthuand. The ruin's interior contains a shrine dedicated to Malacath, Daedric Prince of Outcasts.

Circa 2E 582, Zergonipal was located next to an active lava flow. The area was plagued by hostile flame atronachs, as well as less dangerous vermin such as fiendroths, fetcherflies, and skavengers. A crafting site located at Zergonipal was believed to imbue items crafted here with a certain artfulness, perhaps the result of local reality being transformed by the divine spark of creativity exercised by the master craftworkers who had come before.

As the threat from Dagoth Ur began to grow in the late Third Era, the Ordinators were no longer able to guard isolated Daedric ruins like Zergonipal. By 3E 427, the ruins had become occupied by a hostile group of Orcish worshippers and their Daedric minions.