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Bruma in County Bruma
Shops and Services
Guilds and Temples
Bruma as seen from the east

Bruma is the capital city of County Bruma, located in the center of the county. The city lies near the border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil, and this is reflected in its mainly Nord population, as well as in its architecture and climate, which is relatively cold and snowy. The imposing Cathedral of St. Martin dominates the skyline and the central part of the city, while Count Desilus Carvain resides in the large castle in the western district. The Fighters Guild and the Synod maintain a guildhall and conclave respectively in the central district of the city.

The Bruma market in the southern district is made up of stalls run by a few of the local denizens: Gryfard Peton, an insecure Breton jeweler; Ananril, a Bosmer apothecary whom you can assist in collecting ingredients for, and Rilja Stone-Hearth, a Nord buyer and seller of Nordic artifacts who will task you with expanding her collection. In the shadow of the cathedral, by the southern wall is Fadel's butcher shop A Cut Above, while near the eastern gate is Ice-Wind Traders, a general goods shop run by Cedus Perusius. In the northern part of town, near the guildhalls, is Northern Arms, a blacksmith shop run by Hulgard and his apprentice Eddvia Jucani.

Two inns provide bed and board for the weary traveler, at the opposite ends of the social spectrum. In the run-down southern district of the city, in the shadow of the cathedral, is the notorious bunkhouse The Restful Watchman. Run by Bentior, it is the watering hole of choice for Bruma's poorer denizens, as well as a fair share of lowlifes and thugs. On the other hand, in the raised western quarter, nestled in between upper-class mansions, is the Jerall View Inn, run by Stantus Faleria and his wife Hjotra. The inn prides itself on its exceptional customer service, which includes a resident bard and bathhouse.

Outside the eastern gate you will find the Bruma Stables, where Ila the Upright will sell you a paint horse for 3000 gold, while just outside of the northern gate is a ramshackle slum. The area is ringed by wooden palisades and towers, and hosts a number of shacks, tents and campfires inhabited predominantly by impoverished refugees from Skyrim's civil war.

For historical information on Bruma, see the lore article. For information on Bruma as it appeared in Oblivion, see the Oblivion article.


Bruma People[edit]

A Cut Above
Fadel Food and Drink
Ananril's House
Ananril Apothecary
Arilus Quenti's Shack
Legate Arilus Quenti
Balius and Leo's Shack
Blind Balius
Leo Books
Serulius the Stagnant
Botram the Hammer's House
Atienne Guilette *
Botram the Hammer
Bruma Fighters Guild
Ionalla Dark-Heart Trainer (Expert)Archery (Expert)
Svenja Strong-Arm Trainer (Expert)Two-handed (Expert)
Bruma Stables
Ila the Upright Hostler
Bruma Synod Conclave
Cadius Venucius
Roland Wickhart
Elintius Rentilia
Castle Bruma
Adius Vilius
Afanna Eddici
Bolar Gratius Food and Drink
Bruma Guards
Bruma Jailer
Count Desilus Carvain
Rignar House
Simund Gautierre
Sinja Strong-Mind
Thalmor Adjutant
Urma gra-Shazur
Viscount Marcius Carvain
Cathedral of St. Martin
Neremus Agrecian General Goods
Edwarin's House
Galarynn's House
Gryfard Peton's House
Gryfard Peton Jeweler
Harald Burdsson's House
Harald Burdsson
Ice-Wind Traders
Cedus Perusius General Goods
Jerall View Inn
Alammu Nethre
Dar'taqto Follower
Hjotra Faleria Food and Drink
Stantus Faleria Innkeeper Food and Drink
Jucani's House
Albecius Jucani
Banus Jucani
Eddvia Jucani Blacksmith
Ruccia Jucani
Northern Arms
Hulgard BlacksmithTrainer (Expert)Smithing (Expert)
Razzada the Resplendent Spells
Renod's House
Renod Even-Toned
Rilja's Shack
Rilja Stone-Hearth General Goods
Sellus Prelius' House
Ellina Iron-Heart
Lassinia Iron-Heart Food and Drink
Sellus Prelius
Silver Plow House
Felki Silver-Plow
Ralgar Silver-Plow
Stenar Ceno's House
Stenar Ceno
Tedral Mendrin's Shack
Tedral Mendrin
The Restful Watchman
Bentior Innkeeper Food and Drink
Crouches-In-Crevices Fence
Dumrag gro-Morrg Follower
Olaf Cold-Heart **
Servus Vodaci ***
Bruma Eastern Watchtower
Ereia Snow-Fist
Bruma Western Watchtower
Garceus Avoci

*From stage 80 of Absent Antiquity
**From stages 0 to 100 of The Courier
***After stage 400 of The Courier

Quests Starting Here[edit]

Side Quests[edit]

Miscellaneous Quests[edit]

Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Hjotra Faleria Jerall View Inn Cider Delivery: Deliver a batch of Applewatch cider to the Jerall View Inn.
  • Get cider from Gergus Malumea at Applewatch
  • Return the Applewatch Cider Shipment to Stantus Faleria
Ananril Bruma market Collect ingredients for Ananril: Gather three sets of ingredients for Ananril.
  • Collect Clouded Funnel for Ananril
  • Bring 3 Clouded Funnel to Ananril
  • Collect Cairn Bolete for Ananril
  • Bring 3 Cairn Bolete to Ananril
  • Collect Milk Thistle for Ananril
  • Bring 3 Milk Thistle to Ananril
The Restful Watchman
Convince Cerendil to drop the charges against Bentior: Protect the reputation of a questionable tavern.
  • Convince Cerendil not to press charges against Bentior
  • Let Captain <alias.shortname=GuardCaptain> listen to Cerendil's memory-gem
  • Use the memory-gem to begin playback for Captain <alias.shortname=GuardCaptain>
  • Talk to Captain <alias.shortname=GuardCaptain> about the memory gem's contents
  • Inform Cerendil that no charges can be brought against Bentior
  • Inform Bentior that Cerendil has left Bruma
Dar'taqto Bruma Dartaqto bear pelts: Gather ten bear pelts for Dar'taqto.
  • Gather 10 bear pelts for Dar'taqto
  • Return 10 bear pelts to Dar'taqto
Dar'taqto Bruma Dartaqto misc task: Help a poor cat burglar clear his name.
  • Speak to Dar'taqto about charges against him
  • Speak with <Alias=GuardCaptain> about charges leveled against Dar'taqto
  • Tell the news to Dar'taqto
Svenja Strong-Arm Bruma Fighters Guild Fighter's Guild Advertising: Raise the Fighters Guild's profile by putting up posters all over Bruma.
  • Put up Fighters Guild posters around Bruma
  • Get payment from Svenja Strong-Arm
Gort Bruma Gort's Generic Fetch Quest: Retrieve Gort's Book of Killing. (radiant)
  • Fetch Gort's Book of Killing from <Alias=RadiantLocation>
  • Collect 3 Iron Ingots for Gort
  • Return to Gort with the Book of Killing and 3 iron ingots
Ila the Upright Bruma Stables Horse, off course: Help a stablemaster track down a missing horse.
  • Search for the missing horse north of Bruma stables
  • Speak to the mysterious Bosmer
  • Kill the horse thieves
  • Report success to Stablemaster Ila
Banus Jucani Bruma Missing Dog: Track down a runaway dog.
  • Find Scruffy, the Jucanis' missing dog
  • Examine Scruffy
  • Bring Scruffy to Banus or find him a new home
Barnius tribute (for Erlus Risula option)
Rilja Stone-Hearth Bruma market Nord Weapons: Collect five Nord weapons for Rilja Stone-Hearth.
  • Return 5 Ancient Nordic Weapons to Rilja Stone-Hearth (<Global=CYRBrumaFF13WeapGivenCount>/5)
Razzada the Resplendent Bruma Payments for Razzada: Get Razzada the Resplendent's recalcitrant customers to cough up their dues.
  • Collect payment from Roland Wickhart at Bruma Synod Conclave
  • Collect payment from Stantus Faleria at the Jerall View Inn
  • Collect payment from Ila the Upright at Bruma Stables
  • Return debts to Razzada the Resplendent
Harald Burdsson Bruma Pointer to Harald museum tour: Visit the museum of the famous Champion of Cyrodiil.
  • Enquire with Harald Burdsson about the Hall of the Champion
  • Visit the Hall of the Champion
Serulius the Stagnant Bruma Return Serulius' journal: Reunite an old war veteran with his precious journal. (radiant)
  • Retrieve Serulius's journal from <Alias=BanditHideout>
  • Return the journal to Serulius the Stagnant
Stantus Faleria Jerall View Inn Shipping request to Greenwood: Deliver a shipping request to Greenwood.
  • Take the Shipping Request to Afer Famalius in Greenwood
  • Return Afer's invoice to Stantus Faleria in Bruma
Elintius Rentilia Bruma Synod Conclave Soulgem for Elintius: Find a filled common soul gem for Elintius Rentilia.
  • Collect a filled Common Soul Gem for Elintius Rentilia

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