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Beyond Skyrim:Bruma

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Author Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil Team
Original Release 01 July 2017
Latest Release 16 April 2023
Size 3.1 GB
Version 1.6.3
Xbox One
Official Content Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn
Mods SKSE 1.7.3 (PC-LE only)

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is the first project release from the Cyrodiil development team of the Beyond Skyrim mod project. Travel beyond the borders of Skyrim and visit Bruma, the northernmost county of Cyrodiil.

Discover what has become of the city's residents since the events of Oblivion in all-new adventures and storylines. Plunge into the depths of ancient Ayleid ruins. Explore an expansive region larger and denser than the Dragonborn DLC. In Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, the choices - and their consequences - are yours alone.

Rediscover Frostcrag Spire, Cloud Ruler Temple, Frostfire Glade and many other legendary locations. The journey back to the Heartland begins now. Are you prepared?

Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn are required to play this mod. You must also install the SKSE Memory Patch, or another memory extender, to play this mod when using 32-bit editions of Skyrim. (SKSE is not required for Skyrim Special Edition.)

Gameplay Information

  • Disease — Diseases you can catch in County Bruma
  • Items — Where to find specific items and their related attributes
  • Magic — Spells, powers and all you need to know about the arcane arts in Cyrodiil
  • Quests — All the quests upon which you can embark

World Information

  • Creatures — Listing all the friendly and hostile creatures in the mod
  • Factions — Listing of all the guilds and factions in the mod
  • NPCs — Listing of all non-player characters in the mod
    • People — Listing of all named people in the mod
  • Places — Listing of all the places found in the mod
  • Services — A listing of all the services (merchants, houses, trainers, etc.) provided in the mod

Miscellaneous Information

  • Credits — Who did what to create the mod
  • Loading Screens — New loading screens detailing information about the mod
  • Music — Information about the mod's original soundtrack

Lore Information

Lore information is hosted at the Beyond Skyrim Wiki