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This article is about the county. For the city, see Bruma.

County Bruma
(lore page)
Capital Bruma
Count's Residence Castle Bruma
Military Fort Fort Pale Pass
Count Desilus Carvain
Steward Rignar
Northern Cyrodiil
A view across Reman's Mirror in the center of the county

County Bruma is a county in northern Cyrodiil, with its capital in Bruma. It is ruled by Count Desilus Carvain from his seat in Castle Bruma and has been left relatively untouched by the civil war raging north of the Jeralls, although it does face challenges from renegade Stormcloaks and a bloodthirsty criminal gang.

Bruma, the county capital
Whitewood Creek, in the greener, southern reaches of the county

Topographical Overview[edit]

County Bruma encompasses the southern side of the Jerall Mountains, and borders Skyrim to the north, County Cheydinhal to the east, County Chorrol to the west, and the Imperial Heartlands to the south. The county can be divided based on latitude into two roughly equally-sized regions, the city of Bruma marking the nominal boundary. In the north is a harsh area characterized by craggy peaks, snow drifts and icy pine forests, while in the south is a more fertile area of flowing rivers, green hills and deciduous forests.

The walled city of Bruma lies roughly in the center of the county, while the villages of Applewatch and Greenwood lie to the northeast and south respectively. Overlooking Bruma to the west is the large massif of Gnoll Mountain, with the fabled Frostcrag Spire crowning its peak. North of Bruma also lie the ruins of Cloud Ruler Temple, the once-mighty home of the Blades.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

County Bruma is home to many wild creatures, such as timber wolves, mountain lions and masked bears, and dangerous monsters including minotaurs, ogres and river trolls. The flora of the county is similar to that on the other side of the Jerall Mountains, in Skyrim, although it does present some variation based on latitude and boasts some unique plants including clouded funnel mushrooms, milk thistle, motherwort, red and yellow cinnabar polypore mushrooms and wormwood.

Routes and Pathways[edit]

A paved road links Skyrim to the rest of Cyrodiil, entering the county just south of Greenwood and leaving it through the Skyrim Border Gate and the Pale Pass. A second paved road stretches east to west, linking Chorrol to Aleswell, while numerous unmarked dirt roads help connect the county's various locations.


All locations in County Bruma with individual map markers are listed. There are a few places without map markers listed for their significance.

County Capital[edit]

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