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County Bravil, on Niben Bay
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Shops and Services
Guilds and Temples
Panoramic view of Bravil from the top of the Castle
Main Street of Bravil with the principal shops and inns
View of Bravil from the southwest bridge looking north. The building to the left is the Mages Guild.
Bravil Castle

Bravil is a squalid town located on the banks of the Niben Bay, south of the Imperial City. The Larsius River passes through and wraps around the town, as the Green Road curves around it.

Bravil is described as one of the poorest towns in Cyrodiil. Houses are built like shacks, being wooden and stacked upon each other. The Larsius River that runs through the town serves as Bravil's sewers. Because of its location on the bay's shore and the marshes and swamps that surround it, the climate is damp.

The settlement has likely been in existence since at least 1E 1152. It is known that Ayleids once lived in the region before the town was established. The Alessian Army attacked the Ayleids in the First Era, the army being led by the Empress Alessia's centurion Teo Bravillius Tasus. After discovering the Ayleid's ability to use Alteration type magic to defend themselves, Tasus managed to defeat them. Because of his success, the town owes its name to Tasus.

The Lucky Old Lady was a statue which once stood in a square east of Bravil's Great Chapel of Mara. The tales about the Lady and who she was are too numerous to list. It was said she was born the illegitimate daughter of a prostitute in Bravil, certainly an inauspicious beginning to a lucky life. She was teased by the other children, who forever asked her who her father was. Every day, she would run back to her little shack in tears from their cruelty. One day, a priest of Stendarr came to Bravil to do charitable work. He saw the weeping little girl, and when asked, she told him the cause of her misery: she didn't know who her father was. "You have kind eyes and a mouth that tells no lies," replied the priest after a moment, smiling. "You are clearly a child of Stendarr, the God of Mercy, Charity, and Well-Earned Luck." The priest's thoughtful words changed the girl forever. Whenever she was asked who her father was, she would cheerfully reply, "I am a child of Luck." She grew up to be a barmaid and despite being poor and miserable it was said she kind and generous to her customers, frequently allowing them to pay when they were able to. On a particularly rainy night, she gave shelter to a young man dressed in rags, who not only had no money to pay, but was belligerent and rude to her as she fed him and gave him a room. The next morning, he left without so much as a thank you. Her friends and family admonished her, saying that she had to be careful, he might have even been dangerous. A week later, a royal carriage arrived in Bravil, with an Imperial prince within. Though he was scarcely reconizable, it was the same young man the Lady had helped. He apologized profusely for his appearance and behavior, explaining that he had been kidnapped and cursed by a band of witches, and it wasn't until later he had returned to his senses. The Lady was showered with riches, which she, of course, generously shared with all the people of Bravil, where she lived to a content old age. No one knows when the statue to her was erected, or who the artist was, but it has stood there for thousands of years, since the first era. Before the statue was destroyed by rioters in 4E 188 visitors and Bravillians alike went to the Lucky Old Lady to ask for her blessing of luck to aid in their travels.

The Lucky Old Lady Statue[edit]

In the square east of Bravil's Great Chapel is a statue called The Lucky Old Lady. Standing in front of the statue and activating it will cast the spell Old Lady's Luck on you, which fortifies luck +10 points for 720 seconds. You can activate this statue as many times per day as you want.

  • The spell may be absorbed, replenishing your magicka rather than giving the blessing. If you want to receive the blessing, it is best to deactivate effects. On the other hand, it can be used to advantage by characters with the Atronach birthsign: absorbing the spell will restore your Magicka.
  • You can no longer receive the spell's blessing once you complete the Dark Brotherhood questline.
  • The book Daughter of the Niben provides some interesting background.

The Castle Gardens[edit]

The castle gardens are one of the few aesthetically pleasing locations in Bravil. While most of the town is run-down and ugly, the gardens are quite beautiful; as Dro'shanji will comment: Bravil is perhaps not so nice, but Bravil castle and Bravil castle gardens, they are jewels are they not?

Bravil People[edit]

A Warlock's Luck
Ungarion Alchemist (A Warlock's Luck) Spells
Aleron Loche's House
Aleron Loche
Ursanne Loche
Andragil's House
Andragil Trainer (Master)Block (Master)
Bay Roan Stables
Antoine Branck
Isabeau Bienne Bay Horse
Castle Bravil
Count Regulus Terentius House
Drels Theran
Fathis Aren Trainer (Basic)Conjuration (Basic)
Gellius Terentius
Hans Black-Nail
Viera Lerus
City Swimmer's House
City-Swimmer Trainer (Basic)Sneak (Basic)
Crypt of the Night Mother [b]
Banus Alor
Belisarius Arius
Mathieu Bellamont
The Night Mother
Dro'shanji's House
Dro'shanji Trainer (Advanced)Security (Advanced)
Fighters Guild
Nahsi Trainer (Basic)Hand to Hand (Basic)
Tadrose Helas Blacksmith Repairs Trainer (Basic)Armorer (Basic)
Vincent Galien
Great Chapel of Mara
Beem-Kiurz Trainer (Advanced)Restoration (Advanced)
Chana Mona
Eris Senim Restoration Spells Trainer (Basic)Speechcraft (Basic)
Marz Trainer (Advanced)Restoration (Advanced) [c]
Olava the Fair
Uravasa Othrelas Restoration Spells Trainer (Basic)Speechcraft (Basic)
Henantier's House
Luciana Galena's House
Luciana Galena General Fence Trainer (Advanced)Light Armor (Advanced)
Mages Guild
Ardaline Alchemist Trainer (Advanced)Alchemy (Advanced)
Delphine Jend Illusion Spells Trainer (Advanced)Destruction (Advanced)
Ita Rienus Illusion Spells Recharge Trainer (Advanced)Mysticism (Advanced)
Ranaline's House
Silverhome on the Water
Brokil gro-Shatur
Gilgondorin Food (Silverhome) Innkeeper
Jean-Pierre Lemonds
S'krivva's House
Skooma Den
Reistr the Rotted
Roxanne Brigette
The Archer's Paradox
Daenlin Fletcher (Archer's Paradox) Repairs
The Fair Deal
Nilawen General (Fair Deal) House Upgrades
Nordinor General (Fair Deal)
The Lonely Suitor Lodge
Bogrum Gro-Galash Food (The Lonely Suitor) Innkeeper
Kurdan gro-Dragol
Ungolim's House
Ungolim [a]
Varon Vamori's House
Varon Vamori Trainer (Advanced)Speechcraft (Advanced)
Cosmus the Cheat
Wretched Aia
Appears when Marz is killed during the Knights of the Nine questline.
Appears if Uravasa Othrelas is killed during the Knights of the Nine questline.
^aDies as a requirement for the completion of the quest, A Kiss Before Dying.
^bBoth location and NPCs can only be found here during the quest, Honor Thy Mother.
^cDies as part of the Knights of the Nine quest, Nature's Fury.

Quests Starting Here[edit]


Dark Brotherhood[edit]

  • A Kiss Before Dying: In Bravil lies the home of the Lucky Old Lady and a "lucky" Bosmer, and today fortune shines on both... but only one shines back.
  • Whispers of Death: Relay the prayers of the vengeful to ensure their vengeance is fulfilled.

Mages Guild[edit]

Related Quests[edit]



  • It's possible to climb over the walls and out the city. See this for details.


Map of Bravil


  1. Gate to the Nibenay Valley
  2. Varon Vamori's House
  3. Ungolim's House
  4. Ranaline's House
  5. S'krivva's House
  6. City-Swimmer's House
  7. Silverhome on the Water
  8. The Fair Deal
  9. Great Chapel of Mara
  10. Andragil's House
  11. Dro'shanji's House
  12. Bravil Fighters Guild
  13. Aleron Loche's House
  14. Henantier's House
  15. Skooma Den
  16. Carandial's House
  17. A Warlock's Luck
  18. Bravil Mages Guild
  19. The Lonely Suitor Lodge
  20. The Archer's Paradox
  21. House for Sale
  22. Luciana Galena's House
  23. Castle Bravil