Oblivion:Bravil People

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Bravil People[edit]

A Warlock's Luck
Ungarion Alchemist (A Warlock's Luck) Spells
Aleron Loche's House
Aleron Loche
Ursanne Loche
Andragil's House
Andragil Trainer (Master)Block (Master)
Bay Roan Stables
Antoine Branck
Isabeau Bienne Bay Horse
Castle Bravil
Count Regulus Terentius House
Drels Theran
Fathis Aren Trainer (Basic)Conjuration (Basic)
Gellius Terentius
Hans Black-Nail
Viera Lerus
City Swimmer's House
City-Swimmer Trainer (Basic)Sneak (Basic)
Crypt of the Night Mother [b]
Banus Alor
Belisarius Arius
Mathieu Bellamont
The Night Mother
Dro'shanji's House
Dro'shanji Trainer (Advanced)Security (Advanced)
Fighters Guild
Nahsi Trainer (Basic)Hand to Hand (Basic)
Tadrose Helas Blacksmith Repairs Trainer (Basic)Armorer (Basic)
Vincent Galien
Great Chapel of Mara
Beem-Kiurz Trainer (Advanced)Restoration (Advanced)
Chana Mona
Eris Senim Restoration Spells Trainer (Basic)Speechcraft (Basic)
Marz Trainer (Advanced)Restoration (Advanced) [c]
Olava the Fair
Uravasa Othrelas Restoration Spells Trainer (Basic)Speechcraft (Basic)
Henantier's House
Luciana Galena's House
Luciana Galena General Fence Trainer (Advanced)Light Armor (Advanced)
Mages Guild
Ardaline Alchemist Trainer (Advanced)Alchemy (Advanced)
Delphine Jend Illusion Spells Trainer (Advanced)Destruction (Advanced)
Ita Rienus Illusion Spells Recharge Trainer (Advanced)Mysticism (Advanced)
Ranaline's House
Silverhome on the Water
Brokil gro-Shatur
Gilgondorin Food (Silverhome) Innkeeper
Jean-Pierre Lemonds
S'krivva's House
Skooma Den
Reistr the Rotted
Roxanne Brigette
The Archer's Paradox
Daenlin Fletcher (Archer's Paradox) Repairs
The Fair Deal
Nilawen General (Fair Deal) House Upgrades
Nordinor General (Fair Deal)
The Lonely Suitor Lodge
Bogrum Gro-Galash Food (The Lonely Suitor) Innkeeper
Kurdan gro-Dragol
Ungolim's House
Ungolim [a]
Varon Vamori's House
Varon Vamori Trainer (Advanced)Speechcraft (Advanced)
Cosmus the Cheat
Wretched Aia
Appears when Marz is killed during the Knights of the Nine questline.
Appears if Uravasa Othrelas is killed during the Knights of the Nine questline.
^aDies as a requirement for the completion of the quest, A Kiss Before Dying.
^bBoth location and NPCs can only be found here during the quest, Honor Thy Mother.
^cDies as part of the Knights of the Nine quest, Nature's Fury.