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Acacia trees are natively found in the drier parts of Tamriel, such as Elsweyr though the plant has found its way into gardens around the continent. Known varieties of the Acacia include the Anequine Acacia, the Desert Acacia[1] and the White Acacia. Another known type of Acacia is not found naturally but is the result of corruption caused by the dragon Maarselok's Azureblight leading the trees to exhibit unnatural coloring and growths.[2]

The seeds of some breeds of Acacia greatly resemble those of the Strangler.[3]

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An Alkanet Plant

A tall, flowering plant that is most common in the West Weald region of Cyrodiil. The flowers are usually found in groups of two to five and normally grow near rocks.

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Harvested Ingredient: Alkanet Flower


An Alocasia Plant

Alocasia is a short, fruit-bearing plant that can be found in the Elden Grove of Valenwood, as well as all across Mania, the northern region of the Shivering Isles.

The mortal residents of the Shivering Isles often use alocasia fruit in their cooking.[4] In Valenwood, the local Bosmer would cover the alocasia leaves in silk in summer, essentially slowing its growth. This allows the fruit to grow larger and become sweeter. It is believed that Y'ffre takes the fallen fruit as tribute. It is very similar to the Water Hyacinth, although that flower does not bear fruit.[5] Daedric jam made from alocasia fruit has been known to leave Daedra feeling lightheaded and floaty, although mortals who consume it are driven to the brink of insanity.[6]

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Harvested Ingredient: Alocasia Fruit

Aloe Vera[edit]

An Aloe Vera plant

The Aloe Vera are tall and leafy plants that are found mainly in southern Hammerfell, but also in warmer climates like the Gold Coast in Cyrodiil, in pockets throughout the coastline and its hills. The Yokudans were well aware of the herb's potential in medicine, often using it to staunch the flow of blood and to heal wounds. It can be mixed with other ingredients to create elixirs, like combining the aloe's lacquer with a crushed leaf can lessen the effects of pox.[7] According to local legend, making a concoction with Ginkgo can boost one's stamina.[8]

There is a variety of aloe that exists across Tamriel, among which include the Salloweed Aloe in the vicinity of Phaer on the island, Auridon. The alchemist, Hendil learned that it could be used as a powerful sedative against his vampiric son.[9] The aloe vera of Vakka-Bok have been harvested by the Root-Whisper Tribe, deep in the wilds of Murkmire. It was known for its unnaturally fast healing properties, such as keep wounds from festering and soothes burns. While many people do not know why it heals so well, it is theorized that the arcane magic of the sun had given the plant its abilities.[10]

Harvested Ingredient: Aloe Vera Leaves

Ancestor Silk[edit]

Ancestor Silk

Ancestor Silk is a rare, crimson-colored silk produced by the ancestor moths. It has long been cultivated and woven by the original Cyro-Nordic tribes of the Nibenay. Today their descendants, the modern-day Nibenese continue the sacred tradition of weaving it, and turning it into vestments and other clothing. Swishing this material is said to create a "resplendent ancestral chorus" that has since inspired the ancient custom.[11] The silk is prized all over the Empire[12] and is exported elsewhere along with other treasure goods like hide armor and moon sugar. Some people will pay weavers to craft shawls inscribed with their family trees[11] with some believing they hold the memories of the dead.[12]

Ancestor Silk is perhaps one of the strongest materials to make into light armor, over silverweeds or void bloom.[13] The Cult of the Ancestor Moth conduct a special silk-gathering ritual that infuses the ancestor silk with their singing and hymnal ancestor spirits. This comes from their belief that the ancestor and moth are one of the same.[11]

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Apple Tree[edit]

An apple tree orchard

Apple trees are a common tree cultivated for its fruit, the apple.

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Arabesque Nut[edit]

Arabesque Nuts can be found growing wild in the Hammerfell mountains. Their succulent nuts are often the only nourishment of adventurers who find themselves in the wilderness without rations. It is believed they have magical properties. When they are crushed and mixed with the milk of the agile footed mountain goat, a potion that allows the user to glide safely above the ground can be made.[14]:127

Arkay's Lash[edit]

A blooming Arkay's Lash

Arkay's Lash is a flowering cactus found in Northern Elsweyr. Its flowers are known for their medicinal properties.

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Arrowroot Plant[edit]

An Arrowroot Plant

Arrowroot is a medium-sized, thick, rubbery tuber with tall leaves and small white flowers that comes from Valenwood. The plant is considered rare because it is scrawny and is rather unnoticeable. The most important part of the plant is the root because of its magical properties. Grinding it into paste can enhance the consumer's accuracy with projectile weaponry.[8] Though it is commonly found in Valenwood, there is a relatively large concentration across the Gold Coast, between Anvil and Kvatch. Every so often, they can also be found around the southern Niben Bay, the Larsius River, and even the Leyawiin outskirts.

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Harvested Ingredient: Arrowroot


An Ash tree

A common tree that grows all around Tamriel, known for its denseness and flexibility.[15]. It is generally found in regions such as Craglorn in Hammerfell, where it is often twisted and angled, but also heavy.[16] It is also found in abundance in the eastern Gold Coast, which is riddled with highlands and dotted with dense forests of ash and other trees. These are harvested by the logging industry of Colovia, which supplies the great demand for construction and weaponry.[17] The sacred seed of the Firesong Circle comes from the ash tree.[18]

The wood is sanded and used to craft bows, staves, and shields. It is generally stronger than birch, but weaker than mahogany, and is on par with ironweed, ironhide and galatite. Various factions from across the provinces use either ash or yew when they make their bows, among these include the Thieves Guild,[19] and the Order of the Hour.[20] Other groups such as the Welkynar uses it for the haft of their staves, and some factions like House Hlaalu import these materials, since the funguswood in their homeland is far more inferior than the ash or yew wood.[21] Ash tree is also used in Orc imagery. Vaia's Golden Ash is a symbol of unity, strength, and the heritage of the Orc people.[22]

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Harvested Ingredient:

Ash Basil[edit]

Ash Basil

A small, low growing plant with strong-smelling leaves which are colored green from the base which fades to red at their extremities. The Ash Basil can found growing the Stonefalls region and the leaves are known for their pungent scent and insect-repelling qualities.[23] The local Dreugh also see the plant as a food source, those that feed upon it are said to secrete a superior, more durable Dreugh Wax.[24]

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Harvested Ingredient: Ash Basil Leaf

Ash Yam[edit]

Ash Yams

Ash yams are a grey, bulbous root vegetable with a few small leaves. Commonly found in the Ascadian Isles region of Vvardenfell. Following the Red Year of 4E 5, ash yams are also farmed in and around the Dunmer settlements on Solstheim.

Ashen Fern[edit]

Ashen Fern

Ashen Fern is a rare native plant from the region of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. It is commonly found along the coast, including the Bitter Coast. It is used by the Ahemmusa Tribe, to mask their scent while hunting, and as a tribute to the cairn of Nalor Ahemmusa, their first Ashkhan.[25]

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The Ashflower is a variety of tree that can be found in Vvardenfell, particularly the Stonefalls and Bal Foyen regions. It has a dark gray trunk and branches with dark red growths.

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Ashland Trees[edit]

An Ashland tree

Ashland trees are native to Vvardenfell, but can be purchased from housing furnishers to be planted in homes across Tamriel.

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A plant that thrives in wet, marshy volcanic soil by the ocean. Ashreeds have stiff, inflexible reeds that are typically woven together to protect one's head.

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Harvested Ingredient: Ashreeds

Aspen Tree[edit]

Aspen Tree

A white barked tree with autumnal colored leaves, these make up a significant part of the forests of the Rift in the time of the Fourth Era.

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Aster Bloom[edit]

Two Aster Blooms

Aster Bloom is a purple, starfish-shaped fungus found in the Mania side of the Shivering Isles.

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Harvested Ingredient: Aster Bloom Core



Aurialis is an endangered and possibly extinct plant found only on Summerset Isle.[26] It can be used to make a brilliant orange pigment which artists use to paint.[27] In 2E 582, an artists' rivalry almost drove the plant to extinction.[26] Aurialis is difficult to cultivate.[28]

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A variety of plant which has edible fruits. The avocado is a main ingredient for guacamole.[29]

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