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Book Information
ID 559
Collection Plots and Schemes
Needed for The First Patient
Found in the following locations:
Hendil's Journal
The journal of a desperate father

Note: the journal cannot be interacted with after the quest is completed, so be sure to read it before the quest ends.

My son's gotten worse. I'm finding it harder to keep him sedated. His illness is insatiable. And those things! I have no idea what to do about the ones he's infected.

The aloe is my only chance. I'm the first to uncover its true properties as a powerful topical sedative. If these were more peaceful times, I would have submitted my research to the College. I could have won the esteem of my peers.

Now I live all these waking hours in fear of those around me. At any moment they might uncover the truth about Tancano. What that could mean—