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Imp Stool[edit]

Imp Stool mushrooms

Imp stools are short mushrooms with rounded yellow caps. They are infrequently found in caves around Skyrim, as well as across Tamriel in the shade of trees or rocks.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Imp Stool (Skyrim), Imp Stool (ESO), Imp Stool (Blades)

Ink-Cap Mushrooms[edit]

A Shroom Beetle, dotted with Ink Cap Mushrooms

Ink-Cap Mushrooms thrive on decaying swamp life in the Bitter Coast Region of Vvardenfell, and can be found growing on rocks, trees, and even Shroom Beetles.

Found in:

Ironstalk Mushroom[edit]

Ironstalk Mushrooms

Ironstalk Mushrooms are transient fungi that were brought to the Clockwork City by outsiders. They had adapted to the realm's synthetic and inhospitable metallic soil[1] and can be found in the Everwound Wellspring[2] and the Halls of Regulation.[3] If the mushrooms undergo an extensive pickling process, they can be made edible.[4]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Ironstalk Mushroom


An Ironweed plant

A low-lying plant with purple flowers whose fibers can be spun into thread and used to make Ironthread clothing.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Ironthread


Ironwood Trees

The Ironwood is a tree that grows deep in the forests of Skyrim. They are known for their durability, which is as hard as iron, hence the name. The rare black variant is extremely rare and is said to produce the very succulent Ironwood nut. It is believed that anyone who can break open the nut will enhance their strength.[5] There is also an orange variant, found in Tamriel's warmer places.[6] In the mid-Second Era, the Order of the New Moon use dark ironwood to craft their staves.[7]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Ironwood Nut


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