Blades:Imp Stool

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Imp Stool
(lore page)
Type Alchemy & Enchanting Material
Quality Common
Purchasing Price 00000250250Gold Selling Price 0000001010Gold
A small fungus found in forests and caves, the Imp Stool can be used in both Health potions and poisons.
Alchemy Effects
Restore Health Restore Health
Damage Health Regeneration Damage Health Regeneration
Enchanting Effects
Regenerate Health Regenerate Health
Fortify Health
Absorb Health
Haste Haste
Fortify Combo Damage
Fortify Block Piercing
Powerful Block
Sold by Lea Jeanne, Alchemists
Imp Stool

Imp Stool is a Common material. It is used in the brewing of Health potions and poisons and in Health and Combat enchantments.

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