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Palm Tree[edit]

Palm Trees

Parts of the Old Imperial Quarter in Lilmoth are said to be overgrown with sleeping palms.[1]


Found in:

Parasol Lichen[edit]

Parasol Lichen

Parasol Lichen is a species of lichen known to grow at the base of Emperor Parasol mushrooms.[2] It is described as smelling faintly of evergreen and lemon peel,[3] and as an alchemical reagent, it can be used to make a potent concoction that attracts cats wherever it is splashed.[4]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Parasol Lichen


Found in:


A Peony Plant

Peony is a tall flower with a single light pink flower on the top of the stem. It grows widely in the West Weald.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Peony Seeds

Pitcher Plant[edit]

Pitcher Plants

The carnivorous Pitcher Plant is a green, funnel-shaped plant found growing in the Blackwood region of Cyrodiil. They can also grow in Vvardenfell in the Bitter Coast, Ascadian Isles, and southern Azura's Coast regions.

Found in:


Found in:


A fruit that grows near White Rose in Black Marsh, known to Argonians as lizardfruit, a bland fruit that numbs the tongue. Emperor Brazollus Dor imported plums to Leyawiin for the infamous Feast of Saint Coellicia.[5]

Found in:

Poison Bloom[edit]

A Poison Bloom plant

The Poison Bloom plant is a green-leafed plant with purple flowers that is found exclusively within Darkfall Passage in Skyrim.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Poison Bloom

Poison Pax[edit]

Poison Pax
Found in:


Found in:


Red Poppies

Poppies have several variants, such as black poppies, golden poppies, red poppies and white poppies. It is said that the black and white poppies together have magical properties. When they are crushed and mixed with the milk of the agile footed mountain goat, a potion that allows the user to glide safely above the ground can be made.

Found in:


Potato Plant

A green leafy plant, with underground tubers, that is cultivated widely on many farms for food.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Potato (Oblivion), Potato (Skyrim)


Found in:

Prairie Flowers[edit]

Violet Prairie Flowers
Found in:



The Primrose has large green leaves growing in a rosette around the small pink flowers in the center. They grow in groups of two or three around the West Weald.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Primrose Leaves


Found in:

Prune Morel Mushroom[edit]

Prune Morel Mushroom

A rare variety of edible fungi which can only be found growing within the caverns of Moonlit Cove in Southern Elsweyr.[6] They have a bitter flavor and strong scent which has been described as "loamy and herbaceous".[7]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Prune Morel Mushroom

Pumpkin Vine[edit]

Pumpkin Vine

Pumpkin Vines have large, bright green leaves. Each plant produces a single pumpkin. They are often associated with the Witches Festival. Carved pumpkins are sometimes known as Hollowjacks, named after Lord Hollowjack.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Pumpkin

Puspocket Mushroom[edit]

Tall Puspocket

Puspockets are a species of white mushroom. They are a common sight in Fang Lair.

Found in:

Putrid Gigantea[edit]

Putrid Gigantea

Putrid Gigantea are a brown bulbous plant found growing in the Shivering Isles.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Congealed Putrescence


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