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Glass armor

Glass weapons and armor are an ornate design: light and flexible, although very difficult to make and expensive. Glass armor is a lightweight armor created using rare metals studded with volcanic glass. The result is stronger than steel due to its ability to absorb and distribute shocks very well. Glass armor not only surpasses other light armor in strength, but is also superior to most medium armor (with the exception of a few Artifacts and some new medium armor added by the two expansions). The armor is favored by the Buoyant Armigers, and one of the only places it can be found for sale is at their stronghold in Ghostgate.

Similarly, glass weapons are created using rare metals and volcanic glass to produce blades of virtually unparalleled sharpness and light weight. Glass weapons wear quickly however and require frequent repair.


Name ID Weight Health Value Rating Enchant
Base Glass Armor (Light Armor)
Totals 54 5,800 106,400 100
Glass Cuirass Glass Cuirass glass_cuirass 18.0 1,500 28,000 50 12
Glass Helm Glass Helm glass_helm 3.0 500 12,000 50 15
Glass Pauldron Glass Left Pauldron
Glass Right Pauldron
3.0 500 9,600 50 1.5
Glass Bracer Left Glass Bracer
Right Glass Bracer
3.0 400 4,000 50 10
Glass Greaves Glass Greaves glass_greaves 9.0 500 17,600 50 10
Glass Boots Glass Boots glass_boots 3.0 500 8,000 50 10
Glass Shield Glass Shield glass_shield 9.0 1,000 13,600 50 30
Glass Tower Shield Glass Tower Shield glass_towershield 9.0 1,100 20,000 55 45
Glass armor, male
Glass armor, female

Armor Locations[edit]

Glass Armor is rather rare, and since it's mostly worn by members of the Buoyant Armigers, it may be difficult to acquire a full set without killing non-hostile NPCs for it. If you've got a lot of money to burn, Dronos Llervu in Ghostgate's Tower of Dusk Lower Level can potentially have a complete set for sale (he does not have a fixed copy of the greaves and tower shield, but they have a chance of spawning in a crate that is accessed by his merchant table). Or, if you're sneaky enough, you can steal most of it from him. Notably, Dronos' shop is the only place you will find the Bracers in Vvardenfell (but they are available in Mournhold- see below). They don't even show up in random loot, so you'll have to either buy them or steal them from him.

Additionally, there are three crates scattered throughout Vvardenfell that each contain up to 3 random Glass Armor pieces (excluding bracers). They are in the following locations:

You might want to save before opening these crates, in order to reload if you don't get the pieces you need (causing the area to reload by leaving and returning can also be used to force the loot to be re-rolled as long as you did not take anything out of or place anything within the crates).

The TribunalTR expansion added several additional sources of glass armor that include bracers:

  • Bols IndalenTR will craft any piece of glass armor for you, including the bracers, provided you bring him enough Raw Glass. He is in the Craftsmen's Hall, which is located within Godsreach.
  • Catia SosiaTR, the Blacksmith and Vendor located at the Mournhold armory in the Great Bazaar, has a set of the scarce bracers as well as a set of pauldrons. They are on a shelf immediately to her right and are for sale, but can be stolen by a crafty player.
  • Finally, Golena SadriTR is in possession of a full set (minus helm and any shield), but you will have to complete a certain quest to get it.

Partial Sets of Glass Armor
Glass Boots
Glass Cuirass
Glass Greaves
Glass Helm
Glass Pauldrons
Glass Shield
Glass Tower Shield


Name ID Weight Health Value Chop Slash Thrust Speed Reach Enchant
Glass Arrow Glass Arrow glass arrow 0.15 8 1 - 6
Glass Claymore Glass Claymore glass claymore 16.2 840 32,000 1 - 45 1 - 39 1 - 27 1.25 1.0 4.2
Glass Dagger Glass Dagger* glass dagger 1.8 300 4,000 6 - 15 6 - 15 6 - 12 2.5 1.0 1.2
Glass Halberd Glass Halberd glass halberd 8.4 600 16,000 1 - 6 1 - 6 5 - 38 1.0 1.8 3
Glass Longsword Glass Longsword glass longsword 12.0 480 16,000 2 - 24 1 - 33 4 - 30 1.35 1.0 3.6
Glass Staff Glass Staff glass staff 4.8 240 5,600 2 - 12 3 - 12 1 - 9 1.75 1.5 4.2
Glass Throwing Knife Glass Throwing Knife glass throwing knife 0.2 25 1 - 6
Glass Throwing Star Glass Throwing Star glass throwing star 0.1 20 2 - 9
Glass War Axe Glass War Axe glass war axe 14.4 640 12,000 1 - 33 1 - 18 1 - 5 1.25 1.0 3
All glass Weapons

* Sometimes comes in a cursed variety. In this case, the cursed variety is easily identified by its lower damage values.

Weapon Locations[edit]

Glass Arrow
Glass Claymore
Glass Dagger
Glass Firesword
Glass Frostsword
Glass Halberd
Glass Jinkblade
Glass Longsword
Glass Netch Dagger
Glass Poisonsword
Glass Staff
Glass Stormblade
Glass Stormsword
Glass Throwing Knife
Glass Throwing Star
Glass War Axe
Guaranteed Glass Melee Weapon
Other sources for a possible random Glass Melee Weapon

There are many places with random respawning Daedra or guaranteed Golden Saints e.g. Daedric Shrines.

Special Weapon Items[edit]

Glass Claymore
Glass Dagger
Glass Longsword
Glass War Axe