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The investigation of a mad woman yields an unexpected adventure.
Quest Giver: Alvan Llarys at the Sadri Manor
Location(s): Godsreach
Reward: 50(+) Arrows, Glass Armor, Daedric Bow, Mace of Slurring, High Ordinator Armor
ID: MS_Thief
Difficulty: Hard
Clearly no way through here...

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Alvan Llarys.
  2. Speak to Elbert Nermarc in the Craftsmen's Hall.
  3. Return to the Sadri estate.
  4. Enter the Sewers.
  5. Raise the water to lift the crate.
  6. Enter the grate under the crate.
  7. Avoid the traps.
  8. Fight Golena Sadri.
  9. Return to Alvan Llarys.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Strange Encounter[edit]

You'll find Golena Sadri in the bottom floor of her manor in the Godsreach district. She will go rather crazy when you try and talk to her, so regular conversation is out of the question. Speak to Alvan Llarys beside her to learn that she has recently gone mad for no apparent reason, although she was recently in contact with Elbert Nermarc over in the Craftsman's Hall. Alvan asks you to go and speak with Elbert to see if he can shed any light on her condition. Elbert can be found upstairs in the Craftsman's hall and will tell you that Golena used to come by every so often asking about some strange enchanted devices. After meeting with her in her house, and finding them strewn across the floor, one shocked him, numbing his arm for hours. Elbert is adamant that he wants nothing further to do with the woman. All he can say about the devices are that they might be Dwemer in origin, and are definitely deadly.

Return to Madness[edit]

When you return to the Sadri estate, you'll find Alvan Llarys outside, at the bottom of the stairs. He'll inform you that he had just stepped out for a bit of fresh air when he heard a scream from inside, and now nobody is answering the door. The door is now locked (level 90) so get a good lockpick or spell handy. Inside you'll find a dead Ordinator and a passage leading down to the sewers. You'll emerge into a separate section of the sewers and you'll shortly discover the body of Tadera Andules with her throat cut. You'll need to continue on through Forgotten Sewer area which has a half-hidden entrance in the floor under the crates in the middle. Unfortunately, the crates on top of the trapdoor prevent you from opening it; use the wheel attached to the pipe in the ceiling to flood the area and let the crates float above the trapdoor so you can open it. Inside this short area you'll find another exit and another wheel to lower the water level.

The Lair of Insanity[edit]

Strange devices
Golena Sadri

Once in this area you'll spot a few strange devices lying on the ground. Avoid them as they discharge when you get near them or walk over them and will damage you with elemental projectiles. The only certain method of avoiding them is to sneak past them; alternatively, use resist element effects to counter the damage. Resist magic will also counter some but not all of the effects. Some of the traps further in will shoot projectiles at you from a good distance as well. Deep inside you'll encounter a figure in glass armor wielding a Daedric Bow: Golena Sadri. When you get close she will spot you and combat will begin. Be wary of her bow and arrows, they can easily do more than 200 points of damage per hit and can paralyze you for 20 seconds as well (if you can reflect spells she may paralyze herself). She has the enchanted artifact Mace of Slurring on her corpse.

Return to the Godsreach district and report back to Alvan Llarys outside the Sadri manor. He will mourn the loss of Golena but understands that you had to defend yourself.


  • After you loot the PoisonGrip Arrows from Golena's corpse, 50 more will appear when you search her. She will never run out of ammo while the corpse still exists. This is due to the script that regenerates her ammo missing an end command. This is either fixed in recent versions or it will only happen sometimes.
  • In the tunnels leading to the room containing Golena, there are two chests filled with high-level loot. This includes ebony weapons, precious gems, and gold. Unfortunately they are surrounded by a cluster of the projectile devices, which can inflict massive amounts of damage when their effects are combined. Either sneak up to the chests, levitate over them, use telekinesis (15–25 feet for 5 seconds should work fine), or quickly dart in and out to retrieve the items.
  • If you kill Golena Sadri before the final confrontation, Alvan Llarys is disgusted, and his disposition drops 40 points.
  • This quest is an easy way to acquire a full set of the powerful (and valuable) High Ordinator Armor, as long as you have the capability of opening the level 90 lock on the door to the manor, or used a mark spell or potion in the manor before leaving.


  • The dead High Ordinator may appear, but the hatch to the sewers might not. If this happens, the only way to complete the quest is to get into the sewer section via the Console, with Player->PositionCell,-2773,10234,769,0,"Old Mournhold: Residential Sewers", as this part of the sewer is cut off from all other sections. You may also have to set quest stage 60 manually, if the body of Tadera Andules is missing from the sewer.
  • You may find Tadera Andules alive in the sewers, in which case you have to kill her yourself to get the necessary Journal entry.
  • If you loot the corpse of Golena Sadri without disposing of it there is a chance that the body will restock with 50 PoisonGrip arrows, allowing you to take an infinite amount.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Thief (MS_Thief)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have met Golena Sadri. When I spoke to her, she accused me of wanting to steal from her, and said I'll never get my hands on it. I have no idea what "it" is.
20 Alvan Llarys suggested I speak with Elbert Nermarc and see if he can shed any light on Golena Sadri's condition. Nermarc is apparently the only person she's confided in over the last several months.
30 Elbert Nermarc told me the story of his last few encounters with Golena Sadri. She has acquired some sort of devices, possibly Dwemer in origin, that can be deadly if approached. Nermarc seemed to think she'd lost her mind.
40 I met Alvan Llarys outside Sadri Manor. Someone locked him out, and he heard screaming inside. He's asked me to investigate.
50 I have discovered a trap door in the lower level of Sadri Manor. Golena Sadri is nowhere to be found, and someone has murdered the guard.
60 I have found the corpse of Tadera Andules, Golena Sadri's friend. She appears to have had her throat cut.
70 I confronted Golena Sadri, who admitted killing both the guard and Tadera Andules.
80 I have killed Golena Sadri.
90 Finishes quest☑ I informed Alvan Llarys of what happend [sic] to Golena Sadri. He mourned her death, but admitted that she was too far gone to save.