Tribunal:Her Hand's Armor

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Her Hand's Armor is used by the High Ordinators in Mournhold. Although it looks similar to the Indoril Armor that Ordinators wear, this armor is a type of heavy armor. The enchanted version of the armor is the one that the personal guards of Almalexia wear.


Name ID** Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant*** Enchantment***
Her Hand's Helmet Her Hand's Helmet* Indoril_MH_Guard_helmet 15.0 700 12,000 75 65 Constant Effect
Reflect Reflect 5pts on self
Her Hand's Cuirass Her Hand's Cuirass* Indoril_MH_Guard_Cuirass 90.0 2,800 50,000 70 55 Constant Effect
Fortify Heavy Armor Fortify Heavy Armor 10pts on self
Her Hand's Pauldron Her Hand's Left Pauldron Indoril_MH_Guard_Pauldron_L 30.0 700 20,000 70 5 Constant Effect
Resist Poison Resist Poison 5pts on self
Her Hand's Right Pauldron Indoril_MH_Guard_Pauldron_R 30.0 700 20,000 70 5 Constant Effect
Resist Paralysis Resist Paralysis 5pts on self
Her Hand's Greaves Her Hand's Greaves Indoril_MH_Guard_Greaves 45.0 700 33,000 70 6 Constant Effect
Fortify Medium Armor Fortify Medium Armor 5pts on self
Her Hand's Boots Her Hand's Boots Indoril_MH_Guard_boots 60.0 700 15,000 70 20 Constant Effect
Fortify Agility Fortify Agility 5pts on self
Her Hand's Gauntlet Her Hand's Left Gauntlet Indoril_MH_Guard_gauntlet_L 15.0 300 13,000 70 50 Constant Effect
Fortify Strength Fortify Strength 5pts on self
Her Hand's Right Gauntlet Indoril_MH_Guard_gauntlet_R 15.0 300 13,000 70 50 Constant Effect
Fortify Attack Fortify Attack 5pts on self
Her Hand's Shield Her Hand's Shield Indoril_MH_Guard_shield 17.0 320 2,500 55 50 Constant Effect
Fortify Block Fortify Block 10pts on self
Totals 317.0 7,220 178,500 229 306
Her Hand's armor, male
Her Hand's armor, female

* As with the Indoril armor, wearing either the Cuirass or the Helmet will earn you the wrath of the Ordinators if you talk to them. (This includes those who talk to you if they are trying to arrest you.)
** The enchanted versions replace "MH_Guard" with "Almalexia" and are already enchanted with a variety of skill-fortifying effects; otherwise, they are identical.
*** Only one of these two columns is relevant to a particular piece of armor, depending on if it is the mundane or enchanted variety.