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Dratha (dratha)
(lore page)
Home Town Tel Mora
House Upper Tower
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 31 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 193 Magicka 200
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Master(Master)

Dratha is a Dunmer sorceress in the Upper Tower of Tel Mora. She is a Master in House Telvanni. Mistress Dratha is extremely disdainful of men, such that she has banned men from living in her city. If you are female, you will experience many advantages in conversation with her. She is the oldest living Councilor in House Telvanni, sustained by the necromantic arts; Divayth Fyr is the only Telvanni older. Dratha is, like the other Councilors, an arrogant isolationist concerned with little more than maintaining power and collecting artifacts. She is rumored to have been pressured by the Temple to allow them to put some healers in Tel Mora (women, of course).

Dratha wears an extravagant shirt and an exquisite skirt with matching shoes. She also carries a glass stormblade, a scroll of the black storm, a scroll of manarape, and two standard restore health potions. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she also knows Dratha's Spite.

Related Quests[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]


  • Dratha appears in ESO, where her disdain for men is explained in the quest Reclaiming Vos. A vision tells her of the events surrounding the Nerevarine in the future and in order to protect her city until that day she trades her soul with a dremora in exchange for longevity. The terms of her daedric contract state that the dremora will return in the guise of a mortal man to claim her soul.


  • If you ask her about Mistress Dratha, she responds like you would expect her mouth to respond.