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Console Location Code(s)
Sheogorad, [2,19]

Ashmelech is the isolated home of the Aundae vampire clan. It is located on a small island southwest of Sheogorad island. It is home to Dhaunayne Aundae and her clan of vampires; of these, only two others are of note: Gladroon, who sells armor and weapons, and Mororurg, who sells alchemy supplies. When you complete the Aundae vampire quests, you will be given the Aundae Amulet, which can be used for instant transport back to the stronghold.

Related Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dhaunayne Aundae Female High Elf Nightblade Aundae Clan Ancient(Ancient) 30 140 164 0 30
Gladroon Male High Elf Smith Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 15 169 122 0 30
Iminda Male Redguard Pilgrim 10 111 80 0 0
Iroroon Male High Elf Nightblade Aundae Clan Servant(Servant) 11 73 122 0 30
Jeanciele Macile Male Breton Witchhunter 3 43 132 0 0
Lorurmend Female High Elf Witch Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 14 81 142 0 30
Mirkrand Female High Elf Sorcerer Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 16 111 192 0 30
Moranarg Male High Elf Sorcerer Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 14 106 182 0 30
Mororurg Male High Elf Alchemist Service Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 15 115 200 0 30/90
Odmi Male Nord Witchhunter 11 89 144 0 0
Tarerane Female High Elf Nightblade Aundae Clan Stalker(Stalker) 15 83 130 0 30
Ticemius Conciatius Male Imperial Witchhunter 12 83 170 0 0
Toranu Rothalnim Female Dark Elf Sorcerer 12 96 152 0 0
Tragrim Male High Elf Sorcerer Aundae Clan Bloodkin(Bloodkin) 18 126 200 0 90


The entire tomb is just a single cell named Ashmelech; however, it is a complex network of interconnected hallways and rooms. Thus, the description for the interior has been organized into the following sections solely for convenience; these sections do not correspond to any named cells.


The entrance of the tomb is at the end of a corridor, which slopes downwards into a group of interconnected hallways. All south-facing doors lead into the Inner Halls of the tomb; two of them are locked. To the west, Iroroon can be found wandering the entryway. To the east, a trapped door opens to Gladroon's smithy.

Following the hallways south then east will take you to Lorurmend's room, at the end of a corridor sloping further downwards. She has a few items on her table including an unowned iron tanto; on the floor, a wooden chest holds a pair of magic arrows or bolts.

Gladroon's Smithy[edit]

Gladroon has weapons for you

The smith Gladroon is working on his furnace behind a few screens. On his table, he has a Steel Staff of War, an apprentice's armorer's hammer and a pair of repair prongs. His wares are stored in a locked (20) small chest on the table and two more locked (30) chests on the floor.

A locked (10) door to the north opens to a room where Jeanciele Macile is held captive. A nearby alcove holds two chests, both locked (10): the wooden chest has a random melee weapon inside while the other contains 25 gold. East of the furnace, a curved corridor offers an alternative path to the Inner Halls of the tomb.

The Inner Halls[edit]

Watch where you're going...

These are a set of interconnected hallways that lead to various parts of the tomb. All north-facing doors will return you to the Entryway.

There are two paths to Mororurg's shop, both facing west: a locked (25) door and, beside it, a hallway interrupted by a deep pit in its middle. The pit is arguably the shortest, though not necessarily safest, route to the throne room of the Aundae matriarch.

To the south, a wooden chest contains a leveled magic armor piece. Across the chest, a long and winding hallway takes you to the depths of Ashmelech, past Mirkrand, underneath Mororurg's shop, up and down a few corridors until you reach the end: a trapped door guarded by Tragrim. This door opens to the Lower Levels of the tomb.

Mororurg's Shop[edit]

Mororurg is in no mood to bargain

The alchemist Mororurg is accompanied by Moranarg. The shelves on the east side hold an Apprentice's lockpick, a green common robe, a pair of iron boots, a Nordic bearskin cuirass and a portion of scrib jerky. The shelves on the west side hold various alchemy apparatus and potions as well as two locked (30) small chests, which contain the ingredients that Mororurg has for sale.

On the north side, a worn chest contains 25 gold while on the south side, two alcoves house a pair of chests: a wooden chest containing a pair of magic arrows or bolts and a trapped wooden chests containing a leveled magic armor piece. Finally, at the center of the room, a table holds various items including a copy of A Game at Dinner.

At the northeast corner, a short corridor slopes upwards and ends in a wooden door. This shortcut also leads to the Lower Levels of the tomb but bypasses Mirkrand and the curved hall beneath Mororurg's shop.

The Lower Levels[edit]

To the west, Tarerane waits behind a podium. Behind her is a locked (10) chest, which contains a leveled magic armor piece.

To the east, a corridor slopes further down, where it ends at the throne room of Dhaunayne Aundae. She oversees a corral of her captives, which include Ticemius Conciatius, Iminda, Odmi and Toranu Rothalnim. A locked (50) gate ensures their continued captivity.

If you had fallen from the pit upstairs, your body would land right at the entrance to the throne room.


  • The gate in the throne room is labeled "Census and Excise Gate".


Map of Ashmelech