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Morrowind Gameplay[edit]

Using Morrowind mods, I try my best to give the NPCs of Vvardenfell, Mournhold and Solstheim the equipment they'll need for the upcoming Oblivion Crisis and Red Year. I also fill containers with stockpiles of armor, weapons, potions and scrolls.

  • Game-wise, I know this has no impact at all, aside from making my game more difficult.
  • Roleplay-wise, though, I hope that the Nerevarine's efforts might help just a few more people to survive the coming decade.

Ald'ruhn will fall. Baar Dau will fall. Yet, the Dunmer will rise again from the ashes. Remember Redoran.

UESP Wiki Work[edit]

Currently working on:

  • Cleaning up Hints (category) pages for Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon
    • Moving misplaced info into their appropriate section / pages
    • Removing redundant info
    • Removing unnecessary / unrelated commentary
    • Rewriting sections for consistent voice (eg. some are written in 2nd-person POV, others in 3rd-person)
  • Standardizing the Related Quests section for NPCs and places (see talk page)
  • Standardizing the Wares section of Merchants
    • Some pages have no headers for the type of items (eg. "Books / & Scrolls", "Potions / & Ingredients", "Miscellaneous", etc.)
    • Some pages have no dividers for different grades of clothing, potions, repair equipment, etc.
  • Minor fixes in other pages
    • Rewriting Western-centric idioms into more accessible phrases
    • Removing hovertext for locked doors and chests, since they're not mobile-friendly
    • Syntax / typo fixes