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Autopatrolled users are a group of users whose edits are automatically patrolled. Editors in this group are editors whose high-quality edits have been noticed by the community, especially the administrators and patrollers. These users typically do not wish to be patrollers, or they do not meet all of the requirements to become one. They are selected by our current administrators and patrollers.


These editors have been selected for membership in the group (an automatically-generated list is available here).

Nomination Guidelines[edit]

Patrollers look for certain qualifications when choosing to automatically patrol user submissions, while certain criteria are cause for immediate disqualification.

Suggested Qualifications[edit]

  • Active on the wiki — The community needs to know that the wiki will benefit from your actions after becoming autopatrolled, so it is important for a candidate to have at least one month of near-daily activity before being nominated, or at least three months or more of at least weekly activity.
  • Use of proper spelling and grammar — Autopatrolled Users are trusted to be accurate and factual in their submissions; therefore, the fewer edits for spelling and grammar mistakes edited by patrollers the better.
  • Use of proper style — Autopatrolled Users must be able to follow the wiki's preferred style. Additions to the UESPWiki should be as legible as possible, and thus the user's edits should not need to be rephrased or reformatted.
  • Number of edits — A minimum of 200 edits in content namespaces or 500 total edits will allow the nominee's spelling and grammar to be properly evaluated. A breakdown of edits by namespace can be found by entering a username here.

Immediate Disqualifications[edit]

  • Recent warning — If a user has received a legitimate warning, they are not eligible to be nominated for two weeks from the date of the warning.
  • Recent block — If a user was legitimately blocked from editing the wiki, they are not eligible to be nominated for one month from the expiration of the block. Similarly, an Autopatrolled User who is blocked from editing the wiki will also be removed from the group, and may not be renominated for six months from the expiration of the block.
  • Being a Userspace Patroller — Editors are forbidden from belonging to both the Autopatrolled User and Userspace Patroller groups simultaneously, because of how the permissions of the two groups combine. Anyone selected to become an autopatrolled user must be removed from the userspace patroller group.

Voting Guidelines[edit]

Only patrollers and administrators can vote. A minimum of three voters must agree, and no more than two oppose. The nominated user must remain in the voting stage for at least one week. An administrator will then decide on the consensus of the nomination and take the appropriate actions (either adding the user to the usergroup or closing the nomination). Users are encouraged to comment to provide a wider consensus but cannot support or oppose the nomination.


Make nominations here. Only patrollers and administrators may make nominations. They may vote Support, Oppose, or Neutral. Users are welcome to Comment. Completed nominations can be found on the completed nominations page.


Salamangkero (talk+ contribs edit count logs email)

Salamangkero has over 5,500 edits on the wiki, with an edit history stretching back to around mid 2020 for regular editing and as far back as 2011 overall.

I have been patrolling their edits for a while now and have not seen any issues. Edit quality is on par with other autopatrolled users, patrollers, and admins. Even more impressive are some of the formatting improvements that majorly optimized tables and template usage in the Morrowind namespace. I like how they have identified various spelling and consistency changes on an Adopt-a-typo page and regularly use sandboxes to produce page overhauls.

Speaking of namespaces, this is the only reason I have nominated Salamangkero for Autopatrolled status, rather than Patroller (apart from their agreement that Autopatrolled is more appropriate). Their edits are almost entirely restricted to Morrowind and its related namespaces, with most edits outside the namespace just being grammar and spelling. Salamangkero has stated that they mainly play Morrowind, and that grammar/spelling outside the namespace they verify with CSList and ESOFiles, which is best practice for marking {{sic}}s.

  • Support: As nominator. Note that Salamangkero has accepted this nomination on their talk page. —Dillonn241 (talk) 22:07, 13 July 2024 (UTC)
  • Support: I feel this should have come sooner, they do so much work on the Morrowind section. --Talyyn (talk) 02:35, 14 July 2024 (UTC)
  • Support: I haven't been active as a Patroller lately, but I have noticed the fantastic work done here by Salamangkero and I would like to throw in my support too. --Brf (talk) 20:12, 14 July 2024 (UTC)
  • Support: Salamangkero is doing a lot of great work with Morrowind edits and wiki-wide spelling and formatting fixes! --Oriwa Talk 07:03, 17 July 2024 (UTC)