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"Nu-mantia! Liberty! Rejoice in the promise of paradise!"


Kertaw48's the name, but you can call me Kertaw (or Mr. 48 if you insist on the formalities). I first got acquainted with the Elder Scrolls universe with TES III: Morrowind at about the time Oblivion came out. I first started using UESP to find those elusive locations on Vvardenfell, back when quest markers didn't exist. I then proceeded to read every available book, since it was kinda hard collecting them all in-game and, one thing leading to another, I started editing this site for Lore. I guess if you wanted to put labels on me, "nostalgic Morrowind fanboy" and "lore nutjob" would be adequate.

I also sporadicly edit and manage a small wiki over at Wikia.

Personal Links[edit]

A list of links to articles I often use and/or like:

  • My Sandbox — For when keeping stuff in MS Office files just isn't enough.
  • Lore Quiz — A quiz of my own making.
  • Books by Subject — Whether it's an important religious text or just a recipe, it's all sorted in here.
  • List of books added by Skyrim — A compilation of lore added by the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls.
  • Enchanting in Morrowind — Probably the only aspect of Morrowind I can truly call myself a master of.
  • Dunmer Names — One of my more peculiar interests: Dunmer genealogy.





Enchant Simulator[edit]


Here is the link to my home-made Morrowind enchantment calculator.


It's basically an 81 kB Microsoft Office Excel 2003 file (.xls) compressed into a 18kB .zip file. It works on a few basic calculation formulas.

It allows you to input various information about the character and the spell involved in the enchanting process, and then calculates enchantment points needed for your spell, the cast cost of your item, your chance of enchanting that spell to an item and you can calculate the enchantment points of up to 8 different concurrent spell effects. It also has a list of best non-enchanted items (and their enchantment points), list of base costs of all available spells effects and a simple legend to explain how things work.

If you find any errors with my simulator, please write about it on my talk page.


  • This is a Morrowind Enchant Simulator. I'm not certain how enchanting works in other TES games, so don't expect anything from them.
  • The Enchant Simulator has been made solely on PC version of Morrowind. Again I'm not certain if there are any differences between PC and other playing consoles.