Morrowind:Sethan's Tradehouse

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Sethan's Tradehouse
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Proprietor Llorayna Sethan
Console Location Code(s)
Tel Branora, Sethan's Tradehouse
Tel Branora, [15,-13]
Sethan's Tradehouse

Sethan's Tradehouse is an inn outside the tower of Tel Branora.

The tradehouse is very roomy and comfortable, "built" in typical Telvanni mushroom style. The publican Llorayna Sethan offers sundries, drinks, and beds to all visitors. Near the entrance, Barnand Erelie offers some training.

In the basement is a room with a bed, and a closet with extravagant clothing. A desk holds a random glass weapon, and a locked chest behind a locked door contains a few gold pieces. Sacks and chests round out the storage options.

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Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Barnand Erelie Male Breton Healer Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice) 9 70 118 0 30 Trainer
Llorayna Sethan Female Dunmer Publican 10 82 128 100 30 Merchant