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In the small towns of Vvardenfell that are not large enough to have specialized merchants, tradehouses provide the locals with a place to exchange their production with imported supplies. Often, they also serve as taverns.

List of Tradehouses[edit]

Here is a list of all the tradehouses in the game.

Tradehouse Location Proprietor Gold Faction
Ald Velothi Outpost Ald Velothi Sedam Omalen 400 House Redoran
Andus Tradehouse Maar Gan Manse Andus 300
Arrille's Tradehouse Seyda Neen Arrille 800
Fatleg's Drop Off Hla Oad Unknown 1100 550+250+150+150 Camonna Tong
Indarys Manor Services Bal Isra, Indarys Manor Banden Indarys 2250 1300+950 House Redoran
Maar Gan Outpost Maar Gan Alds Baro 1400 House Redoran
Madach Tradehouse Gnisis Fenas Madach 400 Thieves Guild
Redoran Stronghold Molag Mar Unknown 1800 1300+350+150 House Redoran
Sethan's Tradehouse Tel Branora Llorayna Sethan 300
Tel Mora Tower Services Tel Mora Diren Vendu 0 Spell merchants only House Telvanni
Tel Vos Services Tower Tel Vos Master Aryon 2199 1300+499+400 House Telvanni
The End of the World Dagon Fel Unknown 800 500+150+150
Thongar's Tradehouse Khuul Thongar 1200
Varo Tradehouse Vos Burcanius Varo 300