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Aryon (aryon)
Home Town Tel Vos
Location Aryon's Chambers
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 31 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 198 Magicka 200
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Master(Master)

Aryon is a Dunmer sorcerer living in Tel Vos. He is a Master in House Telvanni and appears to be the most fair and open-minded Councilor of the house. This is evident when looking at his tower which is something of an oddity even for a Telvanni: a Telvanni mushroom tower integrated into an Imperial castle. Somewhat isolated on a council of anti-Imperial isolationists and eccentrics, he is desperately looking for new allies, be it his old mentor, Divayth Fyr, or Baladas Demnevanni. Smokey Morth has been saying - entirely correctly - he is doing so with the ultimate aim of usurping the Archmagister. However, once you yourself become powerful enough in House Telvanni, he will instead support your bid to replace the incumbent Archmagister. He is also rumored to have enchanted a pair of gloves in his youth with powerful conjuration spells.

During the Telvanni Hortator part of the Main Quest, Aryon understands the whole situation and immediately gives his vote for you to become Hortator of House Telvanni. He also offers advice on how to deal with the other Councilors. This is an example of his differences with the rest of House Telvanni, who are mainly concerned with slavery, artifacts, and their magickal studies.

Aryon wears an extravagant robe with matching shoes. He carries three quality restore health and quality restore magicka potions, a scroll of the black storm, a scroll of manarape, and a daedric shortsword. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he can cast a spell from the school of Destruction known as Aryon's Rest.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]


  • Greetings:
    • "I am Master Aryon of House Telvanni. What brings you here?"
    • "What brings you to Tel Vos, %PCName?"
    • "Yes, %PCName. I have heard you may want to be the Telvanni Hortator."
    • "So, have you gathered the votes of the other councilors?"

  • Advancement:
    • "Yes, you are more than qualified for %NextPCRank."
    • "You are qualified for %NextPCRank, but you must first build a stronghold."
  • Archmagister Gothren:
    • "He is the current head of House Telvanni. He has held this position for many years. If you need to speak with him, you may find him in Tel Aruhn. If you have never been there, Tel Aruhn is west of Sadrith Mora. I will mark it on your map."
    • "Archmagister Gothren never directly refuses requests; he just delays indefinitely, never giving an answer. I don't know of any solution, other than killing Gothren. I'll tell you plainly. I stand to gain if Archmagister Gothren dies. I say this so you won't think I'm trying to trick you. My advice is still good. Gothren won't name you Hortator, but he'll never come out and say so. And in House Telvanni it is customary to settle disputes in this manner."
  • Baladas:
    • "Baladas Demnevanni in a reclusive member of House Telvanni. He lives in Arvs Drelen just northwest of Gnisis."
    • "Have you convinced Baladas to join the Council?"
    • "His support on the Council will be useful to us."
  • chores:
    • "I believe we can arrange a situation to our mutual benefit. I will become your patron and ally in House Telvanni if you convince another potential ally, Baladas Demnevanni, to abandon his reclusive ways and join the Council."
    • "I have heard that the Blight has infested the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine."
  • join the Council:
    • "Yes, speak with Baladas Demnevanni and convince him to join the Council. With his support we can wrest control from the old, cautious, and unimaginative like Gothren and Neloth. Once you have convinced him, speak with me again and I will sponsor you in House Telvanni."
    • [Disposition +24. Silver Staff of Peace has been added to your inventory.] "Baladas will be joining the council, and, as we agreed, I will be your patron. Please accept this Silver Staff of Peace, the traditional patron's gift to his protege. You are now my Mouth in House Telvanni with all the duties and privileges of that rank."
    • "Baladas is now on the council. While I doubt he will participate as often as I would like, I expect we will have his vote on crucial issues."
  • Hlaalu Hortator: "There are two men you should speak with. Orvas Dren at the Dren Plantation and Crassius Curio in Vivec."
  • Llunela Hleran: "She is the hermitage at the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora."
  • Master Neloth: "He lives in Tel Naga, the tower in Sadrith Mora. He has a short temper, but he will listen to reason if you are persuasive enough. Do not expect him to be polite."
  • Mistress Dratha: "Mistress Dratha is the oldest living Telvanni Councilor and is sustained by the necromantic arts. She dislikes men of all races, though I do not know why. You may find her in her tower in Tel Mora."
  • Mistress Therana: "She has not aged well and becomes more eccentric every year. Her tower is in Tel Branora, which on Azura's Coast far to the southeast."
  • Mouth: "Each Mouth represents his or her patron, who is one of the older and more respected members of the Council. The Mouths receive messengers from their patrons and cast their patron's votes in the Council."
  • Raynasa Rethan:
    • "Rethan Manor is on the Odai Plateau. Follow the Odai River south from Balmora and you will see it on your right. Go there and slay this young Hlaalu noble."
    • "So Raynasa Rethan is no more. You are a credit to your House, %PCName."
    • "She is already dead? This is excellent news, %PCName."
    • "A stronghold is no good without its master."
  • Redoran Hortator: "I know little of House Redoran, but I have had dealings with Athyn Sarethi in the past. Perhaps you should speak with him first. He lives under Skar in Ald'ruhn."
  • stronghold: "For matters regarding your tower, you should speak with Llunela Hleran at the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora."
  • Telvanni bride: "Hmm. Well. No one can say you are too conventional. No. On careful reflection, I believe that a marriage of a Telvanni noble to an Ashlander ashkhan is impossible for all known definitions of possible. [Chuckle.] Sorry. Didn't mean to... [Chuckle.] Well.... You must admit, it does sound a rather silly idea, doesn't it?"
  • Telvanni Hortator:
    • "A Hortator is a special champion and war leader chosen to lead a Great House in war. Why do you ask?"
      • Ask how a Hortator is chosen. "All the Telvanni councilors would have to vote, and the vote would have to be unanimous."
      • Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator.
        • "Yes, I understand. You are willing to take the responsibility, and I am willing to vote for you as Hortator. I think the other Telvanni councilors will also cooperate, though some might need a little persuading. Master Neloth is ill-tempered, Mistress Dratha doesn't like men, and Mistress Therana is losing her mind. Archmagister Gothren is another problem. He will not refuse you directly, but will delay indefinitely. I recommend that you to kill Archmagister Gothren."
        • "Yes, I understand. You are willing to take the responsibility, and I am willing to vote for you as Hortator. I think the other Telvanni councilors will also cooperate, though some might need a little persuading. Master Neloth is ill-tempered and Mistress Therana is losing her mind. You are not a male, so Mistress Dratha will like you. Archmagister Gothren is another problem. He will not refuse you directly, but will delay indefinitely. I recommend that you to kill Archmagister Gothren."
    • "I have given you my own vote for Hortator of House Telvanni. But you must get the votes of all the surviving councilors."