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Milyn Faram (milyn faram)
Location Odirniran, Tower
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 16 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 121 Magicka 172
Alarm 30 Fight 90
Faction(s) House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman)
Milyn Faram

Milyn Faram is a Telvanni sorcerer of some renown, whose residence at the tower of Odirniran is under siege by a group of Hlaalu. He has taken Vedelea Othril prisoner for "experiments", and her sisters Farare and Remasa brought a rescue party to try and save her. Depending on which House you have joined, you will either help them or stop them.

Related Quests[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]


  • Milyn Faram's research has resulted in magical scrolls which can be used to summon Daedroth. If you rescue him from the Hlaalu and keep Vedelea unharmed, he will give you 7 of these. They can also be found in many other places as random loot. One guaranteed copy can be found on a table in Assu.