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Ice Nixad[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Ice Nixad.png
There is some debate among naturalists as to whether the Ice Nixad is a separate breed that is mainly seen in the winter because it hibernates during the warm months, or whether it's just a winter phase of ordinary Nixads that sometimes stays year-round.
Ice Nixad

The Ice Nixad was available in the Crown Store for 00300300 Crown Gems from December 13, 2018 to January 2, 2019, during the New Life Festival. Its default name is "Chilblain".

Ice-Glow Salamander[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Ice-Glow Salamander.png
While studying arcane husbandry, Mage Naleldil discovered a long-forgotten Ayleid ritual capable of granting luminescent qualities to common salamanders. Now, due to an unexpected population explosion, she gives them to those who impress her.
Ice-Glow Salamander

The Ice-Glow Salamander is available as an Epic-level reward in Gloomspore Crates. Its default name is "Stickytoes".

Appears only with Wrathstone

Icebound Dwarven Spider[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Icebound Dwarven Spider.png
One might think that being frozen in a glacier for several thousand years would damage a delicate mechanism like a Dwarven Spider, but in the case of the Icebound units it seems instead to have preserved them in perfect working order.
Icebound Dwarven Spider

The Icebound Dwarven Spider is awarded to those who complete the Frostvault Conqueror achievement. Its default name is "Skidley".

Iliac Spotted Goat[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Iliac Spotted Goat.png
Ask an Iliac Bay native what they'd miss most about their home and the answer might be the sight of tree-climbing spotted goats. Fortunately for these goat-lovers, the creatures now bleat their way from the bay to climb all manner of trees in new homes.
Iliac Spotted Goat

The Iliac Spotted Goat is available as a Superior-level reward in Iron Atronach Crates. Its default name is "Timberblat".

Imgakin Monkey[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Imgakin Monkey.png
The imgakin monkey pet is lively and cheerful, even in the grimmest of dungeons.
A pet Imgakin Monkey

The Imgakin Monkey was given to players who participated in any of the weekend PC beta events. Its default name is "Raisins".

Imperial War Mastiff[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Imperial War Mastiff.png
Mastiffs are the most common breed used by the Imperial Legions as battle dogs. The Imperial War Mastiff in particular is the mascot and symbol of the storied Second Legion, headquartered in peacetime in the vicinity of Bruma.
Imperial War Mastiff

The Imperial War Mastiff was available from the Mysterious Reward Boxes from the Ten Million Stories dungeon reward event. It later became available in the Crown Store for 010001000 Crowns from September 3 to 6, 2018. Its default name is "Brutus".

Infernal Sep Adder[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Infernal Sep Adder.png
Though it may look like it just crawled from the depths of the Deadlands, the Infernal Sep Adder is actually native to the higher altitudes of Hammerfell. As pets, they are … not exactly affectionate. Great conversation starters, though. Wear heavy gauntlets when handling.
Infernal Sep Adder

The Infernal Sep Adder was available in the Crown Store for 010001,000 Crowns from September 22 to 26, 2016. It returned to the Crown Store from January 25 through 28, 2021, and was offered at a discount to ESO Plus Members for 00800800 Crowns. Its default name is "Atrocity".

Infernium Dwarven Spiderling[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Infernium Dwarven Spiderling.png
"The Dwarven Spiderlings from the Infernium Forge are unusual and distinctive, indicating to this Dwemer scholar that they all come from the hand of a single Deep Elf artisan." —Guylaine Marilie
Infernium Dwarven Spiderling

The Infernium Dwarven Spiderling is available to users who verify the email associate with their Elder Scrolls Online account and opt in to marketing emails in their account preferences. Players who have already verified their email and opted in to marketing emails need only log in to the Elder Scrolls Online website to be able to receive this pet. Codes for the Infernium Dwarven Spiderling was distributed to users throughout the month of July in 2020. Its default name is "Emberlegs".