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Kaleidotropic Dragon Frog[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Kaleidotropic Dragon Frog.png
This little critter's bright, beautiful colors are actually a warning to predators that it's a potent mouthful of poison. Fortunately for Tamriel's humanoid mortals, its venom affects them as no more than a mild hallucinogen.
Kaleidotropic Dragon Frog

The Kaleidotropic Dragon Frog is available from the Xanmeer Crown Crates as an Epic-level reward. It spews green fire. Its default name is "Touch-Me-Not".

Karthwasten Silver Boar[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Karthwasten Silver Boar.png
Silver hide and dark gray stripes mark these domesticated boars, which once ran wild around Karthwasten. Their stomachs run on a tight schedule, making them perfect for those who lose track of time. Nothing like waking up to boar snuffles in your ear!

An upcoming pet. Its default name is "Snuffles".

Karth Winter Hound[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Karth Winter Hound.png
The Karth Winter Hound is the snow-white breed of the Markarth Bear Dog, snowy year-round for hunting in Skyrim's snow-capped peaks. Some Reach clans reserve the Winter Hounds solely for chieftains.
ON-card-Karth Winter Hound.png
Karth Winter Hound
The Karth Winter Hound is an upcoming pet that has yet to become obtainable. Its default name is "Snow Snarl".

Karth Winter Pup[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Karth Winter Pup.png
When the Karth Winter Hound has puppies, it even softens the Briarhearts of the Reachmen. Who's a good barbarian pup-pup, then? Is it you? It IS you!
A playful Karth Winter Pup

The Karth Winter Pup is available as an Epic Reward in Dragonscale Crown Crates. Its default name is "Snowdrift".

Karthwolf Shepherd[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Karthwolf Shepherd.png
The Reachmen of Western Skyrim use their domesticated ice wolves to protect their clans' livestock. they also keep the herds healthy, as the Karthwolves themselves will cull out the weaklings.
Karthwolf Shepherd

Karthwolf Shepherds were available from the Crown Store for 010001000 Crowns and with the Horns of the Reach Collectors Bundle. Its default name is "Icepack".

Kindlespit Dragon Frog[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Kindlespit Dragon Frog.png
The common or Kindlespit Dragon Frog is an engagingly preposterous little pal whose antics never fail to amuse. Hammerfell tales say the huge Dragons of ancient legend were all turned into these tiny flame-puffing hoppers.

Kindlespit Dragon Frogs are available from the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns. It occasionally breathes fire. Its default name is "Heartburn".