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White River Ice Wolf Pup[edit]

ON-icon-pet-White River Ice Wolf Pup.png
The Ice Wolves that lope along the White River of northeast Skyrim are associated with both the goddess Mara and the Wolf Totem of Atmora - but it's mighty hard to think of their mythic stature when you're rolling around in the snow with an Ice Wolf Puppy!
White River Ice Wolf Pup

The White River Ice Wolf Pup was available in the Crown Store for 1,000 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png for a limited time, and in the Flame Atronach Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Wurf".

White Torchbug[edit]

ON-icon-pet-White Torchbug.png
Some believe that gaining Meridia's favor is like gripping a double-edged blade tightly with bare hands. Yet, if you perform an action she likes, she may gift you with a White Torchbug—perhaps the least worrisome of her favors!

The White Torchbug is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Sparky".

White-Gold Imperial Pony[edit]

ON-icon-pet-White-Gold Imperial Pony.png
The White-Gold Imperial Pony was said to have made its debut as the birthday present for a noble's daughter, though which family claims this prestige is still hotly debated throughout Cyrodiil.
White-Gold Imperial Pony

White-Gold Imperial Ponies were available from the Crown Store for 010001,000 Crowns. Its default name is "Goldie".

Whiterun Mottled Goat[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Whiterun Mottled Goat.png
Known for both their stubbornness and their ability to climb on structures at the worst possible times, the Whiterun Mottled Goat picks a favorite person and tries to follow them. Affectionate? Only if you find gentle headbutts to be so.
Whiterun Mottled Goat

The Whiterun Mottled Goat is available as a Superior-level reward in Nightfall Crates. Its default name is "Cheesemonger".

Whiterun Wolfhound[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Whiterun Wolfhound.png
The hunting dog of the Nords of Skyrim, known to face down sabre cats for their masters.
A pet Whiterun Wolfhound

The Whiterun Wolfhound is a gray wolfhound dog that was given to players who ordered the Imperial Edition on Steam before July 21, 2014. It also comes with the purchase of the official Elder Scrolls Online Nord figurine from Symbiote Studios (redeemable only on PC/Mac; not to be confused with the Pop! Vinyl Nord figurine). Its default name is "Horker".

Wickerfright Banekin[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Wickerfright Banekin.png
"Witches refused to share the grisly secrets of the Wickerfright summoning ritual … until now. Upon appearing, its wooden countenance twists into an eerie smile—a frightful expression, indeed!"—Warlock Aldaale
Wickerfright Banekin

The Wickerfright Banekin was available as the day 21 daily reward for May 2020. Its default name is "Twistroot".

Windhelm Wolfhound[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Windhelm Wolfhound.png
Descended from royal hunting dogs, Windhelm Wolfhounds are known as steadfast companions.
A pet Windhelm Wolfhound

The Windhelm Wolfhound is a brown wolfhound dog that is available from the Crown Store for 400 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png, or as part of the various Starter Pack bundles that have been released. Its default name is "Wurfles". The pet was originally announced as the "Riften Wolfhound" following player feedback after the release of the Whiterun Wolfhound on Steam.

Winterhold Wolfhound[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Winterhold Wolfhound.png
North of Windhelm in Skyrim, where the snow on the heights never melts, the Nords' great Wolfhounds have lighter and fluffier fur coats. In addition to barking, they even howl a bit like the wolves they pursue.
A Winterhold Wolfhound

The Winterhold Wolfhound is a pet that is available as an Epic-level reward in Dragonscale Crown Crates. Its default name is "Drift Dog".

Witch's Infernal Familiar[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Witch's Infernal Familiar.png
Equipped with a hat, this black cat makes its way in the world at your side, leaving little fiery pawprints behind as it goes.
Witch's Infernal Familiar

The Witch's Infernal Familiar was available in the Crown Store for 010001000 Crowns during the first week of the 2019 Witch's Festival. It leaves behind flaming paw prints as it walks. Its default name is "Flamepaws".

Witches Party Ghost Netch[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Witches Party Ghost Netch.png

The Witches Party Ghost Netch is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Li'l Avalanche".

Wolf-Lizard Pup[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Wolf-Lizard Pup.png
The Wolf-Lizard Pup is simply adorable when it tries to howl, just hisses instead, and looks ever so confused.

The Wolf-Lizard Pup is an upcoming pet. Its default name is "Hissy Howl".

Wrothgar Buck Goat[edit]

ON-icon-pet-Wrothgar Buck Goat.png
The Orcs of Wrothgar have a hardy breed of goats well-suited to the area's rugged terrain and changeable climate. Each goatherd particularly prizes his herd's master Buck Goat; these tend to be both intelligent and pugnacious, good animal companions.
A Wrothgar Buck Goat

The Wrothgar Buck Goat is available from the Crown Store for 700 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png. Its default name is "Billy".