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Auriel's Bow

Auriel's Bow is an artifact associated with the Elven God Auriel, and is an artifact to potentially be released in the future. Sheogorath unleashed the various artifacts upon Cyrodiil for the purpose of putting an end to his boredom surrounding the lack of chaos in the Three Banners War, and for the fun of keeping his Daedric siblings on their guard.

Auriel's Bow increases all of your stats, making you a truly formidable foe. While you carry this weapon, you may not use any other skills.

Skill Perks[edit]

These abilities have been datamined as placeholders and are not finalized, the complete abilities will be much more detailed.

The Auriel's Bow skill line is immediately available to anyone who wields the weapon. Skills include:


  • The numbers displayed here are the base values for the skills. Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000. The actual numbers you see in the game may depend on a variety of factors, including skill line rank, your equipped weapons and armor, other skills, enchantments, etc. As such, they should only be used as a comparative reference.

Ultimate Abilities[edit]

These abilities must be activated manually, for a cost of Ultimate.

ON-icon-skill-Auriel's Bow-Ultimate.png Auriel's Bow
Line Auriel's Bow
Line Rank 1 Cost 250 Ultimate
Cast Time Instant Duration 10 seconds
Target Ground
Area 2.8 meters
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Auriel's Bow: Create a globe of magic suppression, instantly removing all enemy area of effect abilities. Enemies within the globe are stunned for 12 seconds. Enemy players will be silenced rather than stunned. The globe also damages enemies for 184 Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Active Abilities[edit]

These abilities must be activated manually, for a cost.

Skill Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost Description
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Focused Aim.png Auriel's Bow Ability 1 1050 Enemy 4000 0 0 3240
ON-icon-skill-Siphoning-Siphoning Strikes.png Auriel's Bow Ability 2 0 Self 0 0 30 seconds 1351 Imbue your weapons with soul-stealing power, causing your Light and Heavy Attacks to heal you for 1438 Health for 20 seconds. Fully charged Heavy Attacks restore twice the value.
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Snipe.png Auriel's Bow - Sky arrows 0 N/A 5000 0 0 0
ON-icon-death-Fire Melee.png Auriel's Fire 0 Enemy 2800 0 4000 0
ON-icon-death-Ranged Basic.png Auriel's Bow Light Attack 0 Enemy 2800 0 0 0 Deals 368 Physical Damage
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Auriel's Bow Heavy Attack 0 Enemy 2800 0 0 0 Hold to charge up a heavy attack · Deals up to 768 Physical Damage
ON-icon-skill-Aedric Spear-Spear Shards.png Auriel's Bow Synergy 0 Self 0 0 0 0

Passive Abilities[edit]

These abilities are ongoing.

Skill Description
ON-icon-skill-Bow-Accuracy.png Auriel's Bow Accuracy WITH BOW EQUIPPED Increases Weapon Critical rating by 1095.
ON-icon-skill-Soul Magic-Soul Shatter.png Heavy Attack Damage Bonus Increase damage dealt
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