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In Elder Scrolls Online, every character must choose a class at the start of the game. Each of the six classes are open to customization, although some may be more suited to certain roles than others. All weapons and armor are available, no matter your chosen class or race. Every class comes with three unique skill lines.

Playable Classes[edit]

ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png Dragonknight
ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png Nightblade
ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png Sorcerer
ON-icon-class-Templar.png Templar
ON-icon-class-Warden.png Warden Morrowind[a]
ON-icon-class-Necromancer.png Necromancer Elsweyr[b]
^aThe warden class was included with the chapter version of Morrowind, but can now be purchased separately from the Crown Store for 015001500 Crowns
^bThe necromancer class is available in the Elsweyr chapter, but can now be purchased separately from the Crown Store for 015001500 Crowns

NPC Classes[edit]

Class Specialisation Weapons Armor
Arbalest Ranged Bow & Arrows Medium
Archer Ranged Bow & Arrows Medium
Assassin Melee Dual Weapons Medium
Battlemage Melee & Magic Staff Light
Beastcaller Melee and Magic Sword and Shield Heavy
Berserker Melee Dual Weapons Medium
Blood Mage Magic Staff (Fear) Light
Bodyguard Melee One-handed & Shield Heavy
Bonelord Melee & Magic One-handed Light
Bounty Hunter Melee & Posion Dual Weapons Medium
Brute Melee One-handed & Shield Heavy
Cauterizer Magic Staff (Restoration) Light
Chemist Alchemy & Melee One-handed Light
Chillfiend Magic Staff (Frost & Void) Light
Dreadweaver Magic Staff (Frost & Shadow) Light
Eviscerator Melee One-Handed & Shield Heavy
Fear Mage Magic Staff (Fear) Light
Feral Melee Hands Any
Fire Mage Magic Staff (Fire) Light
Flame Adept Melee & Magic Hands Light
Foot Soldier Melee & Ranged One-handed Medium
Frost Mage Magic Staff (Frost) Light
Healer Magic Staff (Restoration) Light
Honor Guard Melee & Ranged One-handed Heavy
Icereaver Melee & Magic Two-handed Heavy
Knight Melee One-handed & Shield Heavy
Mage Guard Magic Staff (Lightning) Light
Necromancer Magic Staff (Necromantic) Light
Nightblade Melee Dual Weapons Medium
Nullifier Melee Two-handed Heavy
Pet Ranger Ranged Bow & Arrows Medium
Poison Archer Ranged Bow & Arrows Medium
Ravager Melee Two-handed Heavy
Reach Mage Ranged Staff or One-handed Light
Sea Mage Ranged Staff (Lightning) Light
Shadow Mage Magic Staff (Shadow) Light
Shaman Melee & Magic One-handed Light
Shade Sentinel Melee & Magic Dual Weapons Medium
Sentry Melee One-handed & Torch Heavy
Spellblade Melee & Magic Two-handed (Sword) Heavy
Spirit Master Magic Staff Light
Storm Mage Magic Staff (Lightning) Light
Sun Mage Melee & Magic Two-handed Heavy
Swashbuckler Alchemy & Melee One-handed Light
Tank Melee One-handed & Shield Heavy
Thundermaul Melee Two-handed Heavy
Time Bomb Mage Magic Staff Light
Vanquisher Melee & Ranged One-handed and Javelins Medium
Void Mage Ranged Staff (Void) Light
Void Striker Melee and Magic Two-handed Light
Warpriest Melee Sword & Shield Heavy


  • The Warden class was planned during the beta but was scrapped before being added again in Update 14. A sixth class, the Battlemage, was also originally planned.