The Deadlands


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Home City Fargrave
Location Fargrave Wayshrine, Plaza of Portals, The House of Whims
Race Skaafin Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Hezehk is a Skaafin who can be found at the wayshrine in Fargrave. He acts as an alternative quest giver for main quest of the Deadlands. He is indebted for centuries worth of time to Madam Whim following an incident involving the butterfly wing truffles at the House of Whims, now serving as her concierge.

Related Quests[edit]


Aside from his quest specific dialogue below, Hezehk can be asked about his relationship with Madam Whim:

You're indebted to Madam Whim?
"That surprises you? Oh the freedom to be as clueless as a stupid mortal! Yes, I'm bound to Madam Whim. In her service until I pay off the massive debt I accumulated at the House of Whims. When was that? Oh yes. Well before the Dwarves disappeared."
You know about the Dwarves?
"While I may not like mortals, I've always found the events on Nirn to be fascinating. I loved getting summoned by mortal wizards. Oh, not because I like serving them. But because I could often trick them and then wander off and explore for a time."
So how did you wind up in Madam Whim's service?
"I'd rather not say. But Hezehk suggests you avoid the butterfly wing truffles at the House of Whims. Those intoxicating tidbits can be quite addictive!"

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Durance Vile[edit]

Hezehk will be waiting for you at the Fargrave Wayshrine:

Hezehk: "Hey, Nirnling! Yes, you! I've got a message for you."

Speaking to him:

"Look at what poor Hezehk has been reduced to. Delivering messages to the likes of you."
You have a message for me?
"Hezehk doesn't want to be doing this. I'd rather be set free by Madam Whim so I could do as I please. And what I please doesn't include delivering messages to mortals.
But here we are. Madam Whim sent me to tell you. Lyranth demands your presence."
Lyranth? Where is she?
"I relay messages—directions are hardly my concern. But I imagine you'll find Lyranth in the private room above the House of Whims in Fargrave.
Why she allows the Dremora and her entourage to use it is beyond my comprehension."
I'll go meet Lyranth at the House of Whims.
"That's that. Another century off my debt!
Be on your way, mortal. To the House of Whims! I heard your friends talking about the Bladebearers clan 
[sic]. And something called a Riven Cataclyst. Hezehk's not supposed to listen, but you all talk so loud!"

Speaking to him furthermore:

You're indebted to Madam Whim?
"That surprises you? Oh the freedom to be as clueless as a stupid mortal! Yes, I'm bound to Madam Whim. In her service until I pay off the massive debt I accumulated at the House of Whims. When was that? Oh yes. Well before the Dwarves disappeared."
You know about the Dwarves?
"While I may not like mortals, I've always found the events on Nirn to be fascinating. I loved getting summoned by mortal wizards. Oh, not because I like serving them. But because I could trick them and then wander off and explore for a time."
So how did you wind up with in Madam Whim's service?
"I'd rather not say. But Hezehk suggests you avoid the butterfly wing truffles at the House of Whims. Those intoxicating tidbits can be quite addictive!"

Born of Grief[edit]

Hezehk will be waiting for you at the Fargrave or Wretched Spire Wayshrines:

Hezehk: "Mortal! Heed me!"

When you talk to him:

"I've dragged my sorry horns halfway across the Aurbis chasing after your mortal carcass.
You're wanted. In the Deadlands. At Wretched Spire."
What's this all about?
"Lyranth sent word to Madam Whim. Asked her to locate you and send you to Wretched Spire. So of course, Madam Whim makes me run all over Oblivion and back to find you.
If this didn't help reduce my debt, I wouldn't have even bothered."
Do you happen to know what this is all about?
"I may or may not have overheard a thing or two. Something about something you learned from some mad prisoner named Elegian? The Riven Cataclyst hidden atop Annihilarch's Summit?
I suppose Lyranth wants you to assault the summit. Good luck with that!"
I'll go to Wretched Spire and talk to Lyranth.
"Remember, Wretched Spire. In the Deadlands. If you don't meet Lyranth there by the appointed time, Madam Whim won't reduce my debt. Then I'll have done all that running around for nothing."


ON-npc-Hezehk 02.jpg

Hezehk will now be found at the Plaza of Portals, in front of the stairs to Ri:

Hezehk: "Over here, mortal."

When you talk to him:

"There you are, mortal. I bring a message from Madam Whim. You should feel honored that she takes an interest in your activities."
What's the message?
"Lyranth the Dremora requires your presence at the House of Whims in Fargrave. She says the Order of the Waking Flame is still a threat to our realm—and yours."
Did Lyranth say anything else?
"To me? No. But I can't help but hear when she and Madam Whim are talking. Lyranth seeks a place called Deadlight. Says the cult may have a stronghold there.
A lot of fuss over an ancient legend, if you ask me."
I'll meet Lyranth at the House of Whims.

Speaking to him again:

"Why do you wait? You're required at the House of Whims!

Against All Hope[edit]

Hezehk will be at the Plaza of Portals again. When approaching him, he will say "Why must I be the one to fetch you, mortal."

Speaking to him:

"This is the truest torment. To spend eternity trying to catch up to you.
Do all mortals move from place to place as much as you do?"
I assume you have a message for me?
"What do you think? Lyranth needs her pet mortal back at the House of Whims. Something about Valkynaz Nokvroz and the Anchorite. I think he's holding her prisoner in his fortress, Ardent Hope."
Anything else I need to know?
"She said something about a portal key, but I'm not an expert on such relics. Madam Whim, however, adores studying the wretched things.
If I were you, I'd be worried about assaulting a mountain of fire. Sounds unhealthy to me. Now, go!"
All right. I'll return to the House of Whims and speak with Lyranth.

Speaking to him again:

"I have relayed the message as commanded. The things I do to reduce my enormous amount of debt. Now go. They're waiting for you at the House of Whims!"
Hezehk sending you praise

In the House of Whims: Hezehk will be kneeling behind Whim, bowing profusely, despite what he has to say:

"All this toil and still so far from my freedom!
Value that, mortal. You may spend your days avoiding death, but at least your path is one of your own choosing."

Ambition's End[edit]

Hezehk will be back at the Fargrave Wayshrine, speaking to him to start the quest:

Hezehk: "Mortal, I bear a message from Lyranth."

Hearing him out:

"Madam Whim once again forces me to carry messages for her preferred customers. The Dremora who orders you about, Lyranth. She and the mortals demand your presence at the House of Whims in Fargrave.
Is there any more to the actual message, Hezehk?
"More? Is Hezehk a memory stone? Do you expect me to recite the angry Dremora's words exactly as she yelled them at me?
At least the cute Wood Elf was nice to Hezehk. And the Anchorite always has a kind word. Weaklings!"
I know you heard something.
"I may have heard something about Ambitions, someone named Sombren, and a possible weapon to use against Mehrunes Dagon. But that's all I heard, and I don't want to know anymore!
You should head to the House of Whims as soon as possible."
I'll meet Lyranth at the House of Whims.

Speaking to him again:

"Your allies are waiting for you at the House of Whims in Fargrave. It seems that you have some unfinished business in the Deadlands—or so I might have overheard."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

In Fargrave, he will be waiting at the Plaza of portals, he will say "Another message for you, mortal."

Speaking to him to start the quest:

"Ah, there you are, mortal.
I serve Madam Whim, not your perky Wood Elf friend. Please keep that in mind. That being said, I shall deliver the Wood Elf's request to you. She wishes to meet with you at your earliest convenience."
Where can I find her?
"She awaits you in Wretched Spire, in the Deadlands. She seemed quite impatient. I imagine she is not as strict a master as Madam Whim or Lyranth, but still, I would not delay."
Do you know what she wants?
"I am a messenger, not a confidant. I am not privy to the details, but I heard talk of Leyawiin and a gathering of allies. If you wish to know more, I suggest you ask her yourself.
I have much work to do for Madam Whim. It's time I return to it."
I'll find Eveli in Wretched Spire.
"Now, if you excuse me, I must get back to my actual work.
Run along to Wretched Spire and tell the Wood Elf not to call on me again."
Did Eveli tell you we defeated Mehrunes Dagon?
"Yes, at length, with many hand gestures. Quite thrilling.
I suppose congratulations are in order. But there will be time for that later. I am quite busy at the moment, and you are expected elsewhere."
I'll get going then.

Exit Madam Whim's and you'll see an Ogrim feasting on an unknown meal with a fretting Skaafin standing next to him:

Hezehk: "Stop stuffing your gullet! Madam Whim will be displeased if we do not keep moving!"

Speaking to him:

"Oh, it's you. Did Madam Whim send you?
Tell her it's not my fault, our lack of progress. My friend here stopped for a … light snack."
Have you seen Lyranth?
"Yes and no.
There are strange wisps about, we have been following them. When I touched one, I saw an apparition of the Dremora."
An apparition?
"It was Lyranth for certain, but only an echo of her. It must have something to do with the great power she is attempting to control.
Follow the wisps, you'll understand what I mean. And keep me from having to face Madam Whim empty handed."
Hezehk in Leyawiin Castle

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"So many mortals in one place. How do you all stand the overwhelming odor?"

After Eveli gives her speech:

"Mehrunes Dagon, defeated by mortals! I did not think such a thing was possible.
Madam Whim seems pleased. Perhaps that will make my existence under her more bearable."
Appears only with Necrom

Piteous Envoys[edit]

You can encounter Hezehk in Apocrypha, where he is huddled near the roads leading to The Ravening Morass.

He can be heard to piteously complain:

Hezehk: "Hezehk will never pay off the debt now."

Speaking with him to see what is going on:

If you previously met in Fargrave:
"And now you're here. That mortal I chased after in Fargrave. Perfect.
Do you enjoy seeing Hezehk in the dirt? Robbed of the one thing Madam Whim asked me to keep safe. My debt to her will never end after this."
"Yet another creature approaches poor Hezehk. This time a mortal. Will you rob me as well? I have nothing. Less than nothing once Madam Whim adds to my debt."
Someone robbed you? What did they steal?
"They stole a secret! I carried it through this awful Ravening Morass to trade at the Obscured Forum. Madam Whim wants a boon from Hermaeus Mora.
But, the Voidprowler clan found me. Kicked me! Then, stole the secret. I'll never get it back."
Why can't you steal it back from the Voidprowlers?
"They would just kick me again. I'd need help. You could help! Mortals like gold, right? I have some.
We'll find the Voidprowlers and then you'll take the secret. Maybe kick them back? Then you can keep Hezehk safe while we finish my job."
I'll help take back your secret from the Voidprowlers and trade it at the Obscured Forum.
"I can track the Voidprowlers with my mirror, but I lost it when they chased me. Look around some stairs by the shore. And grab anything that might belong to the thieves. That'll be helpful.
That's it. Get walking. I hear mortals require exercise."

You can then ask Hezehk some questions before you leave for the southern stairs:

You carry secrets? / So, you carry secrets?
"When required. I don't have much choice. Hezehk's debt to Madam Whim is long. And only getting longer.
So, yes, I carry secrets. Fetch people. Do her shopping. Whatever she asks."
How does someone carry a secret?
"That's an odd question. How do you carry anything? You put it in your pocket. Or maybe your pack if it's a big secret. Several hundred years ago, I hired an imp-drawn cart to convey a particularly large secret for Madam Whim."
A secret isn't a physical item, though.
"Pfft, physical item. What's physical? Am I physical? I made this meat heap you see out of energies from Oblivion. So what am I—physical or energy?
Mortals have souls, yes? Are you meat or a soul? Both, right? There you go."
Then, what does the secret you lost look like?
"First, I didn't lose it. It was stolen.
Anyway, it looks like a … what do mortals call it? Thing you use to eat? A fork! Yeah. Couldn't tell you why it chose to look like that, though. Secrets aren't known for explaining themselves."
How's Madam Whim these days? Deadlands
"Busy. People always need something from her. The House of Whims gets so full that I need a side entrance just to get in.
Of course, when she's busy that means I run all over Oblivion with menial tasks."
Who are these Voidprowlers? / Who are these Voidprowlers that stole the secret?
"They're a Dremora clan. Ignore the exciting name; no one sees them as more than petty brutes.
Since anyone in Apocrypha probably has a secret or two, the Voidprowlers can easily steal them from the unsuspecting."
What do they do with the secrets?
"Trade them for something they want. I see them in Fargrave sometimes. Always pushing people around. Sometimes they even do business with Madam Whim.
Ah, that's how they knew poor Hezehk carried a secret. Probably tracked me the whole time."
Why did you come to the Ravening Morass?
"Wasn't my choice. Madam Whim wants a boon from the big Eye-in-the-Sky. Wait, I should probably be respectful while I'm here.
Anyway, the Ravening Morass is where they built the Obscured Forum. And that's where I can get the boon. So, here I am."
Do you know anything else about this area?
"What's there to know? Look around—it's a morass. I don't really know what a ravening is, but I'm sure it's that too.
I guess it's not the worst place in Oblivion. Coldharbour? Now, that's awful. Or Nirn! So boring. Ever been? Oh, uh, never mind."
What's in the Obscured Forum? / What's in the Obscured Forum that you mentioned?
"I guess you'd understand the Forum as a big marketplace, but instead of buying things mortals use, you trade knowledge. It has any kind—truths, fantasies, wisdom, whatever you need."
And you can trade the secret there?
"If I get it back, then yes. Inside the Forum is a thing called the Intake Maw. You can deposit some knowledge into it. It's sufficiently powerful, the Maw delivers a boon from Hermaeus Mora.
I suppose Madam Whim thinks this secret has enough power."
Do you know what the secret is?
"No? It's a secret.
Secrets rapidly lose value the more people know it. If it becomes worthless and Hezehk can't trade it for a boon, Madam Whim will just add even more to my debt."
Can I ask about something else?
"I suppose you can. It's not like we need to catch up with escaping thieves or anything.
Honestly, I'm happy to talk about anything other than this place."

After you have spoken with Hezehk and ended the conversation, he will become your follower:

Hezehk: "Now Hezehk relies on mortal help. What's become of me?"

Once you have reached the southern stairs of the Morass:

Hezehk: "Look for my mirror. And see if the Voidprowlers dropped anything."

You can speak with him some more here:

"Hezehk is many things—courier, housekeeper, poet. But I am no fighter. If I roam about in search of the mirror myself, I'll get eaten.
This is why you are here. Find the mirror. And if you see any items the Voidprowlers left behind, grab them."
You're a poet?
"No! I never said that. Why would you think such a thing?
Mortals talk too much. Leave Hezehk be and find the mirror."

Hezehk will comment as you find various things.

The location where he was robbed:

Hezehk: "Here's where those thieves ambushed me!"

Shred of Fabric:

Hezehk: "Is that cloth? Yes, good. Useful."

Empty Leather Satchel:

Hezehk: "People leave trash everywhere, don't they?"

Voidprowler Journal:

Hezehk: "Why would Voidprowler brutes keep notes?"

Hezehk's Magical Mirror: Approaching the mirror:

Hezehk: "I see my mirror! Could be a trap. You get it."

Picking it up:

Hezehk: "My mirror! Is it broken?"

After you have found all the items, he will call you over:

Hezehk: "That's enough. Bring what you found to Hezehk."

Talk with him to hand over the items:

"The mortal keeps Hezehk waiting with anticipation. I can stand here forever! You're the one who grows old.
But you found my mirror and that's what matters. I'll use it to track the Voidprowlers. Assuming you found something of theirs as an anchor."
Here's a scrap of fabric, an empty satchel, and a soggy notebook.
"Mortals are quite skilled at picking up garbage, aren't they? Anyway. This fabric tore off a Voidprowler's tunic. I grabbed for it as I fell. We'll use this to track the thieves.
This notebook … I knew it! They did follow me from Fargrave."
What about the satchel?
"It's nothing. Not every piece of detritus you see on the ground is about you."
Find the Voidprowlers, then.
"You don't give Hezehk orders! But, yes, I'll use this cloth and notebook to locate them.
Hmm, should have guessed. They went to the Obscured Forum. Right where I was headed. I bet they plan to trade the secret for their own boon. That's my job!"
We should go recover your secret.
"Head south and you'll find the Obscured Forum. Hard to miss. Look for the books. We'll catch the Voidprowlers there and take back my secret."

If you speak with him some more, you can learn a bit more about the Skaafin:

How does your mirror track people?
"The mortal knows very little about Skaafin, yes? My mirror shows me other places in Oblivion. Usually places I've already been to.
This time, I used that junk you found as an anchor to the Voidprowlers. That lets the mirror show me where they went."

At the entrance to the Obscured Forum, you will find the bodies of several Voidprowlers and one survivor:

Hezehk: "One of the thieves! You talk to her. It could be a trick."
Voidprowler Dys: "Ah, great. Now you're here."

Speaking with Hezehk before Dys:

"That's one of them. Voidprowler thief! Yeah, you heard me! Hezehk isn't afraid of you.
You go talk to her, mortal. I'll just stand back and supervise."

Talking with Voidprowler Dys, she will explain they were attacked by the Darkreaves. Afterwards, Hezehk will be insistent that you enter the Forum:

Hezehk: "Get inside. We're losing time."

Talking with him before going in:

"Voidprowler Zavaal. The clan leader probably has Madam Whim's secret, yes? Let's go, then."

Once inside the Forum, Hezehk will comment:

Hezehk: "Now we find that secret! Hezehk will let you lead."

Speaking with him here:

"Madam Whim described this place as large. She understated it!
What the injured Voidprowler said about the Darkreaves—do you think she lied? To scare you, I mean. Since you're a mortal. I don't care."

Going through the Forum:

Hezehk: "See here? The intake chamber. Deposit a secret, get a boon."

Hezehk will soon approach the balcony overlooking the massive library and complain:

Hezehk: "No, no, no! It's too big. We need a plan. Talk with me."

Talk with him to see what ideas he has:

"The Obscured Forum is too big! Ugh, why can't you summon portals? Hezehk's can only fit one person.
I don't want to leave your side. Too dangerous. For you. So, we search on foot. Miserable."
We don't know where to look.
"The longer we wander aimlessly, the more likely a swarm of Darkreaves tears us apart. This is impossible. I suppose I'll prepare myself for another thousand years of serving Madam Whim."
We still have the mirror. It can track them again.
"Now you're giving me orders, can Hezehk ever make a decision of his own? Yes, of course, let me do as you wish.
Hmm … it does appear the leader was here recently and we might find him in that large room below us."
Let's go find the leader.

After your conversation, Hezehk will give a warning:

Hezehk: "Watch for the Darkreaves. They hide in the dark. Naturally."

Speaking to him again:

"Sure glad I remembered to use this mirror. Certainly didn't need a mortal to remind me.
Fine, fine. Good idea. I'll guide us based on what I see. You just keep us safe."

You soon come across the dying Voidprowler Zavaal:

Voidprowler Zavaal: "Oh. The runt's here."
<Voidprowler Zavaal dies.>
Hezehk: "That's him! He kicked me! Does he have the secret?"
<Hezehk runs over and reads the scroll next to Zavaal.>

Speaking with Hezehk before searching the body:

"I found him! Search his pockets for the secret."

Your search finds nothing:

Hezehk: "The secret isn't here. I've failed."

Talk to Hezehk to encourage him to try something else:

"All the Voidprowlers are dead. Stuck in the Obscured Forum. And the secret's still lost. I'm a failure, mortal. I let Madam Whim down.
She's going to add more years to my debt, I mean."
We could keep searching.
"You don't understand. Secrets want to hide. They change appearance to blend in. Hezehk bets this one looks like a book now, because, look around!
We can't find one secret among all these tomes. No, I'll just have to go back to Fargrave."
Can your mirror locate the secret?
"No, all I see in it is my pitiful face. Just how Madam Whim must see me. Wait. Hold on. Lost items.
Yes! How could Hezehk forget? I know a spell. It reveals anything that's lost. It's … it's how I met Madam Whim. But I need reagents."
What do you need?
"Let's see. What's useful in a book store? Get me a tomeshell feather, a glob of mold—red, not green—and, oh right, a quill. Hezehk has never had a great memory, but that should do it."
I'll track down those reagents.
"Everything I listed should be plentiful here. Tomeshells are everywhere, so finding a feather is easy. For red mold, it grows in dark corners. And a quill? Look on a desk.
I'll stay with you to make sure you get the right things."

You have the option of asking some questions about the spell:

You said this spell is how you met Madam Whim?
"Did I? I don't think so. Hezehk didn't know mortals were prone to hear things that were never said. That I certainly never said. And if I had said it, I wouldn't tell you anyway."
Tell me more about this spell you plan to use.
"Long ago, before I worked for Madam Whim, I found things. It was my whole existence. Lose something? I'd find it. Mortals summoned me just because they needed stuff found.
This spell helped me do that. It's been a while, but I'll remember it."

As you find the reagants, Hezehk will comment on them:

Tomeshell Feather

Hezehk: "Tomeshell feather, good. I hate those pests."

Red Mold

Hezehk: "That's the red kind, right? Perfect."

Ink Quill

Hezehk: "That tip should be sharp enough."

After you have found all of the reagents, Hezehk will comment:

Hezehk: "Too cramped. Hezehk needs space for the spell. Deeper into Forum we go!"
<Hezehk runs over to a door.>
Hezehk: "I hear the echo of a hall. Should be plenty of space for the spell. Meet Hezehk inside!"

Speaking to him after getting the items:

"That's everything. I need space to craft the spell. Deeper into the Forum we go!"

Follow Hezehk inside and he will be on platform looking over a vast hall filled with books:

Hezehk: "Perfect. My spell will cover a wide area here. Don't dawdle. Bring those reagents here."

Talk with Hezehk to see what he needs you to do:

"After so many years, Hezehk feels uncertain about this. Do I still have the skill? What if it turns me inside-out? Or I fall through a portal into the lap of a Havocrel?"
Madam Whim needs you to do this. Here are the reagents.
"Yes, that's right. And I need to do this. To reduce my debt, of course.
I'll need perfect concentration, so don't bother me! Head down into the hall. When I've located the secret, you should collect it."
Anything else I should know?
"While Hezehk knows what he's doing, I might not get this right the first time, so you'll need to be patient.
I'll call out the location of where I think it is and you go there and look for it. When you see it, collect it for me!"
I'll follow your directions and find the secret.

Once you have spoken with him, Hezehk will cast the spell and a green flare appears below:

Hezehk: "I think I found the secret. Follow the flare!"

Speaking to him before going to the flare site:

"You have your task, mortal, and I have mine. One of us is doing their part and the other isn't.
Go, follow my spell so we can find Madam Whim's secret."

The first attempt is incorrect:

Hezehk: "That's not it! I sense the secret is near though. Maybe. Follow the flare."

The second attempt is also a failure:

Hezehk: "No, that's not right. Hmm … I sense it getting closer, follow the flare."

No luck on the third attempt:

Hezehk: "Once again, not it. You can do this, Hezehk. It has to be around here somewhere. Go to the next flare."

On the fourth attempt, you will have success:

Hezehk: "I have a good feeling about this one. Grab it."

Before you collect the secret:

"It's right there, mortal! The spell worked! Go, collect the secret so I can finish this job."

You collect then collect Madam Whim's Secret

Hezehk: "Hang on, I'll come down to you."
<Hezehk meets you at the bottom of the hall.>
Hezehk: "This better be it. I ran out of mold."

Talk with Hezehk to give him the secret:

"What did Hezehk say? I find things. I can't believe you doubted me.
Um, thanks for running around. It wouldn't have worked without you here. Except I would have found a way! Somehow."
Here is your missing secret.
"No, you hold on to it. That thing has caused me enough trouble. If the Darkreaves attack us on the way back, Hezehk might lose it again."
What should I do with it?
"Madam Whim wants me to deposit that secret at the Intake Maw. That will purchase her a Boon of Mora.
I need a moment to recover. Go back to the intake room and drop this secret into the Intake Maw. I'll be right behind you."
I'll head to the Intake Maw.

Once you have agreed to go to the Intake Maw near the entrance, he will say the following:

Hezehk: "Such a troublesome secret. It better be a good one."

Speaking with him again afterwards:

"Hezehk's finding spell muscles need more exercise. It never used to drain me in this way.
You remember the Intake Maw, yes? Head there so we can get that Boon of Mora."

When you reach the Intake Maw, it will come to life and request the secret:

Intake Maw: "A boon for knowledge. Deposit payment for assessment."
Hezehk: "Well? Do as it says."

Talking to Hezehk before depositing the secret:

"After crossing all of Oblivion, trudging through Apocrypha, getting kicked, then needing to rely on a mortal, this better be worth it. I'd say two thousand years off my debt.
Go ahead and deposit the secret before we lose it again."

Once you have placed the secret in the Intake Maw, the following will happen:

Intake Maw: "Knowledge deposited. Hold for assessment."
Hezehk: "No, I do not want to hear Whim's dumb secret!"
Intake Maw: "Hezehk is my most invaluable servant. Much of my power comes from his skill. Without him, I would be lost."
Hezehk: "What? It's supposed to be a secret, not a lie."
Intake Maw: "Knowledge assessed and found sufficient. Accept this boon of Hermaeus Mora. Move along."
Hezehk: "It's … it's true? You get the boon, Hezehk needs to think."

Talking to him before collecting the Boon of Mora:

"We came all this way and you still haven't collected Whim's new boon? Go! Pick it up! Hezehk tires of all this."

After you collect the Boon, Hezehk will scoff and leave the Forum:

Hezehk: "Ridiculous. Meet me outside, mortal. I'm done here."

He will be waiting for you outside, as you approach he will comment:

Hezehk: "I never want to see another book ever again."

Talk with Hezehk to complete the quest:

"So, you have the boon. Which means the secret had value. Madam Whim believes what she said.
You helped lowly Hezehk. Reminded me of my purpose. Even though relying on a mortal embarrasses me! But, I'll give you something of mine with great value."
What's that?
"Hezehk's secret. When my debt to Madam Whim gets too low, I'll mess up a job on purpose. The Voidprowlers have a clan, yes? I have her.
That's it! That's the most valuable thing I can give you. Oh, fine. Here's some shiny whatever this is."

You can speak with him some more after completing the quest:

"What she said changes nothing, by the way. Hezehk still resents scurrying around when told to. Still ….
All right, then. Back to Fargrave for me. Hope I never see you again, mortal. And keep what I said to yourself. It loses value otherwise."
Why do you keep what you told me a secret?
"Mortal, you and I are different. Madam Whim, me, probably most Daedra, we like our secrets. It's what we're comfortable with.
You can go tell your feelings to whoever you want. Hezehk wants no part of that."

Chronicle of Fate[edit]

If you helped Hezekh in Apocrypha previously, he will be at the ceremony in Cipher's Midden:

"Looks like the mortal is good for more than just crawling through some old books.
Actually, Hezehk thinks you did some nice work."
Did Madam Whim appreciate the boon?
"Yes! So pleased that she knocked a century off my debt. That's not a lot compared to the full amount, but Hezehk appreciated it.
I, uh, didn't mention your help. Hope you don't mind. Maybe it could be our little secret?"
Appears only with Crown Store

He will be one of the voices to support you during Scruut's speech:

Hezehk: "That mortal help me find a secret. Madam Whim took a century off Hezehk's debt."


Category Services (Houseguests)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectibles
Bind Collected
Behavior Houseguest, Talkative
Fresh from Madam Whim's in Fargrave, this irrepressible Skaafin immediately imparts a surprisingly upbeat atmosphere to your abode. After adding Hezehk to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.

Hezehk is also a houseguest. He was available in the Crown Store for 015001500 Crowns from May 26 to June 2, 2022.


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — May 26, 2022 - June 2, 2022

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

Hezehk also became available as a houseguest from the Crown Store on all platforms for a limited time, from May 26, 2022 to June 2, 2022 for 015001500 Crowns. While he is in your home he can be spoken with.

"What? Have you never encountered a free Daedra before? Well, not exactly free, I suppose. I serve Madam Whim of Fargrave. I am here on a secret mission of- no, ignore that. Hezehk has said too much!"
"Ah, this is much better. No Madam Whim looking over Hezehk's shoulder, badgering me to be about my duties! Perhaps I will stay here. For a time."
"If anyone comes around and asks if you've seen Hezehk, just say no. I'm hoping to make this break in my duties last as long as possible. Thank you. Now if you don't mind, I want to get back to my book. That Investigator Vale is an intriguing mortal."
"These accommodations are comfortable enough, for mortals. I can think of several refinements that would better serve a discerning Daedra such as myself. Would you like a list?"
"Hezehk needs minions to command. Underlings to oppress. Something smaller and weaker that can wait on my every whim! Is that so much to ask?"
"The drink of this realm tastes strange. Why, I almost miss Nzerru's ridiculous potions! I haven't felt my organs shine since I departed Fargrave."
"Heh! Just think of it. While Nass toils away with her books and her accounts, I am free to do anything I like! But how can I tell Nass I'm malingering unless I return to the House of Whims to rub it in her face? Decisions, decisions."
Hezehk as a houseguest
"Is it odd that I miss the Constrictions of Moath? Every time Oruuzyn compresses me, I swear to myself that I will never agree to it again. And yet, I feel as if my back needs another realignment."
"You don't know the House of Whims? It's only the most fabulous and enticing establishment in all the realms of Oblivion! If you don't believe Hezehk, just ask Madam Whim. She tells us these words constantly."
"Don't tell Madam Whim, but I found a way to shave eons from my debt. By the time I finish, she will owe me. And oh, she'll hop and run at Hezehk's command! That is the dream!"
"The trouble with the mortal realm is that it's full of mortals. I would almost like the place if it weren't so crowded with so many of your kind. No offense."
"Oh, what is it now? Some urgent message to send me running across the planes? An errand that can't possibly wait until Hezehk has a spare moment? Oh, sorry. Force of habit. Don't mind me."
"I've been thinking. I should pay more attention to my own idle fancies. Who will put Hezehk first, if not Hezehk?"
"No! I won't do it and you can't make me! Heh. Forgive me, mortal. That is something poor Hezehk never gets to say. I simply wanted to try it out once, while Madam Whim isn't around to reprimand me."
"Oh, I know that I complain about mortals and their habits, but you shouldn't take it personally. Hezehk doesn't like anybody. Mortal, Daedra, or whatever."
"Bah! Where is the joy in malingering, when there are no chores to hide from? I may not have thought out this extended vacation from the House of Whims very well."
"Madam Whim sent poor Hezehk on another errand, but she neglected to say how long I had to perform my task. She may be waiting on Hezehk for quite some time! Hezehk likes it here."
"I have to say, I do not miss the Grasp of the Stricture at all. Completely intolerant of malingering and malfeasance. How can poor Hezehk have any fun when those Dremora lawkeepers are around?"
"Feh. Hezehk had higher hopes for the mortal realm. Surely, I thought, there must be something on Nirn that Hezehk would find interesting. Alas. Present location notwithstanding!"
"Oh, what does Whim want now? Am I supposed to entertain her patrons? Dazzle them with my wit? Perhaps caper and sing like one of those mortal bards who pollute the streets of Fargrave with their maliferous tones? I think not. Hezehk has standards."